How to Check for Hidden Amalgam. Silver Stains.

There are three recognized methods for checking if your dentist did his job properly. Did he really get all that amalgam out? Or did he leave a bit behind? I found a fourth way and discovered that my dentist left a scrap behind under a filling. That small chunk is what has been holding back my chelation and what kept my chelator dose so low for so many years. I am very happy I finally discovered that tiny nugget; now everything is easier.

The mercury toxic world is awash with people trying to figure out if they have a hidden or left-behind bit of amalgam still in their mouths. There are many people struggling on the chelation road wondering if anything got missed. I have always wondered why my chelation was so slow, but how to double and triple check your amalgam free status? We all know that every single scrap of amalgam must be removed before chelation (mercury detox) can begin. If you don’t get all amalgam out, the chelation supplements will pull the mercury from the amalgam filling and flush it around the body causing all hell to break loose. Also, the body needs the constant drip, drip, drip mercury tap to be turned off before it can relax and unload its mercury burden.

  1. Look: The first way to check is free, easy and obvious: You open your eyes and have a good look in the mirror at your own teeth. Use a torch if needed. Can you see any metal in there? Over time amalgams shift in colour from silver to bronze and then black for the oldest. Can you see any darkness within a tooth? Seems odd to suggest this, but many people don’t think to check in this simple way. Maybe they assumed that was their dentist’s job?
  2. X-Ray: Get your teeth X-rayed and the amalgam will show up clear. It’s a bright white, sharp blob, or smear, or shard, or fleck, or speck. Use Bite wing X-rays. They have the needed resolution for specks of amalgam. Note that amalgam can NOT be seen under gold crowns, porcelain over stainless crowns, or other metal crowns because they are metal too. If you are having crowns replaced to check under them, beg or pay for Bite wings before the new crown is re-fitted to make absolutely sure every last bit of amalgam is gone, that’s before placing the $/£2000+ new crown in there. Bear in mind crown removal can result in the loss of a root canaled tooth. IMHO that can only be a good thing, but that’s a whole other story. For second opinions you will need to get copies of the x-rays and post them on your favourite mercury forum/social network site. Just ask, they are your teeth, you pay for the X-rays and the forums provide free additional peace of mind.
  3. Panoramic X-Ray: The panoramic X-ray will not find the little specks of amalgam or gum deposits that are more concentrated than amalgam tattoos. It will give a general overview of metal in the mouth. You can also check for cavitations. All metal crowns and pins will show up bright white.  Amalgam tattoos of the gum are a dead giveaway that the tooth nearby had or has amalgam. Its slightly more specialist and you might have to hunt around a bit for a dentist that can oblige, but it’s relatively easy once you put your mind to it. This is my happy smiley face.

Obviously, I did all that years ago and assumed I was amalgam free. But my chelation progress has been slow, odd and tricky. I am one of those people that can only handle a teeny tiny chelator dose. I am a Low-Doser. Initial starting dose on the Cutler Protocol is 12.5mg of either DMSA, ALA or DMPS. As the number of rounds progresses you gradually increase the dose in line with what your body can cope with. Target dose is 200mg ALA.

After nine years and 89 rounds of chelation, my dosage slipped down to a measly 2.5mg ALA only. Anything higher hurt and hurt hard. It was not a question of toughing anything out. Chelation at 2.5mg ALA was fine, but at higher doses was brutal and totally out the question. There are lots of theories and stories of people ‘pushing through’ but that never happened to me. Although my health massive improved, something was still wrong and my chelation dose remained super-suspiciously low. Actually, I have known something was wrong from the word go. I mean since I started chelation 10 years ago back in 2007. I even discussed it in my book in some depth: ‘The Mercury Diaries’. I have looked underneath a lot of stones on my travels since then, searching for an answer. I finally found another way to check for hidden amalgam:

4) Kinesiology is the fourth method I found to check for hidden amalgam. What on earth is Kinesiology?

“Kinesiology aims to remove any interference to normal nerve and muscle function so that patients are as strong and robust as humanly possible.” 

Loads of people make their livings treating people with Kinesiology, it’s their full-time job and every city in the world has their practitioners. I live out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere and there are four practitioners within 30 minutes’ drive of my home. So just because you have never heard of it, don’t mean anything. The world is full of new and funky things to discover!

I have used muscle testing myself for years to test the suitability of my supplements and for diagnosing problems. Maybe it could be used to check if my teeth had any amalgam still in them? I thought it best to use a professional kinesiologist for something like this. I decided to get the testing done whilst I was on a chelation round, whilst I definitely had mercury whizzing around my system. I decided to get it done by three independent kinesiologists, all on the same day, obviously without telling them that I would be cross-checking their work.

I booked the appointments and started the chelation round at the appropriate time and went off see the three muscle testers. The first two both found, independently, that my upper-right-six was giving out weak signs. Muscle testing cannot say specifically what is wrong, all it can do is show if there is a problem, or not. The third muscle tester refused to put his fingers in my mouth and obviously had no experience in this area. A good lesson here: always check beforehand

Next, I went to my dentist and arranged to get that upper-right-six filling lifted, removed and checked underneath. I need to go into a little detail about this exchange because it’s important to understand what we are dealing with here: ignorance and dental-bullshit.

First I’d like to say my dentist is holistic, awesome, mega expensive and fully booked up in advance. She has a PhD in dentistry, is a member of the ITI, the IAOMT, BSSCMD, DGZH, BDA and GDC. What I am saying is, she should know her stuff. She is not some provincial fool just beavering away. She is caring and cool and totally on top of the whole holistic dentistry lifestyle 21st-century thang.

“Hi Kathrin, great to see you again.”

“Hello Daniel, good to see you too. So we are lifting the upper right six filling, correct?”

“Err yes, please.” I’m kinda hesitant here because I need to ask a tricky question.

“Right, I understand you want to check, but still it is unlikely there will be anything under there. We have the x-rays and the panoramic too which show nothing. Peter was very thorough. It might just be some decay, maybe it needs a filling?” (Peter Mendelsohn was my previous dentist. He removed my amalgams nine years ago. He has since retired and died of cancer. R.I.P. He was a good man. He was totally mercury toxic.)

“Yes that is correct, but still, I want it checked.”

“Ok fine. We will check it. We’ll use the rubber dam and all the usual amalgam removal protocols, just in case.”

“Goodo. Just one thing I need to ask. I need to see the gap once you have removed the filling.”


“And err; I need to know if there is anything there. I mean anything at all. No matter how small, I totally need to be 100pct cast-iron guaranteed sure it’s clear, or not clear, or anything at all. I need to know without a shadow of doubt.” Phew, there, I’d said it. Always slightly embarrassing questioning a professional’s methods and ethics! But fuck it! I need to know and I don’t care how insulted or offended anyone gets. I am paying for after all.

“Daniel! Do you really think I wouldn’t tell you?” Kathrin gives me the shocked-professional-nose-outta-shape-cheeky-smile look.

There, I knew she’d get offended. “I just need to know for sure. As you know my mouth has caused me a whole heap of hassles over the years.



Sometime later…

“Ok, well, I am pleased to report there is no mercury there. No amalgam at all. All clear.”

“Oh, that is good news. Let’s have a look-see. ”

It’s all mod cons here and she has a picture of my tooth with the filling drilled out:

“There is a bit of decay, here, looks s-shaped. And that black blob just below and to the left is a silver stain.”

“Silver stain?” Massive alarm bells trigger.

“It’s just a silver stain.”

“Silver? Stain? What do you mean?” Warning sirens wail.

“Like silver tarnish. Like silver candlesticks that need to be cleaned of black tarnish.”

“Silver? Stain? In my mouth?” I’ve never heard of silver stains before. Strobe lights are now flashing in sync with the sirens.

“Yes, it’s just a bit of silver tarnish, from the amalgam, that stained the tooth.”

“So there is a bit of amalgam left in my mouth?”

“No, no, no. It’s just a silver stain, from the silver. Amalgam fillings are made with all different metals including silver. I guarantee you it’s not mercury.”

“But, what? How can that be? If the silver came from the amalgam, how can it not be amalgam?”

“It’s not amalgam. It’s not mercury. What happens when there is a lot of decay, a big hole that’s close to the root, maybe the dentist doesn’t want to drill any deeper, get too close to the root, because if the root is touched the tooth will die. So they leave the stain. It’s just a stain from the silver in the amalgam filling.”

“So because that hole was big, Peter didn’t want to get too close to the root and he left the silver stain in there?”

“Yes. But it’s not mercury. I assure you it’s not.”

“But, how can it not be mercury? The silver from the amalgam left a stain on my tooth, so how do we know there is no mercury in it?” Sounds like utter bullshit to me. Admittedly I’ve never heard of silver stains before, but come on, seriously? Deep scepticism is written all over my shocked and anxious face.

“Well, nobody really knows for sure. No studies have been done. It’s common and normal for dentists to leave silver stains behind.”

“Common!” My eyes leap wide, brows furrow and I crinkle my nose up in disbelief. I am seriously unimpressed by this revelation: common?

“I promise you, it’s not mercury. It’s just a stain from the silver. I’ll remove it now.”  And she did just that.

She guaranteed me three times. I specifically asked in various ways and three times she said it was not mercury. To remind you, she is a super top London holistic dentist and a member of all those dental organisations which specialise in mercury-free dentistry and amalgam removal. This is what our top dentists think. They think this ‘silver stain’ does not contain mercury. I mean, really? Really?


The stain did not show up on my x-rays. Should it have? When mercury leaks from an amalgam filling, it’s not great chunks flaking off. No, the mercury escapes as a vapour, as smoke. We are talking atoms, micron’s, molecules; mercury at the microscopic level. Hardly a surprise it does not show up on an X-ray.

I went home and jumped on google and got researching silver stains and I found nothing, nothing at all. I didn’t search for hours and hours but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is what actually happened to me afterwards.

I have to be extremely careful when I work-out because if I go even a fraction too far, always I pull a muscle. So my yoga practices are very slow and controlled and I don’t push my edges because I always get injured if I do, particularly my back and hamstrings.

Over the next month my body changed. My muscles were still tight, but I stopped getting injured. My yoga practice went from once or twice a week, to daily. Now the silver stain was removed I had the energy, power, flexibility and stamina to practice every single day. For me this a GIGANTIC flashing sign and signal that something mega good has happened

Next, my chelation. I have done 12 rounds since I became ‘silver-stain free’. I have doubled my dose with no problems. I have extended the length of my rounds too and for the first time in 101 rounds, I did a five-day round with no troubles. I am pretty cautious with chelation because of problems in the past. I could increase the dose to 7.5mg or maybe 10mg ALA but I’d rather chelate at a totally manageable dose rather than push it. I have a LONG way to go before I get to 200mg ALA and I’ll push it once I can actually raise my dose significantly. For me, the change is clear and obvious. Going silver-stain free changed everything.

Now, remember I have done 89 Cutler chelation rounds whilst I still had amalgam in my mouth in the form of a silver stain, so god knows what that’s done, but I know caution is the better part of valour, so I will be taking my chelation slow and easy. I feel truly lucky I used the Cutler Protocol to chelate. Lucky I tailored my chelator dosage to my manageable levels and didn’t blow my brains out with large dosage, infrequent chelation. Even after all this time, I still feel like I dodged a bullet on that one.

Next: Dumping. The dumping phase of mercury poisoning can be pretty horrific. This sometimes happens 3-6 months after becoming amalgam-free, when the body finally understands the tap of drip, drip, dripping mercury has been turned off. The body then dumps its load of mercury and people can get pretty sick. It lasts 6-12 months-ish. I am not suffering too badly, but I have to say I have had to be totally on top of my game this past year. My digestion is properly having a bad one. I am gluten free, dairy free, thiol-free, alcohol-free, sugar-free (refined and unrefined) and my gut does not like any deviations from that. I am skinny as fuck again and can’t gain any weight. My  hyperglycemia has got nasty and I have high blood pressure which refuses to budge no matter what I do.

All of which, I hope, is my mercury dumping phase. Yes, I hope it’s the dumping phase. It’s not that bad at all. I led a very normal and happy life out here in the countryside and if this is the dumping phase, then I’ll take it any day of the week. I know they can get significantly worse than this. And I know it will pass, as it always passes. Dumping phases last 6-12 months and once out the other side I will have dumped a load of mercury, chelation will be easier and life will be better.

“Last time I was here, you categorically assured me the silver stain we found on my upper-right-six tooth  w as not amalgam. Well, it’s six months later and I’m here today to tell you that I can categorically assure you one hundred percent that those silver stains did contain mercury. I know that and I can assure you of that because my body works better, I have finally been able to increase my chelator dosage and I seem to be suffering from a mild dumping phase.

“I just wanted you to know.

“And it wasn’t Peter either. It was the fine fellow that did unsafe amalgam removal on me. So as well as unsafe, unprotected amalgam removal, he didn’t even get it all out. Brilliant eh!”

Kathrin took that on board, serviced me, and I moved on with life.

Some months later I did a live radio broadcast talking about mercury poisoning. It was a two-hour show and Kathrin called in to ask questions and discuss mercury toxicity and dentistry. The silver stains came up and, live-on-air, she told me that she had investigated my silver stains experience and found that low and behold, yes, there is mercury in silver stains. Some research had been done and I had been discussed in one of her I AOMT meetings. Pity she had no research information, nor link for me to read and share.

I have no problem is massively recommending Kathrin Huzelmann from She is a cut above the rest, listens and actually acts. Top-notch lady, top-notch dentistry.

Today it’s 2018 and this silver stain information seems to be in its infancy. How many other people have silver stains impeding their progress? Nobody knows. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. But I know how you can check if you have silver stains, and if they are stressing your body: Muscle testing/Kinesiology. It’s right there to be investigated. My appointments with my muscle testers cost £50 for 30 mins and £75 for an hour. That’s about $70-100-125 USDollars. That’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. Nothing compared to how much amalgam removal costs. Nothing compared to all the other protocols and whatnot we have to investigate. Nothing compared to easier chelation. Nothing compared to better health. Just Google search “Kinesiology near me’ and take it from there.

My muscle tester is Simon King. He works in England, just north of the M25 in Berkhamsted here: But I’m sure you can find your own muscle testers near you as they are pretty common these days.

Simon runs an organization called the Association of Afferent Input Practitioners. Members have been trained to use muscle testing to assess the effects of metal in the mouth, including amalgam, crowns, bridges and retainers. There is a directory of practitioners here But almost all kinesioogists should be able to check your teeth for probelms.

Simon wrote a really cool book too which is freely available online at Lots about how mercury drastically upsets the body.

Another outside possibility is the spot of decay on the tooth (the s-shaped mark on the pic) which could be a factor. The teeth are connected to the body’s meridian pathways after all. Any defilement on a tooth has strange and unexpected consequences around the body. I know decay on a tooth will be an issue, but all my money is on the silver stain having mercury embedded in it. In my opinion, the doubling of the chelation dose, the easing of chelation, is the most significant factor pointing to mercury in the silver stain. But, even if it is ‘only’ the removal of the decay that caused my improvements, my dentist and my X-rays did not see the problem. Kinesiology did and that gave me knowledge and enabled me to take positive action.

In my professional opinion, all low-dosers, I mean all people that struggle with their chelation dosages, should check this out. It’s more about being organised and finding the time, than the money because muscle testing is cheap as chips.  Silver stains did NOT show up on my X-Rays, or my Panoramic X-Ray.

One final thing: You do not need to be on a chelation round to check if your teeth have mercury in them. Kinesiology can easily pick it up, on or off a chelation round. And do pre-check with the muscle tester what you want them to check. If you can muscle test yourself already, you can do it right here and right now. Touch each tooth individually and muscle test. But I’d seek out the professionals in any case, just to be sure.

That’s all folks!

Daniel Forsyth is the author of ‘The Mercury Diaries’ available on Amazon and all online book stores.

Note: A special thanks to Brian Mcblain and Simon King for their expert help in researching this article.

Round 77 – 5mgs ALA is too much, so I am reducing the dose to 4mgs

Dose unchanged @ 5mg’s ALA only. Chelation under the Cutler Protocol, 3 days on, 2 weeks off.

bkpMy second round after a long break. I almost always have two weeks break between rounds. That gives me ample time to recover. I prefer to chelate over weekends; it gives me more time to focus and do things properly.

This was a round of contrasts. Day one and I was turbo-tired. Slept really badly that first night and that put me out of kilter all day. Five hours sleep even on the best of days is  gonna be a struggle. I just powered through the day, got home from work at 7pm, chilled, and was in bed by 9pm.  Day two arrived and I suddenly felt the urge to jet-wash my drive! Whoa, where did that come from? Three hours that took. Hard work too. Loved it. Kids helped too, shooting stuff with the sprayer. Not sure why I did it, very unusual for me, but it’s one of those once every-eight-year jobs that needs doing from time-to-time. Love it when chelation makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Shows me I’m on the right track.

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Back On My Horse: Chelation Re-Starts Here.

palerider1I have restarted my mercury detox program. I just completed my 76th round under the Cutler Protocol. I now have 223 chelation days under my belt. That was my first round for 18 months. Prior to that was another 18 months break. So, essentially I have been off chelation for three years. Time flies eh!

Slipped straight back into the old routine on day 1: started Thursday evening and then had Friday in the office. Kept the same old dose timings: 9 doses, every 2.5 hours and 3 hours at night. Kept the same dose level too: 5mg’s ALA. Yes, remember I am a low-doser. Felt a little tired at 5pm, but honestly I feel a bit tired at 5pm from time to time even without chelation.

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Life returns to an even keel.

life-balance-e1276962324836It’s been 38 days since I finished the Master Cleanse fast. Looking back, it seems impossible that I didn’t eat any food for 25 days. Twenty five days? It seems distant and far off. How could I possibly have not eaten anything for so long? And, whilst I was working in a busy office? How could I have managed it?
But, I did. That’s why I kept a journal, to remind myself.
And the results remain too.
I am significantly better than before.
Happy dayz!

I am currently 35,000 feet in the air, flying in a 747 back from a weeks business trip in India and Singapore. This was booked at the last-minute. I needed to go. I was feeling fine. So I went. I have been avoiding all business trips this year due to my ill-health. But I’m feeling good enough to travel now. I actually have a hangover as well! My first in at least six months, maybe all year, I can’t remember. I am tired and have heartburn. Have the $hits too from the Indian leg of the trip. I ate curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days on the trot. Not ideal. Bound to mess up the works that is.

But otherwise I’m feelin’ pretty good. The fatigue has stayed away. I have a normal amount of energy. I remain pumped about this. Really feels like a new lease of life. Libido has returned somewhat too. Definitely – I have returned to an even keel.

My workouts continue. The yoga practice continues six days a week. I rise at 5am daily to practice. When I first re-started my practice I could reach down to touch my knees. Nothing lower. After three weeks of almost daily practice I am one hand lengths further downwards. Happy with that. There is no rush to reach my toes, but it is nice to see the progress I am making. I can now do five sun salutations A, followed by four sun salutations B. When I started I could only manage three feeble attempts of A before I ran out of puff.

And that’s another thing. Why do I have to practice the hardest and toughest form of yoga? Why couldn’t I have fallen in love with one of the gentler forms? A nice gently humming session seated cross-legged blissfully overlooking the ocean? I tried hatha yoga. I know the moves. It’s all the same stuff. When I re-started my practice I did the gentle stuff: hatha. But I quickly shifted back to my Ashtanga yoga practice. It’s kinda hardcore. Why? Why? Why? It’s kinda almost annoying. I have had horrible health troubles all these years and I choose the most challenging and tricky form of yoga to practice: What a dick!

But, and I have to say it’s a BIG but, I love my Ashtanga yoga practice. I have a natural instinctive love and desire to practice in this way. There is something about this form that just rings my bell. Almost like an inner calling. If I believed in previous lives, I for sure would have practiced this form of yoga before. There is something in me that just loves the physicality of it. Loves the sweat it brings on. Loves the flow and rhythm. You have a set series of asana’s (poses) all linked together with special linking moves, all in time, all with a special breathing technique.

Inhale up, exhale down.
Inhale up, exhale down.
Inhale up, exhale down.

Anyways, I’m rambling again. Otherwise I’m still fine. The results for them master cleanse have remained with me. The two-week Humaworm liver herbs I have just completed passed without incident. I had ultra-mild non-consequential side-effects. These herbs are two weeks on, two weeks, off, so I will restart the next batch a week on Monday. I might slip in another liver flush this coming weekend. Undecided as yet, not sure what’s in the diary as this past week has been hectic flying all over the world. Singapore is an awesome city. Like something out of the future. Once you get used to the extremes in poverty, Mumbai is an amazing place to visit. A totally different world out there. Makes you appreciate what you have when you see slum, after slum, after slum. Funny old world we live in.

Chelation: not on the cards yet. I want to get strong first. I want to enjoy my better health first. Chelation caused some problems in the past, not all the problems, but chelation made other problems a lot worse. I have had a tough couple of years and I am going to enjoy my yoga while I can. I cannot chelate and practice yoga at the same time. They are mutually exclusive: I get injured too often so my rule is no yoga when I chelate.

The plan remains to repeat the Master Cleanse sometime soon, probably the new year. Liver is still clogged. Still have stuff to sort out. But I am much much better now and life has returned to normality.

Happy dayz!

That’s all folks!

PS. Super-massive-respect to Steven for his turbo-powerful Master Cleanse action. Steven has had a rough old-time of it these last five years, so he decided to follow my lead and give the MC a bash. He did 10 days!!! He is thinking clearer! Rock n roll dude! Keep up the good work. Told you it was not as difficult as it seemed!

PS. The above was written a week ago on the plane back but I didn’t get time to publish. I liver flushed last night. Got 250-300 gallstones out. Nice! And importantly I am managing the flushes fine. I am strong enough now. I don’t recommend them if you are proper sick.

Yet another bump along my journey…Adrenal Crash!

worldwar42-2357554Well, it seems I was not ready to re-start chelation. I have been feeling progressively worse since the last round finished three weeks ago. Seems the round has stressed me and my poor ol’ body and now I’m having some kind of episode/incident/crash.

I am off work sick this week. I suppose I could have dragged myself in, but it would have been horrid because I’m feeling pretty pikey. And also I need time to remain calm and I need to space to figure my $hit out.

Whats wrong? I’m freezing cold all the time, and I’m talking super chilled-to-the-bone cold. If I go outside a warm room I shiver constantly. I’m lacking in energy big time. Nauseas. I had a 2 day period of feeling depressed and down, but that’s gone now. I was scared, but I’m ok now. Now I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m definitely having a crisis. Chilling at home is minimising the crash, but chelation has caused a problem.

I was a bit worried about the old ticker, so I even went to see a regular doctor. He said my heart was fine, which is a BIG relief. Everything seemed fine to him. He is doing some thyroid blood tests. Not sure it was worth seeing a regular doc, but best to check in case it’s anything … well, anything mega serious is showing. Main thing is the heart is ok.

Ten days ago I also went to see a muscle tester lady. She said my liver was stressed, along with my adrenals and thyroid glands. Ummm, I knew about the liver and have been working on that for months now, but the adrenal and thyroid thang is a new re-discovery.

So I started taking my 3-a-day temperatures to see what’s going on.


Ummmmmm. Not a good graph. For those un-accustomed to temp graphs; my average temps should all be around the top of the first coloured band where is says 37.0 degs. As u can see it’s all rather low and unstable. The up and down jaggedness means my adrenals are shot. The low temps mean my thyroid is shot. Yes, F*$k.

Back here again.
Oh well, at least I am experienced and know what to do!

Obviously chelation has stressed me. Obviously I need adrenal and thyroid support in order to chelate. And obviously chelation will have to take a back seat until that’s in place.

Anyway, today I went back to the muscle tester lady again. She tested all my supplements, specifically the adrenal support (ACE) that reacted badly with my heart last year…and good news; it tested fine. I restart the adrenal support with ACE in the morning!!
She also confirmed my liver is still troubled and gave some different liver herbs. And she also confirmed the current crisis is probably, looks most likely, to be an Adrenal Crash.
Great. Just what I need. Ho hum.

But, at least I didn’t do two rounds, or three rounds, or increase my chelator dose, or do a liver flush or anything drastic like that. I do in fact feel better just knowing what the problem is. Knowing it’s adrenals, knowing which adrenal support to take…all makes the problems manageable. I now have a new plan and priority: Adrenal support first using ACE and B-complex. When the Adrenals are supported, as shown by a level set of temperatures, then it will be time to embark on thyroid support. But first things first: Adrenal support here we come. From past experience it will probably take two to three months for the adrenal glands to kick back on-line. Maybe it could be quicker? Please! LOL

And, I gotta ask myself the serious and very personal question of: why and how? Why and how did I let myself get like this? Again! Especially a man of my experience! Well if I’m honest with myself it’s because of the heart thing I had last year. I let myself believe I just (ha!) had a heart issue. I let myself believe what my doc’s told me. That it was just a heart problem.

It was a heart issue, but it was also an adrenal and thyroid issue too. I was addressing them, with the usual supplements, but the heart problem was a BIGGER problem and that needed sorting first. In fact the adrenal and thyroid support made the heart worse, so I had to stop them all. I have some tricky months ahead of me as I figure out what supplements I can take that don’t mess with the heart. Hmmmmm. Not something I’m looking forward to.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Problems, problems, and they all need sorting out. It is amazing just how much crap I have to put up with and go through! Bloody mercury. I hope in my next life I do something calmer!

As usual when things hit fans I get myself some TLC: I had a massage last night. That was nice. Warmed me up. I have a healing session with my lovely healing lady this evening too. She is awesome and I look forward to her hands-on energy. Money well spent seeing her.

That’s all, sorry it’s bad news, sorry I’m having a moan, but life’s a bitch sometimes.
Such is life for the mercury toxic.


Chelation round 75. Back in the saddle again.

rw818ibs15_im_back_in_the_saddle_again_800After a long chelation break I’m back in the saddle. Sixteen months I’ve have had off chelation. It was an enforced absence. Too sick to chelate. Last year was very unpleasant health-wise, but I have regained enough of my strength and health to restart my mercury detoxification. Life is pretty normal again now. I work, I herb, and now I chelate again. I am well enough to support everything at last. I chelate using the Andrew Cutler Protocol.

My 75th chelation round was fine. Not the smoothest, not by a long way, but nothing bad, or even remotely bad happened. After such a long break it should be considered normal to have a few slightly rough rounds whilst my body gets back in the regular rhythm of chelation.

I had a little heartburn rumbling, but only a mild two on the Richter scale.

On the third day I had a moment of clarity. At lunch I looked up and everything was visually clear. Like switching TV channel to a high-definition channel. I could see clearly now. Colours were more focused and vivid. The pictures on my walls looked clear and vivid. Blue particularly sparkled at me.

I had periods of activity and periods of tiredness, but nothing extraordinary. Did a lot of work in the garden and got out of breath and my heart kicked into turbo. I just sat down on the wall and breathed deep. It passed within 90 seconds. Nothing serious.

I had the most incredible night-sweats. Holy cow it was intense. I have been getting night-sweats recently anyway, but on night two of the round I woke up completely drenched. I went to the loo and the sweat was running down my legs, my t-shirt was sodden, my hair wet through. Not sure what that means?

I smell too. I had forgotten about that. I smell ripe. In fact I smell musky and manly. Powerfully pungent! Funny how we like our own smell, but dislike others. I guess this is a man thing. I guess to everyone else I just smell strong and nasty. Oh, the joys of chelation!

Bowel movements went to light tan for 24 hours, as is usual when I chelation. It’s a liver stress signal.

In the previous 20 rounds I have had re-distribution side-effects for about 3 days after the round ended. And this was no exception. First day and a half was mild, but last day and a half I did feel a bit pikey. Nothing serious, but tired and a tad irritable. Like I got out the bed the wrong side. I was itchy-under-my-skin too. Not sure how else to describe that uncomfortable off-feeling after a round. Itchy-under-my-skin is the best I can come up with.

Also had on odd rash on my ankle appeared from nowhere, but overall it was a perfectly normal round.

I don’t really have a time line I am aiming at. I am a lower doser. I chelated at 5mgs ALA only. I am not sure how long my chelation will take, but I am mentally prepared for the long haul. 75 rounds under my belt, I’d estimate I have at least the same again to go. I think I will be a 190 round man, but that’s so far off as to be irrelevant. At my rate of chelation that’s another 5 years.

Not ideal…

But what can I do? I don’t believe I should burden myself with targets and time lines. I believe I should just get on with it and chelate when I can. And that’s what I’m doing.

That’s all folks!

My chelation re-starts

images i'm backOk, I need to start planning things out. Life is getting full again and I need to arrange a plan for the coming months. So many things to do!

Important considerations:

1) My liver and gallbladder are still congested. Muscle testing confirmed this. My symptoms confirm this. I need more HW Liver herbs.

2) Because of the liver and gallbladder situation I might, repeat might, do a liver flush. Maybe. I have been thinking about it. These are the heavy-duty things with epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice. Not recommended for us mercury toxic dudes and dudettes because they are so hardcore. Cutler furiously frowns on them! But I am feeling a lot better now. I have been working on the liver and gallbladder for months. All the herbs have certainly all helped, but I do get the feeling we have a log-jam situation in there. I am seeing a muscle tester soon. We will see what a professional thinks my body should do. A liver flush will take out one whole weekend. I have done them before, when I was ultra sick and they were heavy-duty. Again, this is just a possibility.

3) My kidneys are still congested. Need some kidney herbs. I have not done any kidney herbs for nine months and they need doing.

4) I need to experiment with increasing my milk thistle intake. Need a free week to attempt that. I am currently on one cap a day. Without that cap I feel worse. It is essential liver support for me. But when I take two caps I get a real splitter of a headache that will not shift: or it did the last time I tried a couple of years ago. Now I need to test it out again: see if I can handle two caps after all the liver herbs.

5) And I need to restart chelation. I will not chelate weekly. I have never really been able to safely chelate weekly. Bi-weekly was always better for me: twice a month.

So yeah, as you can see, plenty of things to get my teeth stuck into. Never a dull moment.

I know some of you have been wondering when I’d pull my finger out and re-start chelation, but in my defence I have been busy. My healing schedule/plan has been full-on and constant for the last 6 years; it’s just that chelation had to stop with the heart problemo. In fact, let me list out exactly what I did last year:

January 2012: Humaworm parasite cleanse.

February & March: 45 days kidney herbs. Also started a six month herbal bowel cleanse.

April: 30 days Chinese heart herbs.

May: After the Chinese herbs screwed me up, I focused on bowel cleaning herbs and had six colonics.

June: Another 30 days HW parasite cleanse. Mega diet change. Switched to über healthy, no wheat, no dairy, nor any refined foods.

July: Tried some liver herbs but side-effects made life impossible and had to stop after a week.

August: Humaworm Candida herbs. The most difficult set of herbs I have ever done, but felt much better afterwards.

September: High dosages campaign of pro-biotics, then Essiac herbs for 18 days, then on to SHS liver herbs.

October: Specific Carbohydrate diet. Still on the bowel cleanse and added some P&B shakes for fun.

End October: Another round of Humaworm Candida herbs.

November: Sets of castor oil packs weekly for my liver.

December: Essiac tea for my liver

January 2013: Humaworm parasite cleanse, plus juice fast.

February: Humaworm Liver herbs and started Aloe Vera drinking.

So yeah, I took a break from chelation because I was so sick – but I was still full-on action hero for my health. It’s not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs wishing myself better. All that stuff has got me back to being in a position to re-start my chelation now.

GAD-VL8SL-BKMonday I wore my special chelation vibration watch. It has an alarm that vibrates on your wrist as is ideal for me when I chelate in the office: Vibralite-8. It still works – so no excuses now!

As you can tell I have been mentally pumping myself up for a chelation round…and and and, and I started my 75th round last night. Happy dayz!! The heart problem I had caused me to pause my chelation regime for 16 long months. My last round was October 2011. Yes, the heart problem was a serious pothole along my road. But that’s behind me now and I look forwards and don’t dwell on the past.

My only concern in re-starting my chelation is screwing it up, LOL. As a rule my rounds are pretty easy and manageable. The only problems I get are when I make a mistake during a round and end early. I mean like missing a dose. If I end rounds early they always hurt. Always. I have been reminding myself to stay focused and on point. On that note I now have triple alarms in the night for each of my three wake-ups for taking the caps. Main alarm, plus double back up. Nice!

5mg ALA every 2.5 hours during the day and 3 hours at night.
Round 75 here we come!!!!

I feel like part of the gang again now.

That’s all folks!

“The best thing about mercury poisoning is…”

Ok ladies and gentlemen in the house, we have a guest blogger tonight. My friend Tara Armstrong from her MercOver blog has very kindly agreed to write a few words of wisdom for us all. I suggested the title and just let Tara do the talking: “The best thing about mercury poisoning is…”

d06sgod1yll7gsddHello folks!  Danny has so kindly asked me to share a few fun words with all you mercury crazed readers out there, and I couldn’t be happier to do so!  Mercury makes one hot mess of our lives, in so many ways, but it’s important to take a minute every so often, to slow your chelation drive, to quiet the ruckus of all those symptom zappers, and to clear  your precious little brain-fogged mind for a much needed detour…  To give yourself a few minutes to take a nice, deep breath, to connect with those with whom we share this journey, and to find plentiful gratitude for the gas in our tanks, the precious fuel that’s pushing us forward, the stuff that’s really working in helping us to heal!

Allow me to share of few of the favorites I like to use to fill my tank…  First and foremost, Alpha Lipoic Acid gets shotgun!   ALA is #1, seated right by my side, the one I want and need with me for the long haul.  This road trip wouldn’t be, without it.  Plain and simple.  ALA’s my buddy gettin’ the mercury out, makin’ me feel good, the real gas for this trip.  You’ll need it for yours as well!

In the backseat, I have to put my other best friends, my adrenal and thyroid support.  Adrenal Cortex Extract has taken me to the best cities on this drive.  It’s stabilizing my moods and my temperatures, and it’s feeling just plain amazing to have unlocked this door of my healing.  Thyroid hormone, it’s dear companion, is next in necessity and sequence, and I think it a fare assumption few will be able to chelate without it (at least without miserable side effects along the way).  I’m almost to the town of adding it in, and with icicles in my bones, bloated weight gain, and ugly hair loss joining me on my chelation ride, my detour to pick up Mr. Thyroid couldn’t have afforded one more layover.  Not even for the night.

Zeolite, or Zetox, is my extra special buddy in the back.  Zetox works similarly to chelators, though maybe not crossing the blood brain barrier, but I love using it daily to mop up both redistribution and metals as they’re chelated outta my body.  Since letting this clown into my car, I’ve been able to tolerate higher doses of ALA, my head is clearer, and I have a tank full of fuel to keep me going (Zetox is also packed with B12)!

In my trunk I’ve got my roadside emergency kit, filled with the stuff I pull out when symptoms knock me down hard and fast.  Fix-a-Flat kind of stuff.  In it, I’ve got loads of Vitamin C, Epsom Salts (for drink and baths), apple cider vinegar (usually taken as a good, strong shot — almost instantly cures many of my headaches!), gallons and gallons of water (a tool highly underrated and underused — when at a loss — drink more of it!), and a ticket to the sauna (helps lessen my explosive chemical reactions, and helps with redistribution and further chelating too).  For my chemical sensitivity, I also throw in Niacinamide and Oregenol (oregano oil), which help big time pre and post exposure.

So there ya have it folks.  My best buddies, the clowns in my car, the gas in my tank, and my convenience store snacks of choice for one fine road trip to Healing.  Could I make the trip without them?  All but ALA, maybe.  Would it be as pleasant a ride?  Definitely not!

Happy detours and sincere healing to those of you I share this road with.  May Road Trip 2013 be the best one yet!

Tara Armstrong
MercOver @

Lovely Tara, thanks very much. Good work.
Cool eh! If anyone else feels the urge to unleash some words, or share their wisdom, then drop me a line.

That’s all folks! Take care.