Muscle Tester Dude

Day 13 of the Anti-candida herbs from Humaworm. It’s been a tough 3 days with mega die-off hitting hard. I reduced to ¼ dose for a couple of days while weathering the Sandy-like storm. Today I am back up to ½ dose and things are manageable again. I even had a few spells of feeling ‘ok’ when the die-off receded into the background. But still, it is making life difficult. I am drink 3 litres of water a day to help easy the pain. I hope it’s all worth it!

Exciting news: the Muscle Tester Dude is in town. He has helped me greatly over the years, but he moved to Oz a couple of years back so I only see him once or twice a year now. I complained of nausea in the mornings with a mega-furry tongue, lack of energy, weakness, tiredness, and a feeling that the food I’m eating is not being absorbed.

With his muscle testing he found I am greatly deficient in calcium and that’s affecting my bones. I need to increase my dose from one capsule to four caps a day for one month. Then reduce down to two per day after that.

He found I was deficient in Vitamin D3 and proscribed six caps a day of D3 for 3 months. Need to power in the sunshine;-) He also said to try a UVB lamp. He said it was the equivalent to having a sunny holiday on a beach. Should make me feel fine. Not heard about this before, so I will research this some before I dive in.

He also found the Gallbladder weak too and that’s probably the origin of my nausea. Interesting! Milk thistle will help, ditto D3, ditto Calcium. Also means I really need to do some liver herbs too.

This all ties-in with digestive problems causing me hell, causing me to not digest and up-take my food properly, which in turn causes these deficiencies.

As ever, Muscle Tester Dude is The Man!

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