Mile high!

I am on a British Airways flight to Mumbai. My in-flight 3D map tells me I am currently flying over the Caspian Sea, some place called Baku. It’s a four day trip. Two days business. Two days travelling. I’m bored sitting here. So I thought I’d type a mile high blog entry.

I have been busy this week. Lots of things going on and no time for castor oil packs in the evenings. I have been feeling a little ropey again. Only a little, I still feel better overall, but some gains from the castor oil packs have reduced. A little bit of nausea has crept back. Why’s that?

I think it’s because the castor oil packs, or lack of I should say. When you detox using the castor oil packs they only detox the gallbladder a little bit. What I mean is; they only detox the bottom part of it. Or maybe say; only a little bit of crud comes out. It is still full of gunk and gallstones in the top part. After a few days the gunk settles and things get re-blocked up. Less gunked, but still gunked.

Yes, exactly: that’s why you have to keep doing them. It’s a weekly job. Three-in-three days weekly will keep detoxing the gallbladder.  Castor oil packs are a gentle detox and they require weekly commitment to your getting better. They are a civilised way to detox, but it is slow and takes time. That’s alright, I have plenty of time.

What else is going on?

I think I said it before, but my diet is reduced down to Defcon ‘strict’, rather than Defcon ‘ultra strict’. Back on a little fruit and carbs, except wheat.

Oh yes, Humaworm Candida is paused/stopped for my Mumbai trip. Not good to travel and try to do business in strange places doing herbs. I need to be in peak condition when travelling. I have done 28 days out of 30, so I think that will probably be it and I will stop here. I still have half the pills left because I was on a reduced dose for the first 3 weeks. I will freeze them to keep them fresh and save them for another time.

So, what’s next you ask?

Will it be a bowel cleanse? Or maybe a parasite cleanse? Or liver herbs to go with the castor oil packs? Or kidney cleanse? Or lungs? Or pro-biotics? Or chelation? Or a break? Or Reiki? Or a combination?

Answers on a postcard, or hit the reply button below.

That’s all folks!


Hi and welcome to my blog.

Today I officially declare my blog open! Hooray! The last 6 weeks have been busy setting up the website. And what a complicated process it was too! The ‘famous five minute WordPress install’ took me eight days, LOL! But I made it eventually and that’s what counts. However steep the learning curve, it was way easier than mercury poisoning, and way easier than writing a book!

Talking of books, today I am officially a published author! Ha! How cool is that! Never knew I had it in me. Available on Amazon now. Aine my editor sent me three copies of my book. They arrived today. I am looking at them now. Very satisfying to see them there, sitting on the side looking pristine, shiny and new.

I am very proud of the book. Proud to have finished a five year project. I have a huge smile on my face as I sit back and contemplate my task completed. Fancy that, I wrote a book! I hope people like it. I hope it helps. That’s what it’s for. To help people. To help them understand so they can help themselves.

This last month I spent typing up all my chelation rounds after The Mercury Diaries book finished. That’s rounds 57 to 74, all backdated here in the blog.

So here we are, live, right here and right now. And I’m not chelating. What a disappointment! But I will be chelating soon enough. Once I have sorted out this bug problem, done a few more herbs, I will be back to chelation. My chelation is inevitable. I know it’s the only long-term cure for me. The only thing that will really solve all these health hassles.

Re-reading and re-writing all the rounds reminds me of the joys of chelation. I don’t mean the tiredness, brain fog and hassle. No, I mean getting the colours back so that they sparkle at me. I mean my vision clearing and the world coming into crystal clear focus. I mean my ears hearing music so clearly it’s joyous. I mean my brain becoming clearer and sharper. So clear I somehow managed to build a website and write a book. Yeah the joys of chelation are pretty cool. Although they are a bind, the rewards of a life regained are awesome. Something to strive after. Something to shout out loud about.

Anyway, in my blog I will write-up each chelation round, explaining what happened: good, bad and the ugly. I have done 74 rounds so far. I guess I will have to do 200 rounds to get all my mercury out. I’m in this for the long term.

I will also be writing about all the herbal formulas I do that cleanse, strengthen and help rebuild my body. I may also add some of the funky stuff I do too. Maybe some of the energy work I try out. But, I will stick to the chelation and herbs for the time being. Just to keep things simple.

If you add your email address to the subscribe box near the top right of the front page, you will get each post emailed to you. That way you don’t have to keep revisiting the blog: the posts just arrive on email and you can read ‘em when you are ready.

Anyway, welcome, hi, hello, pleased to meet you.