Juice Fasting!

juice_fastI managed four days of juice fasting in the end. The only thing that entered my temple was freshly juiced veggies, along with a little juiced fruit to take the edge off the intense veggieness! I also included juiced ginger in most of them too, along with lashings of lemon or lime juice. It’s a lovely detox. Fasting pauses the body’s digestive system and the body goes into detox-mode. Boom! My idea of fun!

Last year I was too sick to juice fast. I tried but side-effects were way too wild even for tough-old-me to endure. So this was a test to see if I could handle it now.

After all the different sets of herbs I’d done last year, I was hopeful that now I had detoxed enough and would be able to handle it. First few days are the toughest! Here we go!

Day 1 was fine. I was well prepared and just kept in having juices whenever I started feeling those hunger pangs start banging away.

Day 2 was difficult. I was perpetually hungry, even with drinking juice every couple of hours. The evening I was grumpy and miserable as life got difficult all over again. It was not fun at all and I wondered if I’d make it to the next day. But all this hassle is normal at the beginning when fasting, so I just kept my herbal tea, water and juice intake high and weathered the storm like a pro.

Day 3 I awoke fresh and alive! Monday morning at the office and everything was cool. All the nastiness from day 2 forgotten and I felt buzzy and full of energy. Ok, not full up, but more energy that usual. I jogged up the stairs at the station: always a good sign, LOL. There is a juice bar near my office, so I got two large fresh veggie juices and that carried me through the day.

Day 4 was also a doddle. Well into the groove when fasting is easy peasy. Strange eh? After all those hassles on the second day, and now it was just plain sailing. Funny how you get in the groove so quickly. I really did feel quite good.

I wanted to continue into day 5, 6 and 7, but I have things on in the office and at home this week and next, so this was just a little teaser to see how I handled fasting. I broke the fast on day 5. It is VERY important to do this correctly. Calm, controlled and slowwwww is the only way. Pizza is not an option! So day 5 and 6 I made the transition from straight juice to soups, smoothies and a very small about of fruit and veggies. Half an apple. A quarter of a celery stick. Tasted heavenly after 4 days of no food. Stomach shrinks too, so you don’t need to eat so much. Day 7 I moved back to my normal diet and considered myself done for now.

A week well spent! And importantly I was happy. Happy that I could fast. Last year I could not. This year I can. Progress has been made!

Oh, opps, almost forgot. I have also added aloe vera into the mix: during the fast and I continue to take it afterwards too. Drinking the stuff! I have started on a low dose as per instructions and am moving up slowly to a higher dose. Not much to report on that yet, expect if I push the dose up too high, from 10ml to 20ml per dose, then I get major pain between the shoulder blades; that’s a gallbladder signal. A good signal because liver and gallbladder are the focus of my attention. Time will tell what happens with the aloe vera experiment. I have ordered a great big book about it and will read that next. I like to get educated and I must admit I don’t know much about aloe vera: yet!

Fasting is a turbo-detox and just my style. It is full on fun and a sure-fire way to better health. Now that I know I can fast, I will plan out a longer more serious fast in the future. My record is 10 days. That’s pretty hardcore for me. Fasting is not so easy because I am a skinny chap. The last thing I need is to lose weight. So when my weight goes down too low, that’s kinda my signal to stop the fast. This four day fast saw me lose 2kg. I will not fast again until I have regained that lost weight. It usually takes two weeks to return. Which should be perfect. I restart the Humaworm kidney herbs on Monday for another two weeks of liver detoxing. Will do them for two weeks, then I do a longer fast then. That’s the plan anyway.

Tonight I am out celebrating: It is my wife and I’s 25 year anniversary together. We started going out 25 years ago when we were 18 years old. I am kinda proud of that. 25 years together:-) I am a lucky chap:-)

That’s all folks!
Take care everyone,

4 thoughts on “Juice Fasting!

  1. Congratulations!
    hope you have a great evening.

    Re Aloe Vera Juice. I used to use years ago Forever Livings AV juice.
    However, I don’t believe it is organic. Would now not use anything unless organic with no additives. But I expect you already know that!


    • Hi JLT

      Yes, need to go for highest quality Aloe vera. I am reading a great big long (and boring) book all about Aloe Vera…and seems quality is of major importance. I have found the highest quality i can find and will switch to that when it arrives: called Forever Living Products.


  2. How long have you been chelating? I ordered your book cant wait to read it. Im so sacred of the whole process, made an appt with Julie anderson, I never had amalgams but I use to work in a dental office and had a lot pf vaccines bc of my job in a hospital.

    • Hiya Stepanie.
      I have been chelating since 2007.
      Hope you enjoy my book. Hope it helps explain things.
      Julie Anderson comes very well recommended, so well found!
      Yes, it is scary at first. Thats normal, just like anything else new and unknown. But once you understand things better you will not be as scared… just be keen and eager to get on the path to recovery.

      Good luck and thanks for dropping by to say hello.

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