Yet another bump along my journey…Adrenal Crash!

worldwar42-2357554Well, it seems I was not ready to re-start chelation. I have been feeling progressively worse since the last round finished three weeks ago. Seems the round has stressed me and my poor ol’ body and now I’m having some kind of episode/incident/crash.

I am off work sick this week. I suppose I could have dragged myself in, but it would have been horrid because I’m feeling pretty pikey. And also I need time to remain calm and I need to space to figure my $hit out.

Whats wrong? I’m freezing cold all the time, and I’m talking super chilled-to-the-bone cold. If I go outside a warm room I shiver constantly. I’m lacking in energy big time. Nauseas. I had a 2 day period of feeling depressed and down, but that’s gone now. I was scared, but I’m ok now. Now I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m definitely having a crisis. Chilling at home is minimising the crash, but chelation has caused a problem.

I was a bit worried about the old ticker, so I even went to see a regular doctor. He said my heart was fine, which is a BIG relief. Everything seemed fine to him. He is doing some thyroid blood tests. Not sure it was worth seeing a regular doc, but best to check in case it’s anything … well, anything mega serious is showing. Main thing is the heart is ok.

Ten days ago I also went to see a muscle tester lady. She said my liver was stressed, along with my adrenals and thyroid glands. Ummm, I knew about the liver and have been working on that for months now, but the adrenal and thyroid thang is a new re-discovery.

So I started taking my 3-a-day temperatures to see what’s going on.


Ummmmmm. Not a good graph. For those un-accustomed to temp graphs; my average temps should all be around the top of the first coloured band where is says 37.0 degs. As u can see it’s all rather low and unstable. The up and down jaggedness means my adrenals are shot. The low temps mean my thyroid is shot. Yes, F*$k.

Back here again.
Oh well, at least I am experienced and know what to do!

Obviously chelation has stressed me. Obviously I need adrenal and thyroid support in order to chelate. And obviously chelation will have to take a back seat until that’s in place.

Anyway, today I went back to the muscle tester lady again. She tested all my supplements, specifically the adrenal support (ACE) that reacted badly with my heart last year…and good news; it tested fine. I restart the adrenal support with ACE in the morning!!
She also confirmed my liver is still troubled and gave some different liver herbs. And she also confirmed the current crisis is probably, looks most likely, to be an Adrenal Crash.
Great. Just what I need. Ho hum.

But, at least I didn’t do two rounds, or three rounds, or increase my chelator dose, or do a liver flush or anything drastic like that. I do in fact feel better just knowing what the problem is. Knowing it’s adrenals, knowing which adrenal support to take…all makes the problems manageable. I now have a new plan and priority: Adrenal support first using ACE and B-complex. When the Adrenals are supported, as shown by a level set of temperatures, then it will be time to embark on thyroid support. But first things first: Adrenal support here we come. From past experience it will probably take two to three months for the adrenal glands to kick back on-line. Maybe it could be quicker? Please! LOL

And, I gotta ask myself the serious and very personal question of: why and how? Why and how did I let myself get like this? Again! Especially a man of my experience! Well if I’m honest with myself it’s because of the heart thing I had last year. I let myself believe I just (ha!) had a heart issue. I let myself believe what my doc’s told me. That it was just a heart problem.

It was a heart issue, but it was also an adrenal and thyroid issue too. I was addressing them, with the usual supplements, but the heart problem was a BIGGER problem and that needed sorting first. In fact the adrenal and thyroid support made the heart worse, so I had to stop them all. I have some tricky months ahead of me as I figure out what supplements I can take that don’t mess with the heart. Hmmmmm. Not something I’m looking forward to.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Problems, problems, and they all need sorting out. It is amazing just how much crap I have to put up with and go through! Bloody mercury. I hope in my next life I do something calmer!

As usual when things hit fans I get myself some TLC: I had a massage last night. That was nice. Warmed me up. I have a healing session with my lovely healing lady this evening too. She is awesome and I look forward to her hands-on energy. Money well spent seeing her.

That’s all, sorry it’s bad news, sorry I’m having a moan, but life’s a bitch sometimes.
Such is life for the mercury toxic.


13 thoughts on “Yet another bump along my journey…Adrenal Crash!


    I’m interviewing a heap of international specialists coming to Australia this weekend for a Lyme conference. Of course, these guys don’t just specialise in Lyme. Peter Cowdren has a very interesting protocol for chronic illness and I thought you may be interested – it’s all natural.

    Recovering your health is all about ups and downs, blind alleys and shining light. I wish you more shining light.

    Cheers from Australia

    • Thanks Jude. Yes, two steps forward, one step back is the norm. It still hurts just as much, even knowing that!!! LOL. But figuring out the problems are so hard and tricky. So many symptoms over-lap and cross over. Once i figure out a problem, once i get a plan to sort it out…i feel better already.
      Yo! from snowy London:-)

  2. Sunshine, how much and which chelators are you taking?

    By the way thanks for the lead in your book for the Ayurvedic BP medicine. It works great. Andy said that he doesn’t worry unless his BP gets to 160 but all my docs have been hassling me to get it down from 140 so I was glad to find this stuff works. Andy also said that all the old lit on Mad Hatter’s Disease talked about high BP.

    • Rebecca : My dose is unchanged: 5mgs ALA every 2.5 hours in the day, every 3 hours at night. 3 days on.

      Ah ha!!! You have discovered Mukta Vata. yeah….it is AMAZING stuff eh! It works a treat on getting the blood pressure down. I am very pleased to hear of your success. Thanks for telling me. Thats made my day:-) Good job Rebecca.


  3. Shoot. So sorry to hear of your adrenal/thyroid status 🙁 I’m assuming you’d gone off the ACE and NDT for the year you’d not been chelating? I guess the optimistic take on your situation is that you can at least estimate the doses you’ll need to work back up to… Don’t beat yourself up about the setback — I’m still amazed you’ve been able to continue working as you are. You have accomplished much. All we can do is learn as we go, right?

    Have you used hydrocortisone or Isocort at all? I just read some posts by Cutler, and he was saying that with more serious cases of adrenal fatigue hydrocortisone is a must. ACE just won’t cut it… Which has me worried… I’ve been holding my breath that I’d get by without it, and now I’m starting to wonder…

    Interesting about the HBP and mercury connection. Mine has always been low. I’d read somewhere in HTI or AI that that was common with something I had, but can’t remember what (arsenic maybe?)…

    • Yo, Tara. Hi.
      Yeah, i went off the ACE and Thyroid stuff because it caused a load of hassle with the heart crap i had going on last year.
      Must say i am not looking forward to the long climb out of this hole.
      Ace has worked fine for me in the past. If you take enough it should works. It has for me in the past. I’m gonna stick with that for now.
      It’s a jungle out there!
      Take care

  4. Hi Sunshine
    sorry to hear re your adrenals/thyroid issue.
    Flippin nuisance to say the least.

    Your probably know this already, however in case

    LOVE VIT C – at least 4000mg a day
    As well as B Complex – EXTRA B5 – Pantothenic Acid – 500mg twice a day
    Celtic Sea Salt in warm water

    Can you see a good cranial sacral osteopath who is experienced in Adrenals/stress/trauma?

    LIVER, wonder if it is more stressed cos it is trying to convert T4 to T3 and is struggling cos thyroid is struggling.
    Trouble with Endocrine system there are so many branches to the adrenal cascade – does your head in really!

    I have started skype sessions with Brent, quite remarkable results….. will say more when they are finished. When and if you feel like it you might want to read the testimonials on his website. I know you are not impressed with the Amazon book reviews, but some of these testimonials for him on the website are jaw dropping.

    Miracles are possible.
    Manifesting miracles is possible
    ANYthing IS possible
    I believe we are in a time when miracles, and healing modalities hitherto not used are coming out the woodwork.

    take good care

    • Hey Judy:-) Hiya
      Yeah, it is a flippinn’ nuisance! Another long climb upwards.
      I can’t wait for it to warm up! This winter is dragging on an on: 17th March today and still below 5 degrees!!

      Thanks for the reminders of the things the adrenals love. Cheers. I am working on introducing everything you said. I just gotta intorduce ’em one at a time. make sure they all agree.

      Re Brent: Let me know how YOU get on. I am very interested in this stuff.


  5. Sunshine,
    I know how you feel! I have crashed my adrenals a few times by attempting to chelate every week instead of just a few times a month. I have also learned that I cannot chelate unless I am on ACE. I pretty much live on ACE. Once I crash them it takes me some time on ACE and occasionally with some Isocort thrown in to get back on track. Thyroid…got that problem too. It seems to be part for the course in mercury toxicity in adults. Once you get your adrenals perked back up your thyroid may pick up on it’s own..
    Thanks for posting updates, it helps all of us out here know that its a long road and it does have ups and downs. Feel better.

  6. Hey there,
    I hail from Brooklyn NY and and struggling with yet another adrenal crash (major one that has me completely depleted of energy once again and freaked out about whether I will ever get well. I’ve been dealing with this for three years now but it was very difficult to get diagnosed and then deal with other crap that goes with it: chronic insomnia, withdrawal from Klonopin given for the insomnia, an uneccesary round of antibiotics, followed by mono. And now just as I was beginning to make a tiny bit of headway, I got an upper respiratory infection, antibiotics were unavoidable and here I am in another crash and feeling frightened and depressed. The only good news is that I’ve taken a sabbatical from work this year because the last two years of working as a schoolteacher have been hell due to this illness.
    Any words of encouragement would be welcome. I feel very alone in this illness which most haven’t even heard of.


    • Hi Lisa.

      Please be in touch with Varun Gupta (, a homeopath who has traveled a similar journey as you (and me). He not only cured himself, but has been successful in helping reverse autism in children as well. He has been helping me, and it is the first (and only) thing that is actually working for me. I am convinced that homeopathy is God’s medicine, and that Varun was given a real gift which he is so generously and faithfully sharing with us.

      Homeopathy is gentle, permanent, curative, and gets to the origin of disease; chelation, liver flushing, cleansing, supplements, etc., either offer temporary (false) respite or make you much, much worse (as was my case, creating a dam of Hg, toxins in my liver and kidneys!). Homeopathy is the most misunderstood, and suppressed, miracle medicine of all time, IMO. Nothing beats it for both acutes and chronic conditions.

      So much I could say on it… Look up videos of the current work being done with AIDS in Africa (homeopathy) — truly remarkable. You will become a believer and an advocate once you feel the effects for yourself.

      And most importantly of all, pray. Trust in the Lord’s mercy — He will lead you through this. There is a reason for your suffering right now, as incredibly painful, lonely, and debilitating as it is. There is incredible value and meaning in this cross. You will be in my prayers.

      Hope this helps, and don’t forget to email Varun (P.S. His fees and the costs of the medicines are extremely reasonable, and all can be done via email, sending him your symptom list, history, etc.).

      Through the heart of Mary, with love!

    • Hi Lisa

      I love New York. I lived there in the early 90’s for 3 months in the summer. Time of my life! 90th and Columbus i was at. Great fun and not a care in the world back then! At the time i never went above 100th street: too dangerous:-)

      ————-Anyways….see reply below

      Comment: Hey there,
      I hail from Brooklyn NY and and struggling with yet another adrenal crash (major one that has me completely depleted of energy once again and freaked out about whether I will ever get well.

      ——————Not sure how much of my story you know, or if you have read my book or not, but i was one of those people that was proper turbo-sick. Really really mega fucked up in a very massive way. I had everything wrong and life was flushing down the pan. Thyroid and adrenal fatigue. heart problems. brain problems. muscle problems. my gut was totally screwed. Allergies and intolerance galore! I only ate salad for 6 months and was skeletal in appearance: i was so damn skinny i looked like i’d been starved in a prisoner of war camp. Proper screwed. And, and, and… i made it back. Back to the land of the living. Happy dayz! I saved my job. I save my marriage and my kids got their father back. It was hard work battling back to life, but it was worth every once of blood, sweat and tears. And if i can come back from being so incredibly sick, then so can anyone, and so can you. I know you can because i was a lost cause…and i made it back. Effort is required, but i assure you once you start making progress its very rewarding and satisfying. Greatly so too!

      I’ve been dealing with this for three years now but it was very difficult to get diagnosed and then deal with other crap that goes with it: chronic insomnia, withdrawal from Klonopin given for the insomnia, an uneccesary round of antibiotics, followed by mono. And now just as I was beginning to make a tiny bit of headway, I got an upper respiratory infection, antibiotics were unavoidable and here I am in another crash and feeling frightened and depressed.

      ————–Yup, been there, done that. And i can assure you, you can get better. People do. I did. You will too.

      The only good news is that I’ve taken a sabbatical from work this year because the last two years of working as a schoolteacher have been hell due to this illness.

      ————–I worked through my illness, god know how i managed to cling on. Wish i’d had the balls to take a sabbatical. Good on you. Take time out to take care of yourself.

      Any words of encouragement would be welcome.

      —————–People do yet better. I did. You will. But effort is required. I was so sick great effort was required, so hopefully a little effort will be enough for you. And the key is education. Fuck the doctors. If the doctors knew what they were doing, you would not be where you are now. In all my years battling my health, meeting the cool people i meet along the way, the people that make it are the people that take control themselves. That stand up and are counted as the person responsible for their own health. The only person that really and truly cares about you health – is you. Once you take control, yourself, get involved, get down with the nitty gritty, then you will have started on your road to recovery. (i have no idea where or what you have done so far.)

      I feel very alone in this illness which most haven’t even heard of.

      —————–You are far far from alone my dear Lisa. The world is full of sick people. Full to the brim! Most of them are ignorant and have no clue. But you Lisa are on the road of discovery!!! Oh yes i know you are! Thats why you posted here. You have had enough. No more. You will find a way. You are on the search for clues to unlock your health hassles. And i have great news! Loads of other people had done all the hard work before you!! All the sickness and illness has been had a zillion times before. If you search, you will find all the answers. I did. I found all the answers to all my many health issues. I did have to read a lot, and i started with zero medical knowledge, and it was hard starting from that low baseline, but the good news is the world is brimming with new ideas that will turn you around. I did. You will.

      ————so i only have limited knowledge of your situation, so i will start the ball rolling with a few book recommendations that will help you, help yourself. These are the books that are written for the common man and woman to understand. Not this medical-mumbo-jumbo speak that makes no sense to normal people like you and me.

      ————You said: Adrenal crash. Insomnia. Antibiotic problems which means gut issues. Lung infections. Mono. What a ‘mare!

      ————–my advice is buy all the above books (paper is cheap!) and use your free time constructively by educating yourself. With the knowledge in these books you will then be able to make serious, educated, meaningful choices about your health. If you understand whats wrong, its so much easier to put things right. Its fun learning about and sorting out your own issues. Of all the people in the world, you are best placed to make educated calls on your situation. Its not that difficult to learn, you just need time and motivation. And i’m telling you it can be done.

      ————–If you feeling alone then there are some amazing forums out there, full of people like yourself battling away. The bigger forums are a bit mad and chaotic, but you will meet many many like minded people. Whatever your problem, you will find great groups of people in the same boat. Have a search around, Yahoo have many great groups.

      ———–Thats more than enough from me now, Take care Lisa. Get involved and you’ll be fine.

      AKA Sunshine

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