Time to detox my Liver: Essiac Tea

Now its time to detox my liver.

In the last six months I have detoxed and cleaned my bowels, my parasites and my candida. It’s been a tough road to travel, but I have been getting better in fits and starts. Next in line is my liver. I have tried four times already this year to do some liver herbs, but each time side-effects and reactions made life completely unbearable, which just meant I needed to do other things first, to ready myself for the liver herbs. Now that I have completed the bowel, parasite and candida cleanses I seem to be ready to tackle the liver again. The castor oil packs seemed to have cleared the way too, unblocked some liver-gallbladder-log-jam. Life is much better. Not perfect, but much better.

At home I have Humaworm liver herbs, liver herbs from www.SHS100.com and some herbs called Essiac Tea. I could not decide which set of herbs to try next, so I muscle tested everything and the result was the Essiac Tea came up the winner. So I started those herbs a couple of weeks ago.

Essiac Tea is an old skool American Indian herbal cure for cancer. (I don’t have cancer.) I have done these before and they are a strong detox. Very good for the liver. Powerful herbs to have the ability to cure the BIG C. Just what I need to turn my BM from light to dark, as they have done in the past.

essiac-reportI have read the original book about their discovery. Very interesting stuff. I always research all the herbs I take. Always.

I get strong reactions if I take too high dosages of most herbs, so as usual I started on a nice low dose to ease my way in: 3 x 20ml per day. After 3 days I upped the dose to 30ml per dose, but quickly had to reduce back down again bcoz life got difficult with side-effects.

I have been on the Essiac tea for 13 days so far. I tried again today to increase the dose upto 25ml per dose, but I tingle all over and it feels like someone is sandpapering underneath my skin. I itch all over my torso and my legs have got dry skin all over them. I need to drink lots of water otherwise I dry out and side-effects increase. Got a teeny tiny bit of heartburn too.

It’s nothing too bad, but it’s not the best fun in the world, so I will reduce down to 20ml per dose again. Life is fine at 20ml and I am not in a position to tough it out: I have a life!!!!!

But it’s not all difficult and horrid news, there is good news too. I am feeling better, nausea is gone, hypoglycaemia is massively reduced and I no longer need a mid-morning snack! Nice! I actually felt so fine I chanced a few beers last week. Nothing serious! Just a couple of bottles of beer. It’s Christmas and I have plenty of business entertaining lunches and dinners to attend.

I have more energy! I have been skipping up the stairs to the station platform, even overtaking people! Yes, that is unusual! I know something is happening when I do odd little things like that. I’m not ready for any yoga yet, but I am starting to think about it.

I have had some lucid dreams too. Happy, funky, exciting, clubbing dreams: always a good signal. My BM’s have darkened a little and there is now no undigested food in there either. That is a clear and strong signal that the herbs are doing their job of detoxing my liver. It means more bile is produced so I can digest more of the lovely grub I eat.

This is just from 13 days worth of herbs. 13 days out of how many? How long will I be on them? Well, the instructions say six months is a good length of time to give the body a decent clean. Six months…ho hum…that’s a long time! I will definitely reduce the dose back down to 20ml. There is no rush in this game. If I feel noticeably better after 13 days, think what I will feel like after 30 days, or 60 days, or 180 days. That’s a happy thought!

But I still gotta get through the side-effects and reactions. The tingly is unpleasant and something I could do without. As I type this, the tingly-$hit has moved to my feet. Yeah, not ready to raise the dose just yet.

Of course, these are all signals of success. Success in cleaning out some old poisons. Toxins hurt when they are inside and they hurt when they come out too. But once they are out…they can never hurt me again. I just have to take them out in small, manageable amounts so that I can continue to have a life. I think having a life is important. That’s the whole purpose of the herbs, so I can enjoy life without thinking of my health.

Overall I am massively better than I was at the beginning of this year when the heart issue crushed me, but I am still in take-care-of-myself-mode. Luckily I have done this all before, so I am travelling a well trodden path.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening at the mo: 13 days in on the Essiac herbs.

Anything else going on? Err, yes actually. I have had four sessions with Roma the Reiki lady. After the second treatment I was feeling worse. I had a long chat with Roma but she said this is normal (sometimes) when healing. The first treatment brings the issue to the surface, the second treatment addresses the problem, and the third treatment resolves the problem. And, that’s exactly what happened. I went ahead with the third treatment and after that things got a lot easier and life returned to a much more even keel. This coincided with starting the Essiac herbs, so my increase in health is also down to the Reiki. I am having a couple more Reiki treatments because they do agree with me. I love to feel the healing energy.

Anything else? Oh yeah, one more thing. I was snacking everyday on lovely fresh ‘n’ healthy olives. I was feeling fine in the mornings, but 2 hours after eating the olives I was jittery and felt like $hit. I muscle tested all my food and I discovered it was the olives. Very odd! Never heard of an olive allergy! Olive oil is fine. Anyway, whatever the reason, olives are now off my menu and I’m feeling much better for not eating them, thanks very much.

Health and healing is a complicated and multiple-action thing. I don’t care how I heal, so I try to do as many different things as possible to help myself. My mercury laden body needs all the help I can give it.

One more odd thing is happening. My wife and kids have all had the vomming virus, and they have all had flu too. And I’m talking proper man flu here. I never seem my wife so sick. She literally could not get out of bed she was so flu-ed up. The kids have both had the vomming and the flu. It’s been lingering for about 4 weeks now. All very annoying for them. The odd thing is: I haven’t had it yet! Odd eh! I must be healthy. Perplexed.

That’s about all for today. Looking forward to Christmas. I have a full house, with both sets of parents staying a couple of nights. I also have two weeks at home on holiday too! Nice!

Merry Christmas all.


So, what’s next you ask? What will I do next to help myself?

Will it be a bowel cleanse? Or maybe a parasite cleanse? Or liver herbs to go with the castor oil packs? Or kidney cleanse? Or lungs? Or pro-biotics? Or chelation? Or a break? Or Reiki? Or a combination?

Well, I have been doing various different herbal combinations all year so it’s time for a break. Just a week or two. Time to give my body a rest from detoxing and give it a little bit of love instead.

I went to see Roma the Reiki Lady down the road. She told me she has been really sick. She had a brain haemorrhage earlier in the year. Nasty. But better now and giving out Reiki again.

Always makes me wonder that. Healing people getting sick. Doesn’t seem right. Surely the people who help us should be healthy? Just like Andreas Moritz dying at the incredibly young age of 58. I mean, how can he die? What did he die of? I learnt so much from him. His books stunning. His knowledge of how our bodies work amazing. Just amazing. He was a wizard (ha!) at explaining things! And he died aged 58? What does that say about his healing skills? No idea, but it’s not a good advertisement for alternative health.

But then again, what do I know? I don’t know anything at all about his situation. Maybe he should have died aged 12 and had all this extra life? Who knows? But, I do think it odd when healers get sick. Anyone know how Andreas Moritz died?

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Roma the reiki lady. I have myself done the Reiki I and Reiki II training a couple of years ago, but I have been off-games with the Reiki this year. It didn’t agree with my heart problems. Just didn’t feel right. Made my heart race out of control: horrid. Felt like driving too fast on a cliff edge road. Scary. I know it was my heart, not the reiki that was broken, so that’s why I just stopped it. It just didn’t agree.

But my heart is fine now, so time to rekindle the reiki. But rather than self practice, I thought I get a professional to do it, to make sure I get back on the wagon correctly.

I lay down, covered in a blanket. Close eyes. Follow my breathing down to a relaxed level. Roma hovers her hands a few inches above my head. I immediately feel the energy on my skull. Oh yeah, I physically feel the energy when I experience it. Feels like a pressure on my head. The more energy, the more pressure, but this is gentle.

I try hard to stay awake as long as possible. I follow my breathing. I experience the energy. I look in to the blackness of my closed eye vision to see if I can see any colours? But nope, no colours showing yet. I usually only get the colours showing when the energy is strong.

My eyes are closed, but I know the reiki treatment will be all over my body, so I try to guess over where her hands are hovering? But feels like my head is getting most of the treatment. The pressure is fairly constant around my head. Eventually a few colours start swirling in font of my eyes, but I am losing the battle to stay awake.

“Danny. Danny. Danny. It’s finished.”

“Oh, was I asleep?”

“Oh yes”

“Ummm. Nice.”

“Take you time, get up slow.”

I awake relaxed, calm and warm.

“I felt the energy mostly on my head for the whole time.”

“For me it was the other way around. I could not feel your head at all, but I did everywhere else. Especially your throat and stomach. I did a normal full body healing.”

“Odd, I only felt it on my head. Felt like the energy was blocked. It did not flow around my body like it usually does. No idea what it means. Do you?”

“Nope. Every session is unique.”

I always enjoy the reiki. Always fun. No real fireworks this time, but that’s ok. It’s good to do. Good to give my body some love after all the detoxing I do.

I am booked in for two reiki sessions in the coming weeks.

That’s all folks!