Round 64

It’s April and spring is in the air! What a great colour green is! I’m not very good with green, always been one my most difficult colours to see. Green for me could be red, or brown, or green! So really it’s a nothing mish-mash of a colour for me.

I was on a Boris bike cycling around Tottenham Court road tube and the trees were just sprouting their fresh spring leaves. What an amazing sight to see such acid green colour dazzling me. A pleasure to behold. I guess people take these things for granted. I guess they seen it all a million times before. Looks amazing to me though J Makes chelation worth it when I get the colours sparkling and shinning at me. So odd how the colours come to me one or two at a time. Funny how it’s not everything getting clearer at the same time. Wonder what that means?

Went to Bath for the weekend. That’s on the west cost of England, near Wales.  Did the thermal spa. Lovely! In the evening I felt like a million bucks. Always agrees with me those hot springs.

Otherwise normal round. A little bit of heartburn at the end, but otherwise easy. I need to stay in the groove and keep chelating.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

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