Thanks for all the cool book reviews.

Just a quick note to the people who have been giving my book ‘The Mercury Diaries’ such awesome reviews on and


Really a mega big giant thank you for taking the time and effort to put fingers to keyboards and give the book a review. I don’t know hardly any of you reviewers, so i thought I’d add a little blog entry just for you. Amazon really is the only place there is to market the book and every single review helps raise its profile and also raise the profile of mercury in our society.

I am obviously well chuffed, flattered and happy, but more important; when people come looking, come searching for clues and answers, hopefully they will see your cool reviews and buy the book, and then be better able to help themselves. That is a great thing to be involved with and you should be proud:

High five!

The book took such a long time to write, it was such a big project, five years work, I always wondered what people would think. You can’t tell from the inside. So yeah, pretty happy over here;-)

I have not had any bad review yet. I assume I will get some from soon enough bcoz the world is full of Muggles after all. In fact, I wonder if I will ever get included in Quackwatch? That’s actually a goal of mine. To be included in those Quackwatch lists. That will mean mega success! Means I really annoyed a lots pro-mercury-dumb-arses! LOL

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks a mill

Take care everyone