LimbolandFor the third time this year I tried to support my adrenal glands, again with adrenal cortex. Now that the heart palpitations have stopped due to me giving up wheat, I thought I try again, just to be sure. And after 5 days on a very small quantity of adrenal cortex, just 25mg, a whole heap of nasty symptoms bombarded me and I had to stop supplementation on day seven. Another experiment that failed. So odd! I really need to figure this out! What does it all mean?

I can’t support my thyroid’s because my adrenals are shot.
I can’t support my adrenals because…not sure why the adrenal support is not working, but I’m down a cul-de-sac. I know my adrenals are fatigued, but I can’t figure out how to support them; bugger!

Maybe I need to change my dosing style? Maybe I need to dose higher to start with because the adrenal cortex is doing something odd, like suppressing something? Not sure…but that will be my next experiment! I will switch brands to Nutri Adrenal, and start at 100mg and see what happens. Dr Peatfield said that’s my next step, so that’s plan Batman.

If that does not work, I will speak with Dr P and see what he says. I have also found a website that says adrenal cortex can be multi-dosed, four times a day, starting at 4 x 80mg per day. I guess that will be my next try, if the previous try does not work out.

If that doesn’t work, I guess it will be hydrocortisone (HC) for me. I hope not. Really really I hope not. I really want to avoid HC if I can. But something is wrong with my adrenals, I have tried many other things this last 18 months, and I’m 98pct sure it’s adrenals that’s holding me up, and that’s my focus. I must support my adrenals.

But before I do anything else it’s time to get some lab work done: I have ordered: 4 a day adrenal saliva stress profile, DHEA, Secretory IgA(SIgA), TSH, TT4, FT4, FT3, RT3, TPOAb, TgAb and Ferritin. Hopefully that will show me whats wrong. I have just read the Stop the Thyroid Madness book and that tells me how to read those results. I will also ask on a couple of forums, see if anyone can figure out how I can support my adrenals.

Just a quick thanks to “Thyroid UK” for setting things up with Genova Diagnostics so that people like me can get these blood tests done without a doctor’s prescription. I have to pay for them, but ce la vie.

For the saliva adrenal test I need to be off all adrenal supplements, which is fine because they all do weird $hit to me anyway, but I have two weeks in limboland where I am just treading water, waiting to get the tests done on Sunday. Will go for the next higher dosing adrenal support next week once the tests are done.

That’s all folks! Not much exciting going on really. Life continues otherwise unchanged.I work. I chill out. Gardens looking amazing!

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  1. I react badly to some ace glandulars, as far as I can tell it’s an allergic reaction and not a histamine intolerance issue since it’s brand-specific. I am ok with the old nutricology ACE, and current Thorne (not absolutely sure yet). I have reacted to the nutricology adrenal glandular (not ACE), and ecological formulas cortol. Other glands have been hit and miss as well, depending on brand.
    Sublingual works for me just as well as oral.
    I also interchangeably take pregnenolone sublingualy. I found that the allthingsmale forum has very helpful guides on dosing pregnenolone/dhea/progesterone and thyroid based on people’s experiences. To find them, google for hormones 101, thyroid boost 101 and cortisol boost 101. There are threads on female-specific issues relating to preg/dhea etc as well, if that is relevant to you.
    I found the single biggest factor that has helped my adrenals is taking methylfolate. As far as I can tell without over-speculating is that chelation has damaged that part of me and the amount of inflammation I have is night and day with methylfolate.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Jay, that helps a lot: high five!

    Me for, chelation 100pct hurt my adrenals, but it also healed them at other times too. At the moment i cannot chelate because adrenals and thyroid not strong enough. All the thyroid and adrenal support i try does not work and makes things worse. Catch-22! It’s a tricky mess and takes time to figure things out. I’m still figuring this problemo out!!


  3. I was thinking about the ACE last night, and I realized that I am wrong in thinking that it wasn’t histamine intolerance. I remembered that I could not tolerate a whole capsule of Nutricology ACE because of headaches, and the Thorne ACE is a much smaller capsule. In addition, all glandulars are probably high in histamine.

    It’s been a while since I’ve taken any adrenal support on a regular basis, so my memory was foggy. And I didn’t realize the extent of my histamine problems until recently because my symptoms were not “typical”. Ironically, for many years I misconstrued some of my histamine symptoms as adrenal symptoms. Years wasted, oh well.

  4. You can try a cortisone taper – start with 35 mg, next day 30, next day 25, next day 20, next day 15, then two days off. Then do it again if needed. That way, you give your adrenals a break, but you don’t get dependent. It helped me in the past when I had serious fatigue. Can also do a week at 40 mg, a week at 30 mg and a week at 20, then a week off. Good luck,


    • Thx Chris. Other stuff has happened since in regard to my temperatures, so not sure if a cortisone tape is right for me yet. Things are getting complicated here!! again!! I will post another blog entry to update.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    I’m about 3/4 through reading your book, and this is the impression I’ve gotten, and may explain why you’re having such a difficult time right now. I don’t know of course, but this is just a guess…

    The impression I’ve gotten from your book is that you’re very impatient, which of course is understandable. We all want to get well yesterday. But instead of just starting with very low dose chelation, or even very low dose adrenal support, you bounce around from this therapy to that therapy to another one, and then another one…….etc.

    In the book you also attribute certain reactions to various herbal ‘cleanses’ as being proof that they’re killing parasites or whatever, when it could be that your body was reacting strongly because the herbs themselves were too bitter, or too pungent, etc., for your body to handle.

    Anyway, my suggestion is two fold: Go back on the yahoo FDC boards and ask Cutler for his advice. He may be blunt, but may also help you turn this around.

    And secondly, go slower with everything. Stop and rest, stop and allow your body to take a break from all these dozens of therapies you’re bouncing to and from.

    Nothing will work if we don’t change our lifestyles, a lesson I’m still learning after being sick with ME for over 15 years. And believe me, I wish I was well ‘yesterday’, but finally, hopefully I realize that I have to force myself to go very slow, even though I’m past middle age and want my life back “now”.

    • Hi Jackson, sorry late reply but i am travelling at the mo.
      I certainly had plenty of reactions to the herbs, but i always got better after each different set of herbs. i may have been getting reactions to some of the herbs, but overall each set moved me forwards and got me a little better.

      I am going slow now…only done a few chelation rounds in the last two years. Chelation made things worse last few times i tried it. Something is busted and i need to keep searching until i figure out what it is, so i can support it, and then in turn give me enough strength to chelate … as well as live my life.

      Thx for your reply:-)

  6. One more thing…

    I went to a doc who for three years did ‘muscle testing’ via the Klinghardt method. I’ve been told that it’s the practitioner that makes a difference when it comes to this controversial way of testing, but I’ve also had muscle testing done by others, and in hindsight it seems to be very subjective, and worse, highly inaccurate.

    In the 3 years I saw her, I went from being able to walk 4-8 blocks a day, and sometimes up to a mile or more, to barely being able to walk to my kitchen in my tiny apartment. All thanks to her ‘accurate’ muscle testing-based advice.

    I’d go with the standard tests — blood, saliva, etc., and avoid muscle testing. In my opinion, it’s a scam.

    • Muscle testing is very subjective and I use it as a guide only. Our bodies work in weird and wonderful ways, one of the biggest problems we face is getting accurate diagnoses. Muscle testing can help guide us, but it is just part of the jigsaw that makes up understanding whats going on. Muscle testing is not for everyone, just as Guinness is not everyones favourite drink.


  7. Read the following books. It will help you understand the connection with the thyroid. Also, look into the paleo diet. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto (autoimmune thyroid disease) and have been following the autoimmune protocol since april – my antibodies are going down and I feel great…i have also done a bowel cleanse and liver cleanse (only through supplements and change in diet)…

    Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal: a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding… by Dr. Datis Kharrazian

    Hope for Hashimoto’s by Alexander Haskell (Jan 21, 2011)

    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

    Your Thyroid Problems Solved by Sandra Cabot

    Also check out – she has great info on autoimmune diseases

    This book is great and will help you understand leaky gut and many other topics related to your body!
    Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle by Diane Sanfilippo, Bill Staley and Robb Wolf

    Good luck with your journey!

  8. I’ve been eating Paleo for many years and find it very helpful. Also just read Practical Paleo and found it excellent…

  9. Sunshine,

    I wonder if you’ve developed a salicylate intolerance due to all the herbs you’ve taken for all the liver cleanses and other things? That can rev up the adrenals big time.

    Have you considered individual vitamins and/or mineral supplementation?

    • Hi Mary

      I seem to be ok on salicylate’s. My daughter is not, but i’m ok on that.

      re individual vits and minerals: yes. I try hard to only take supplements that are individual. That way i know if i get a reaction what is actually causing it.

      My Current supplements are:
      Milk Thistle (for liver) 325mg
      Hawthorn berry (for heart) 450mg
      Mukta vati (for blood pressure) 1 pill
      Magnesium 100mg
      Chromium 200ug
      Vit C – 2g a day
      Selenium 100ug
      Vit D3 (Just 2 caps a week)
      Pro-biotic (4 caps a day) 8 billion

      so all single ingredients except the Mukta Vata. I avoid all the multi-vit stuff.

      Take care and thx for the mail:-)

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