Castor Oil Packs: I love it when a plan comes together!

Muscle Tester Dude found my gallbladder stressed so I decided to do some castor oil packs. The deal is this: you soak three flannels in a bottle of castor oil. Enough to make the flannels wet, but not drippy wet. You apply the soaked flannels, called a pack, to the area in need of help. In this case my gallbladder, which is a hands width beneath my right nipple. The pack is applied flat and is sealed in place with cling film. It gets a good wrapping because you don’t want that castor oil getting smeared all around your house, furniture and clothes. Next you apply a hot water bottle to the area, wrap yourself in a towel, and sit down on the sofa in front of the TV and watch whatever.

The heat warms everything up and you get a warm fuzzy glow. The castor oil heats up and goes into your body and works its healing magic. After about one to one and a half hours you take the pack off. The time to take the pack off is when you first feel a twinge of detox, or the first fluttery sensation of oddness. Yes, you will feel it. Yes, it is subtle. Afterwards wash the area in warm water with some bicarb soda. The bicarb soda lifts any toxins that have transferred out of the gallbladder and that may be lodged in the skin. The wash is important. If you don’t use the bicarb soda you may get an itchy rash that will not go away until you wash with the bicarb soda. You have been warned!

I guess it sounds a bit fantastical, but it’s just another example of the holistic healthcare that you can do yourself from the comfort of your own armchair. Castor oil has long history of healing. Any internet search will provide plenty more details, or if you want to get really involved, you can read ‘Oil that heals’ by William A. Mcgarey.  Odd book, but nevertheless tells you all about castor oil, its history and its healing capabilities.

Well, the deal for healing gallbladders is to do three packs, over the gallbladder, in three days. After the third, on the third day, you drink a good glug of olive oil. I measure it by filling my half pint glass to one fingers worth of olive oil. I guess that’s three-ish table spoons of olive oil. Then go to bed. This is supposed to help clean and cleanse the gallbladder and liver.

But the proof, as ever, is in the pudding. Does it actually work? That’s were I come in.

Last night I did my third in three days and then forced down the olive oil. It always makes me judder. Always makes me shake my head, stretch my jaw and shudder. Drinking neat olive oil is kinda gag inducing, but its temporary and no big deal.

Last night I muscle tested the oil before I drank it and my body gave a super strong and positive signal. Very encouraging! I glugged it down, I juddered, I went to bed.

I slept well. In fact I slept right through to my alarm. Odd, I usually have to get up at 3am and have a pee. That’s a good thing.

Normally my mornings are a bit dodgy. I have 5-10 minutes where I just sit on the bog and hold my hands over face and try to grab hold of my life. I breathe deep, sigh, groan and feel generally frazzled and unrested from sleep. It’s no big deal. No one is around. No one can see. But I notice it. I know it’s not normal. I have tried, but every morning I sit there holding my face, all scrunched up, my body silently screaming to get some unknown horridness out of my body. I can’t stop it. It must be some toxin lurkin’ in me. Why else would I feel so frazzled? Odd eh! Some detoxing must go on whilst I am asleep, but is unable to exit.

This morning, after the third castor oil pack, everything was normal. I sat on the loo, did my business, finished, then went to do my morning meditation. I had a huge smile on my face too, because the horrid, scrunched, frazzled, torn feeling was absent. Happy dayz! I love it when a plan comes together. Must be the castor oil pack. Must be. I don’t believe in coincidences. That’s a good signal that the castor oil pack has help detox me some. It is very important to listen to your body. I have been feeling light and free all day.

For most of this year I have also had this morning nausea that lasts until about 11am. It varies in intensity, but it is always there. Breakfast is kinda forced: I need to food, but the nausea takes away the pleasure. This morning the nausea was gone:-)

I love it when a plan comes together.

I will be doing more of these castor oil packs. You need to do them in campaigns. Three on their own, in isolation, are not enough. I will do them weekly from now on.

For the record I am : Meditating, transformational Breathing, Bowel cleaning with herbs, candida killing with herbs, and doing castor oil packs. The Candida herbs are at half dose, they continue to give me tingly and annoying die-off.

That’s all folks!

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