What crosses your line and goes into the wacky zone?

personal-boundariesWhat are your boundaries? What flips you over into la-la land? What is a step too far? Which things would you not do? What crosses your line and goes into territory that you are uncomfortable with? These are interesting questions and I’m gonna spend a few minutes discussing this concept:

What do I mean? Let’s get some examples going here: I mean taking herbs to kill parasites. Parasites in humans is pretty wacky and certainly not mainstream. Bowel cleansing? People do not like talking about bums! Taboo subject! And cleaning the liver with a liver flush? Speak to a regular doctor and they will laugh in your face.  Ditto cleaning the kidneys with herbs. Drinking apple cider vinegar to combat digestive troubles? Sounds wrong eh! Fasting? Is that for freaks?

What about muscle testing? That is very odd. Something you have to experience first hand in order to believe. Would you take Chinese medicine? Or do you think it’s not for you? Billions of people do! What about aromatherapy? Or massage? Or reflexology? Or that your diet is such a massive deal to your health? That cancer is curable using herbs? What about homeopathy?

And what about energy healing? This is well into the twilight zone. Reiki which uses universal energy to heal the body? Or hands-on-healing? Or channelling strange beings from different dimensions? Is praying to God for healing acceptable and normal to you? Is mediation within your boundaries? Would you ever go see a holy man that can heal with the touch of his hands?

When I first started learning about health and how to get better I didn’t know anything. I came into this with a clean and blank slate. My ignorance in all things health was total and made virtually everything wacky to me, but I was double-ill and I had to broaden my horizons or die. I guess that sounds melodramatic, but thinking about it: it’s true. I had to look outside the box and approach things differently because the things I had been doing had not worked and I was going down hill rapidly.

I was chatting with my cousin a couple of weeks ago and we discovered we had a lot of mutual interests in healing. We discussed some of the things we’d been doing to help ourselves. When we got on to some iffy subjects his reaction was:

“Whoa! No way! That crosses my line. That’s too freaky and I’m uncomfortable with that idea.”

“Do you know anything about Reiki? Anything about energy healing?”

“No, but that’s too freaky for me.”

And that got me thinking. Why do we think like that? Why do we automatically assume something is wrong or bad when we know nothing about it?

And then the next question I asked myself was: why do I think these things are OK? Of all the above examples, none of the cross my line into: “No, I would not do them.” Why do I accept them as, well acceptable?

Well the reason I accept all these funky and strange concepts is because I have read up and researched each topic. I have tried everything. I have tried all the herbs, all the protocols, all the energy healing: everything. I am a man of action. I try and leave no-stone-unturned in my quest for better health. I don’t let my ignorance hinder my quest to better health. I try not to have any pre-conceived ideas, and try to keep an open mind. If I hear of some new something, I check it out, read up and research it. Once I learn about something, the knowledge de-mystifies it, takes the ‘freak’ away and honestly just makes me keen an eager to test the new idea out. I love trying new things out: always so exciting!

Obviously at first things were freaky and weird, but now, six years down the line, after multiple actions to help myself; I don’t think any of them weird. I think they are all really cool and excellent ways to help myself be better. All wonderful ways to undo some of the harm the mercury has inflicted upon me.

I would say it’s all about education. It all comes down to what we are familiar with. What we have tried. And my experience is that all these funky ideas, they all help in their own weird and wonderful ways.

So if you hear of something new, something leftfield; don’t immediately disregard it. If you hear yourself saying “it’s not for me” for no apparent reason, try and remember it’s just your inbuilt caution hold you back. I’ve had great fun learning about and experiencing all the wonderful ways there are to heal.

I have been trying to think of something that crosses my line into freaks-ville and only a few things spring to mind:

Colloidal silver is one. It’s mental to take a heavy metal to try and cure oneself. I don’t care what people say: It’s totally and utterly crazy to willingly ingest heavy metals. Heavy metals kill life, including you!

Chemotherapy sends shivers down my spine. Imagine poisoning yourself to cure yourself? Doesn’t seem even remotely right. Hopefully I will never have to consider such an option.

Now I have learnt so much I guess I am twisted around the opposite way: Western medical practice freaks me out! LOL!

That’s all folks!

6 thoughts on “What crosses your line and goes into the wacky zone?

  1. My take on the subject is that a wise mind is an open, yet critical mind. I agree, education is key. The old adage “don’t knock it til you try it” is something I tend to follow, or at the very least, until I’ve researched a topic thoroughly. To dismiss new modalities blindly is both ignorant and arrogant, and a surefire way to fail. Healing comes through change, and your mind most definitely has be open in order to change. It’s easy to tell who on this journey has an open mind, who has that important piece of material laid on the foundation of their healing home…

    That being said, I see the healing modalities as a spectrum, some more potent in their recovery aid than others. For me, chelation always takes presedence. Others help make the ride for me a little more cozy, and I certainly take advantage of many (they sure keep me busy)!

    Anyhoo, keep up with your great open, optimistic mind — it’s a pleasure to share this journey with your kind of energy, a journey made memorable by an intelligent and discerning spirit like yours. Namaste!

  2. Yup, I agree with all of that. Whatever rocks your boat or helps is OK by me. You know, sitting in ice cold baths, psychic healing, rice machines, zappers – whatever helps is what works for you. Just don’t shove your healing modality onto me. When you’ve had a chronic illness for 30 years, you generally have tried EVERYTHING (well almost) and the rolling of my eyes generally means I have tried whatever you’re speaking of. But go, go, go on what works for you!
    Happy and healthy 2013 to all

  3. Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.
    Take a sad song and make it better.
    Remember to let her into your heart,
    Then you can start to make it better.

    Happy and healthy New Year:-)

  4. Love this Blog Sunshine.
    Have been involved in alternative health modalities a long time and am still learning and discovering new things…. and find that really thrilling!
    My philosophy is if ‘rings’ in your BODY when you read/hear about something then try it. If you get a gut feeling….then try it.( always with some further research, education and dsicrimination) However the Mind if an overused aspect of the body will over rule the body response. Tis true when we are feeling so ill and the body is shut down and fear is waving it’s flag it is very hard to determine a body response to something newly suggested or discovered.
    Another determining factor for me in exploring something new is if it is mentioned 3 times from any source at all and I have not yet looked into it, then it’s time to, something is prodding me up the bum to get on with it. I then take action only when I have finally determined if it is right for me. The best way I can do that is to ‘dowse’ it, usually using a photo of it as a witness. My body consciousness knows what is best for it. A bit like muscle testing!

    I did ask the question you posed of myself. Well, I don’t get too excited about urine therapy! however I have read it works a treat for some.

    Grace and generosity of spirit to all in 2013

  5. Oh yes, I’m all in for listening to the signs and signals that surround us. There are a multitude of signals if you know how and where to look. I love the gut reaction thing too and really try and listen to my inner me. The reason I just did the Essiac herbs is because I had a gut instinct to do those herbs. Muscle testing and dowsing backed up that inner-feeling. They are cancer herbs and I don’t have cancer…but they kept in my minds eye and would not go away. The herbs worked so well I had a healing crisis. Not much fun, but now some old toxin has been removed which can only be a good thing for my health.

    Talking of dowsing: it’s not ‘a bit like muscle testing’ … Dowsing and muscle testing are exactly the same thing as far as I am concerned. Exactly. I use the same skills, in the same way for both dowsing and muscle testing. I usually do both when I am testing myself. Back up! It’s an amazing skill…and so easy to learn!

    I am also a follower of the 3 things/coincidence thing. Even when I get two close coincidences it makes me look up and take notice instantly. I just had a double EFT exposure. Not tried that…if I get a 3rd hit….I might look it up:-)

    If you into the 3 things/coincidence thing…I can highly recommend this book: ‘The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. It’s a real cracker and you can pick up second hand on Amazon for almost nothing.

    I love learning too:-)

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