Sunshine, are you procrastinating about Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Last week I was asked the question about procrastinating and it’s a very good question, one worthy of a proper reply. If you don’t know I have paused my chelation for the time being. Paused due to my ill-health.

I am not procrastinating. I am happy to have made the decision to hold off chelation at the moment. The heart problem I had in February this year was very serious. Chelation at the same time as all those problems would have been idiotic. I was way too sick for chelation. The heart issue needed sorting first. I only just turned the corner in August after the Candida herbs and I still have some work to do. I have not done a chelation round since October 2011: that’s 14 months. My body remains congested and buggered up. Chelating at the same time is just looking for trouble. I am a low-doser. I will need a 100 more rounds, at least, the get the mercury out. That’s 4-5 years of chelation for me.

Before chelation restarts, I need to do one full body round, cleaning each zone with different sets of herbs. I have already cleaned my bowels, and killed my parasites and candida. Now I am doing my liver with the Essiac herbs. After the liver I will address the kidneys and only after that will I restart chelation. That’s only two to three months away.

All the herbs I have done this year have been hard labour too. I have had to reduce the dosage frequently to manage the side-effects. These are clear and solid signals that I am congested inside and that I need cleaning. I have also got significantly better from doing each set of herbs too.

I have learnt there is no rushing in this game. Rushing leads to problems. I have to go at my own pace and my organs need cleaning before chelation can recommence. I could chelate now, but it would be hard work because my liver is so congested. Don’t forget I have a full life to lead too. I am not bed bound or at death’s door. I have a full-on city job, and a family to take care of. Life is tough enough just doing the herbs, adding chelation would be foolhardy.

I know this view is not a-la Cutler view, which is chelate, chelate, chelate. But I have already chelated, chelated, chelated: I have 74 rounds under my belt. The problems I have now are directly caused by the mistakes I made that led to the heart problem. Those problems need undoing first. I have done it before … and I am doing it again.

In other news: I have finally succumbed to the flu that my wife and kids have had for the last 4 weeks. My turn now. I am completely congested, coughing, sneezing, freezing, miserable and sleeping like a complete village idiot. Better to just get up and sleep for patches during the day. Perfect timing for my two-week holiday over Christmas and the New Year!! Ahhhhh!

In other other news: I had to pause the Essiac herbs too. I did 15 days, but tingly itchy reactions went into overdrive, and together with the flu I had four days off the herbs. I have now restarted the tea, but at a much reduced dose: 5ml instead of 20ml. I will ease myself back in gently.

Otherwise: Merry Christmas to you all, and may 2013 see you healthy, wealth and wise.

That’s all folks!