Good news!

Doctor Joke (1)I have good news! Great news! It’s a miracle. Thank you. Thank you o great doctor! What would I do without you guys?

I have been feelin’ rough recently. Something has gone wrong with my hormones. Adrenals and thyroids is buggered up somehow. Three weeks ago I went to see my GP, my General Practitioner, my regular NHS doc, my hero. I explained that I was freezing cold all the time, had heart palpitations and no energy. In his wisdom he decided I was worthy of some blood tests: Kidney, liver, thyroid, full blood count.

The tests come back last Thursday and I dashed in to see him:
“…and how can I help you sir?”
“My tests? Did my tests come in?”
“Yes, my blood tests.”
“Oh yes, I remember, yes yes, your tests. I remember now, yes. I have good news.”
“…what do they show?”
“Everythings fine. You’re OK.”
“Oh goody”
“Yes, look here: Liver, all in range. That’s good news. Kidneys too. All in range. No blood in your urine either.”
“But what about my thyroid? I am still freezing cold all the time. What does that test show?”
“TSH, in-range. Free T4, in-range”
“Yes. You are fine.”
“Ok. I understand those tests are in-range, however my symptoms remain. I remain freezing cold. I remain tired. I cannot do any exercise. Heart feels odd. What do we do now? What do we test next? I’m still very much ill.”
“You are fine.”
“I’m still ill.”
“You are fine.”


…and I knew I’d come to the end of this avenue of exploration. I tested fine. There was nothing further to do or say. This doctor could not help me. I explained I was still ill – but, my tests showed I was all right, in his eyes, and nothing further I said or did would make any difference. I was ‘healthy’. In his eyes I was okay. Not sure how he did not hear my words when I told him I was not fine, but, but, well yeah, whatever…

I knew this would happen. I knew the tests would show up fine. It’s happened before and I must say I am pretty proud of myself. I didn’t get angry, or annoyed, or frustrated, or anything bad. Its’ happened before, I was just doing due diligence, going to the doc first, rather than last.

Fucking dick.

It still amazes me in this day and age. Amazes me that he sent me away after I told him I felt really bad. What a Dick with a capital D. Anyway, this time I didn’t let it get to me. C’est la vie. Now it’s time to get on with the job of finding out what’s really wrong. Back to plan A.


And on that note, I do actually have some proper good news. Last 3 days I have actually started to feel a bit better. Only thing I have added is the 200mcg of selenium so I put it down to that. I have not been miracle-cured, but I am less cold, I have more energy and temps are just starting to rise a little. Just. It’s early days, but I am very happy with this success of the selenium. I also need less sleep, which is an intriguing signal for me: feels like I am returning to a more even keel. I am craving some less-than-health-freak food and beer too. Always a good sign for me;-))!!!

I will increase the selenium dose in the next few days, see what that does. Seems the selenium is helping me convert my T4 to T3, if that what it’s doing.

The selenium advice came from the Muscle Tester Lady. She has got some things wrong, but this success makes up for those wrongs. Sometimes you need to persevere with these people, keep explaining things to them, keep forcing them to listen, forcing them to keep searching.

I consider the muscle testers advise about a million miles better that my traditional western allopathic doc. I consider myself lucky to have found a practitioner that knew to look at my deficiencies, knew to look for that needle in that haystack, to find that I was deficient in selenium. Amazing actually that I found someone, that found a problem. Almost a miracle compared to the crap advice from my regular doc.

I am also going to arrange an appointment with Dr Peatfield (adrenal and thyroid specialist) and get all the proper adrenal and thyroid tests does. See what a professional thinks of my situation. No doubt that appointment is months await….he is a busy and booked-up chap.


In other news: I finished the juice fast. Did 4.5 days in total. It was hard. Didn’t really agree with my blood sugar levels. Lost 3kg’s in those 4.5 days, but I know it will all go back on in the next week. My body is hungry and is eating like a horse, replenishing me, rebuilding me. Feels good to be so hungry.

In other other news: still freezing in olde Blighty! Holy cow, been snowing again today. Most unusual. I long for spring to arrive!!!!! I need to warm up!

I bought two tons of horse manure a couple of months ago. Yesterday I finished shovelling the $hit. Now every bed is covered. That’s my good deed for the winter. My garden should now grow like crazy. If it ever warms up that is!!!!!

That’s all folks!
Happy Easter everyone!

7 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Hi Sunshine,

    Sorry it’s all gone a bit tits up recently. I’m having a similar phase. I was chelating along quite nicely, then boom – all went wrong about a month ago. Thanks to your book, I’m re-eavaluating, and feel that all roads lead back to the liver. My feeling is that chelating when the liver is screwed can be a bit of a road to nowhere… surely if the exit route is blocked, one could just end up moving stuff about, and it will resettle where there’s an affinity (lovely glandular tissue for example). I am strrrrugggling with candida at the moment and it feels like a climb up a wall covered in oil. The cravings making want to trough sugar, but sugar being like my kryptonite at the moment.

    Things I thought might help – if selenium is doing you well, could be that your arsenic levels are high. Mine are through the roof, and there’s so much of your stuff that is similar to mine… how are these levels in your hair tests? Do you test every 6 month to keep track of levels? Might be useful… is it poss something you’re taking is making you wobbly? Maybe you need some sunshine Sunshine :-)? This winter is kicking the shite out of me I think – just a few minutes in the (freezing) sunshine yesterday seemed to make me feel enormously better… could you wangle a few days somewhere hot perhaps? Or the artificial way at a push? Also, not sure how your sleep is, but B6 has been magical for me of late.

    Just wanted to thank you again for your book – I’m now lining up a liver flush.. I know it could be rocky, isn’t recommended, but it’s what my instincts are telling me to do. I’ll let you know! I suspect until the gallstones are all cleared, I’ll be shoving shit uphill so to speak 🙂

    Anyway, hope you’re hanging in. I really feel your pain this week. Sometimes the circular nature of clawing one’s way out of poisoning is beyond the pale.

    Muchos sympathy coming your way!

    take care,


    • Hiya Anna,
      My arsenic seems fine. I hair test once a year, unless some emergency makes me repeat it sooner. never had an arsenic issue, thankfully.
      I could certainly use some sunshine. I am desperate for a bit of warmth. I know i will feel better once it warms up and takes the pressure of the adrenals and thyroids. I have two business trips coming up in April: Dubai and Barcelona and i should be able to get some time off and soak up some sun. Looking forward to that.
      My sleep is fine. One of the few problems i have never really suffered with.
      Good luck with the liver flush. make sure you follow the rules! that includes the bowel cleansing before AND after!!! It is mega important. and, i’m sure you know…but it is one of the most powerful things you can do…other things will be easier!! Anyway..up to you, just take care ok.

      Glad u liked the book and happy it inspired you too:-))
      Thanks for the hug:-)

      Take care

  2. Hi,
    I am also doing the cutler program, about 30 rounds of ALA only so far.

    Have you tried coconut oil and Iodine? In my case, that worked both for my thyroid (I got warm) and it suppresses candida.

    • Hi Viking. Only 30 rounds! 30 rounds is pretty cool!!!! Don’t put yourself down:-))

      I have tried coconut oil and it’s ok in small doses only. But now that you have reminded me…i will give it another try. Thanks, high five!


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