Round 65

Third round in a month! Good work Danny boy! On a chelation charge! I feel completely normal again now I have re-introduced adrenal support. Happy dayz!

Day one I was in DO IT mode. I weeded the lawn! By hand! Yes, that’s very unusual. I was a bit pooped in the evening, but that’s cool. It’s nice to have a physical day spend mucking about in the garden.

Day two and all was fine. Ditto the third day. In all a great on-round round. Second day after the round I did feel 3 out of 10 for spaced and I had some odd hours where I zoned out in space-city. I had a little low back muscle weakness too. But by the third day everything was cool again. All that will not stop this chelation charge and I will be chelating the next week too.

No change seeing the colours this round.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

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