Juice Fasting: Day 4, and Poor conversion of Thyroxine to T3

I am investigating my adrenal and thyroids. The adrenal crash, I think that’s what it was, remains. I am cold, tired and lacking in energy. Everything is a bit of a struggle. My temps are still low which indicates thyroid fatigue. The temps are also unstable which means adrenals buggered up too.

As everyone knows, adrenals get treated first when it comes to adrenal and thyroid glands. I had my Adrenal Cortex Extract (ACE) muscle tested by a professional muscle tester ten days ago. Showed fine, showed I needed it. So I started low, just 50mg’s of ACE to support my adrenals. That’s a really low dosage, but within five days my blood pressure shot up to ‘bananas’ levels: 156/84. I awoke in the middle of the night to a hammering heartbeat that did not go away. Sleep was impossible. This is the same issue I had a year ago when I had the major heart crisis. It was horrid, but I immediately stopped the ACE and things calmed down within a couple of days. Thank goodness I only took 50mgs ACE. I then upped my Mutka Vata intake to the max, 4 caps a day and that helped calm my heart down. This is the stuff that’s GREAT for calming and healing the heart. I can highly recommend it for heart issues.

I then went back to the muscle tester lady and explained what had happened. She retested the ACE and my body still liked it, which is extremely odd as the racing heart was unpleasant to put it mildly.

What does that mean?
It means muscle testing is a guide; and I need to constantly remember that.
It also means something is broken and I need to figure out what.

Muscle tester lady did more testing and said it looks like I am ‘high in thyroxine (T4)’, and ‘low in T3’. Which means I have a poor conversion of thyroxine to T3. T3 is what the body actually uses and it needs to be converted to T3. I then got out ‘Amalgam Illness’ by Andy Cutler and had a good read. He said this exact issue is common in mercury toxic people.

So now I need to investigate this fully. This is exactly the same as what happened last year and it’s a serious bloody problem. I can’t take adrenal supplements and thyroid supplements don’t help either, even though I show adrenal and thyroid fatigue. Both, likely, I think, flip me to hyper, ie to too many hormones. Seems I am low and high in adrenal and thyroid reserves, but I am unable to treat them in the ways that I know about: ACE for adrenals, thyroid glandular’s for the Thyroid glands. Odd. I don’t even know if this has an official name or something. If anyone knows….do email me.

And I need a real and serious diagnosis on this one. Muscle testing got it wrong this time, so I think I need to search out an adrenal and thyroid specialist, again. Dr Peatfield will be the first port of call, if he hasn’t retired yet. No doubt his next appointment available will be 6-8 weeks minimum. And I need to somehow get all my thyroid lab tests done too. Not sure how I’m gonna do that yet.

Anyway…specialists are needed. I need a diagnosis. Serious, if anyone knows what this is called, please let me know: ‘High in thyroxine (T4)’, and ‘Low in T3’: Poor conversion rate.

Muscle tester lady said I badly needed selenium and that this will help with the conversion. I took 200mcg yesterday…and everything was cool. Lets see what selenium does to me. With my hand on my heart, I can’t believe that simple selenium will solve this major problem…..but I will be overjoyed if it does!!! LOL. Certainly worth a shot.

I researched Selenium and it seems pretty cool stuff. Cutler is ok with it too, as long and it’s not taken at too higher doses. If anyone’s interested in selenium, these make very interesting reading:


juice_fastNext: I am currently on day four of a juice fast: veggies and some fruit. Powerful stuff juice fasting and something is detoxing in me…and I know about it! Not sure what part of me is detoxing, but I am a little itchy, jittery, have a furry mouth, have the $hits along with blood sugar issues that make me have lots of juices. All signals of major detox action. Water and herbal tea intake is very high to keep the hassle at bay. I will do one or two more days. I have a big lunch on Wednesday with work and I need to be back on the grub, or at least semi solids! And it’s bank holiday weekend coming up and my parents are over.

At this moment I am drinking fennel tea, which is supposed to suppress the appetite. It’s not really working!!! I have a list of the foods I’m gonna eat when I break my fast.

1) Mulligatawny soup: home-made Jaime Oliver style. Not sure why, but I crave it.

2) A raclette. Melted Swiss cheese over potatoes. You know I just love cheese!!

3) I fancy a decent curry too. I found a great one on Shaftesbury Avenue three weeks ago. Seriously one of the best (regular) curries I have ever had, and I’ve eaten a lot of curries!

4) Eat some of my homemade chocolate: Food of the gods that stuff!

5) Have a meal at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. He makes great zingy food and that’s just what I need. There is one in St Alban’s which is close.

When I get the hunger pangs … I add to my list and imagine how much I’m gonna enjoy it!

Anyway, that’s about all for now, take care everyone.

16 thoughts on “Juice Fasting: Day 4, and Poor conversion of Thyroxine to T3

  1. Hey, hey Danny Boy 😉 You know far more than I on thyroid and adrenals, but have you looking into going on a T3 only? I’ve heard of ND’s that only use T3 only, and when you’re having trouble converting from storage to active, it makes sense to supp with straight T3… And I think I’ve asked you before, but have you tried Isocort? You seem to do well with the herbals, and it just might be the right blend of herbs and cortisone to suit your needs. And as for the selenium, 2-3 brazil nuts a day is all you need! Easier to tolerate and no risk of OD’ing 😉

    • Yo! Tara, hi.

      Yeah, i know of T3 only, and of Iscort, and they are on the table as options, but before i jump i need to understand. I can’t just dive in, I or at least someone, needs to understand what my body is doing wrong. Once i totally understand that..i will be able to make informed choices.

      I tried brazil nuts but they did nothing. Going to try selenium in caps…see what that does.

      And yeah, i do know all about thyroids and adrenal glands, but i need to brush up on the specific’s…so i got out Dr P’s book and had rumble through that this evening. I think i need to re-read it, again, for the 6th time….

      Take care Tara

  2. Hi Danny – this post was very interesting for me because I am dealing with almost the exact same problem – at some points I can only sleep 2 hours a night, nightmare as you know! My muscle tester women said I have the same problem of not being able to convert T4 to T3 (which she said is a mercury problem). This was months and months ago now, but she did put me on 200mcg selenium and said iodine was what I needed too, although I use the iodine now only very rarely. I wonder if we both have an excess RT3 problem… it could be why I can’t tolerate adrenal or thyroid glandulars either. The problem is if it is an RT3 clearance issue I would be a bit befuddled as to how to go about clearing it. Getting a complete blood thyroid panel done is a mission in itself!!

    • Hiya Roma:-)
      Ah ha, so we seem to be in the same boat eh? ok, good to have some company!
      I am sleeping at night, thankfully. No way could i work if i couldn’t sleep. I feel for ya. Not good.
      Yeah, next goal is getting the thyroid tests done. I have had TSH done and i get the results Thursday. No doubt it will be in range, but i will try and get the quack to do all the other tests..we will see, otherwise i will just have to dip into my own pockets again. This is a serious issue and i need these tests done so i can understand whats going on.

    • Hi Sunshine
      sorry to read your post.

      just a few things. I know Dr P reccomends 24hr urine tests for thyroid – Genova do them.
      I had both a serum and a blood test – the serum showed only slightly low T3 the urine test V low T4 & T3 – bloody nightmare!

      SELENIUM – have taken it for yrs, we need it but is not total answer.
      I have also looked into other ways to convert T3 better.
      This came reccomended to me – Guggul
      According to naturopathic physician Dr. Michael Stadtmauer, N.D., guggul, or Commiphora mukul, promotes conversion of T4 to T3. Acting on both the thyroid and the liver as well as reducing lipid peroxidation, or free radical damage to fats, guggul is believed to increase T3 conversion in part by protecting the liver against free radicals. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises taking a standardized extract of 250 to 300 mg of guggul three times per day to support thyroid activity.
      Ayuverdic – Guggul
      Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/498835-herbs-that-help-in-t4-to-t3-conversion/#ixzz2OflIx8Dx

      I’d recc a lot more research on it though. Although I do believe Ayuvedic is an ancient good wisdom.

      Do you know of – Dr Forsyth? he has a cloinic in London too. He is a Cutler advocate and apparently a v good environmental medicine doc too – so in other words he is a believer.

      I know I have mentioned this before, but have yoiu ever explored Methylation issues in your body? just a suggestion….The T3CM yahoo forum seemed to know a lot about Methylation issues and thyroid/adrenal issues.

      There is so much to explore and so many differing opinions too. But maybe Dr Forsyth as he is a Cutler addvocate would be a sound option to explore? he must see many patients with issues such as you describe? just a hunch

      best wishes

      • Great Judy, just great. Thank you. I like the Indian medicine. I will investigate that full. And i will investigate Mr Forsyth too!
        I will report back. Happy easter Judy

  3. Danny,

    In my experience, trying to work with T3/T4 combos in the situation you describe is a complete waste of time.

    I found that taking T4 at any dose only made matters worse; I am all but sure that somehow the body looks at how much T4 is around, and speeds up or slows down conversion to T3.

    You’re still in winter, and your body has probably used up whatever reserves is has.

    Taking T3 is not a good answer, because of its short half life, but it is the best answer, or than going somewhere warm, like perhaps Cyprus or the Canary Islands.

    • Hi Steven, yes, i certainly feel my reserves are all used up. This winter has dragged on terribly. its the 25th March and we have snow on the ground! Wild! Not what i need.

      A nice hot holiday sounds just what i need.

  4. Serendipity. Grateful for the timing of this blog and the comments it’s generated… I reached a plateau with my NDT the last few increases, my temps no longer rising and even falling some. My fluid retention remains in it’s awful state, even despite the added hormone. I’m going to look into bringing in some T3 only, and multi-dosing it as I do with my other support right now. The fun will be in finding the right balance of NDT and T3 only, if I’m to even continue with any NDT at all…

  5. I do agree that you don’t want to mess with T3 unless you have someone who knows what they are doing. And one key here is that you aren’t going to covert T4 without adequate cortisol. And your adrenals are on the fritz. Something to keep in mind is that cleanses or fasts can stress out adrenals that are already a wreck. And definitely deficiency in selenium, iron, etc will play into that.

    As for the blood pressure shooting up after you went on ACE, have you looked at electrolytes? Adrenals control sodium and potassium and too much or too little of one or the other will set things off for your blood pressure. Also check magnesium. That’s really important for your blood pressure. It is a juggling match for sure.

    • I think the blood pressure issue is something to do with my kidneys. I’m doing a kidney cleanse at athe moment (April 2013) and it’s giving me serious hassle. Think i need to address the kidneys first, then see what happens with adrenals and thyroid. I am monitoring my temps and BP daily. Unchanged so far. I will test some thyroid glandular in a couple of weeks, after the kidney cleanse.
      Take care

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