Candida Blitz

I am in the midst of a major Candida blitz. I have a three-pronged attack strategy in force.

Phase 1: Starvation
I have switched 10 days ago to the anti-candida diet on and the diet-off continues. Life is ok, but I have been better. This diet excluded all grains and all sugars including fruit, although brown rice is allowed. It is more annoying than difficult to do.

The diet is designed to starve the candida, bacteria and yeasts to death. If they have no food – they should die. That’s the theory anyway.

Phase 2: Killing the buggers!
Next up is the Killing Fields. For annihilation of my unwanted guests I am again calling in Humaworm. This time their 30 day Candida herbs. It contains: thyme, garlic, fennel, black walnut, pau d’ arco, burdock and barberry.

This usually works, but it is usually extremely hard on me. The die-off and side-effects usually kick in hard and I am forced to lower the dose. I started the herbs nine days ago. I started on half dose. Then after 3 days moved to ¾ dose. Then a couple of days at full dose, before reducing to half dose again.

And yes, you guessed it; the die-off side-effects are kicking-in and are pretty annoying. Tingley. Tired. Weary. Hands keep gripping. Itchy. So I have eased off on the dosage to relax the side-effects down. It’s nothing wildly bad, about a 5 on the Richter scale of 1-10, but life is frustrating at the moment. I am as usual working a normal weeks in the office. No one notices anything untoward.

On a positive note I did feel better earlier this week. I was hungry and lively. Strangely my vision is clearer for some reason. No idea why. On Thursday I felt so good I even fancied a beer. And I mean a REALLY fancied a lovely freshly pulled pint of ale!! I know I am feeling fine when I get the urge for a beer.

But the beer is what brought the candida back last time, so beer is off my menu.

Phase 3: Waste removal.
To try and forcibly move the buggers on I did a week of P&B shakes. The P is pysllium. It’s just a herb that’s swells up in contact with water and physically sweeps out anything lurking in my gizzards. The B is Bentonite clay. This stuff sucks up, grips and holds on to any nasties and hopefully escorts them out.  I did the P&B shakes for 7 days and have stopped now. Side effects from the candida herbs mean I must relax away from the clay. Maybe do another week at the end of the 30 days HW herbs?

So yeah, that’s the plan. My three-pronged attack:

Starve them. Kill them. Forcibly move them on.

Why do this 3-way attack? Because last time I did the HW Candida herbs a couple of months ago they worked great. Really super-fantastico GREAT. A giant leap in my health. But I didn’t do the diet, and the good health did not last long. I had a business trip. I drank quite a lot of beers. Why not? I felt great! But the candida returned. And it didn’t go away. So this time the diet should hopefully stop any re-growth once the herbs have killed the buggers.

That’s the plan, and I like a good plan batman.

I am also having some success with something called Transformational Breathing. It’s a breathing technique that is supposed to transform you. It’s pretty funky. I’m doing it 45 minutes each morning and it seems to be helping some.

That’s all folks!

2 thoughts on “Candida Blitz

  1. The no grain, no high hypoglycemic diet is a lifestyle with me. Simple sugars bring all sorts of damage to the body besides candida. You get sugar caused plaques and you also get the arterial damaged caused by elevated insulin levels. Both Ben Fuchs and Peter Glidden on have a lot of good info.

    I will have to look at that herbal cleanse you refer to when I have some money. Being sick is not cheap….

  2. Thx Joe. I will check out
    Herbs sure are strong. Had to lower the dose to 1/4 today.
    I’m just past the 7 day point where my body is saturated in the herbs. Everywhere is tingley and itchy. Die-off kicking me hard today:-(

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