Humaworm Liver Herbs – Round 1 finished + Juice Fast

london-snowHello from snowy London.

Ok, 19 days into 2013 and I have completed the first in a series of 2-week herbal liver cleanses from Humaworm. Instructions are two weeks on, two weeks off. I am now in the two-week off zone.

The first week on the herbs was intense and jittery with side-effects kicking in pretty hard. I had to buckle down and cling on for dear life. It was pretty rough, but manageable. I still worked normal days in the office. When things got too much I did drop the dosage down to half and things calmed down to more manageable levels again.

The second week was plain sailing, I could feel the herbs doing their job, but it was much less intense and I did not have to reduce the dose at all. The hard work was done in the first week and by the second week I was in the groove: liver detoxing! Nice!

My nose has cleared a little, maybe 60pct better than it was. I have kinda semi-permanent blocked sinus’s & nose. The herbs freed them up and I can breathe more easily. That’s cool, although they are not totally free, but freer than they were. My sense of taste has improved too. Nausea has reduced right down and the grippy hand thing has retreated.

That’s all good news, but I must admit to being a little disappointed now the herbs are finish. I guess I hoped this batch would make a massive difference. But now that I have stopped, I don’t feel massively better. I feel a little better, but it is plainly obvious I have just scratched the surface here on detoxing my liver and gallbladder. They obviously remain severely congested. Muscle testing confirms that. My symptoms confirm that. Now that I have stopped the herbs my BM’s are slowly reverting to a light tan colour: a sure sign that things are clogging up again: a sure sign that the herbs really helped, but also a sure sign that their job is not complete.

So yeah, kinda disappointed. I have been working for 8-9 months to be in a position to even attempt to clean my liver, and now I am able, and was actually strong enough to endure the herbs…I really wanted them to ‘sort everything out’ in one fall swoop! Ho hum.

I did understand the herbs were unlikely to solve everything overnight, but would have been nice if they had made a proper big difference. I guess it’s a bit like buying a lottery ticket and dreaming of all the cool and wonderful things you are gonna do when you win £26 million quid – buy a new Porsche, jack the job, move to the beach – and then to be disappointed when you discover you won jack $hit. That kind of disappointment. I knew deep down it would take longer, but it would have been nice in any case.

But this is reality. This is the real world and it takes time to detox. I have been sick for a long time, and however much I wish or want instant miracle cures, I have to be, we have to be, realistic. It took a long time to get sick, and it will take time to detox enough to be better. Not very long, much much less time than it took to get sick, but 2 weeks liver herbs is a bit optimistic!

I’m just a bit grumpy tonight: I have got cool benefits from doing the herbs already and I look forward to more of the same when I do the next round.

Yes, it just takes time. That’s all. Time. Two weeks is not enough time to completely detox my liver. I got loads of signs and signals that my liver is greatly congested, but it will take longer than 14 days. And that’s what I will do. I will continue with the liver cleansing tactics. I have done my first set of two week liver herbs. I will pause for two weeks as per instructions, and then I will do some more liver herbs: I am racked up and loaded and ready to roll: I have two more Humaworm liver herbs stored in the freezer.

When I say pause, I don’t actually mean pause pause. I mean; I will pause the liver herbs and think of something else to do in the meantime, LOL.

And I had been scratching my head all week, wondering what I could do in these fallow two weeks in-between liver herbs. I don’t like doing nothing. Even two weeks seems way too long to sit around picking my arse. One of chaps in the office started a 9 day aloe vera fast. And this morning I thought, “Yeah, why not, good idea”. Never done a aloe vera fast.

So I started a juice fast today. Bought some aloe vera down the local health freak shop. And here we are: day 1 of the juice fast with added aloe vera. Nice. Everything is going fine so far. I am majoring on veggies, and minimising fruit. Fruit just takes the edge off the mega green veggie taste.

Not sure how long I will do the juice fast. Last time I did it, I only managed 3 days and it was horrendous. Horrendous in a horrid-that-does-NOT-agree way. But that was a year ago when I was having the major heart issue. I will try for minimum 2 days and see how it goes. If I can do 4 days that would be excellent. 5 days would be wild:-)

That’s the plan, and I like a good plan Batman!

That’s all folk’s!