Round 59

This is my 21st and final round of the year 2010. I am pretty happy with 21 rounds, but it could be better. I could do more. Chelation is what will get me long-term better. I obviously still have mercury still in me, so I gotta keep up the good work.

The goal is two rounds a month. That may not sound like enough, but it’s what I can handle and fit in. Now I am better again, life is full, and I have many things on the go: work, kids, holiday, business trips, weekends away and holidays. So yeah, two weeks per month is probably the maximum I can squeeze in to my life. I didn’t manage that this year.

My New Years resolutions for 2011 is more chelation and more yoga. But I will change yoga style. Hatha yoga starts here. I need something less powerful than Ashtanga so I can chelate and do gentle yoga frequently. The Ashtanga yoga and chelation do not mix well. It’s too strong and I need something calmer.

Easy round. No doubt I can increase the dose soon.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours. 

2 thoughts on “Round 59

  1. I’m digging around in curiosity for more of your experience with yoga while being mercury poisoned, as well as yoga during chelation… I’ve had a very similar experience to what you’d described in the beginning of your book — a bad injury while practicing vinyasa yoga (the power stuff). I, too, was addicted, but it came to a screeching halt when I badly pulled my hamstring and it sent me into a full-fledged fatigue crash. Similar to chiropractic, massage, and exercise in general, I’m quite leary to stir the pot mercury-wise until I get a larger chunk of everything out. I feel like I’m still very much walking on egg shells with the MercMonster. Where are you at with your stance on yoga at this point in the game?

  2. Yoga: I miss it greatly, but my health is not up to yoga yet. I know when I am ready because the unconscious urge is unstoppable. It’s like a natural thing. When I am well enough, I practice yoga. When I am not I avoid it and I do meditaion, or reiki, or breathing techniques instead. (I will write about this soon in my blog)
    I know not to push the yoga. My body will tell me when its ready. I have been doing yoga on and off for over 10 years. I know not to push it or force it. That just leads to injury and pain. The mediation is wonderful anyway, although I do miss the intensity of the yoga.
    When I am fit enough, I practice as often as possible. Preferably daily, but that’s not always possible. 5 days a week would be normal for me. When I restart I will take it really easy.
    When I’m fit enough for yoga I can practice off round, or on round, but NEVER in the 2 to 3 days redistribution after the round. I have found I get injured if I practice during the time when my body is coping with mercury redistribution. That’s a strict rule and I never break it, even if I feel GREAT! I been hurt too often and I hate the injuries.

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