Castor Oil Packs – Ding Ding, Round II – Major success!

Ok Castor oil packs. These are done over my gallbladder to help heal and unclog it. Last weekend I completed my second set of three-in-three days. After the third I drank some olive oil then went to bed.

In the morning I passed a load of yellowy bile in my BM. Always a good sign. That is the signal that the castor oil pack worked. It means my gallbladder had a mini flush and unclogged some gunk. But it is only a mini flush, so they need repeating. I consider castor oil packs to be a very civilised way of detoxing. I have only ever felt good during and after them. So much more civilised that those hardcore ‘liver flushes’.

So, results? What’s happened since then?

Well, the nausea I have had daily for the last 11 months has gone. Rock ‘n’ roll!

The jitteriness I have had for 11 months has greatly reduced. Happy dayz!

The uncomfortable feeling of ill-health has lifted too. Nice!

Today I feel normal. Normality has returned. My health is not constantly keeping me on edge. I feel more relaxed and calm. Steady. And I must say I am pretty happy about all this. It’s about time I had a break through! It has been a tough and difficult year. As a rough guide I would say I am about 20 percent better than I was before the packs…so yeah, as I said: all pretty cool and happy.

I’m not out of the wood yet. The liver and gallbladder still need a lot of work on them. I will continue with the castor oil packs weekly and will soon start some liver herbs too.

I have been doing the Humaworm Candida herbs for the last three and a half weeks. I have had to keep the dosage at between ¼ and ½ dosage due to the horrid side effects kicking my arse. Since I completed the 2nd set of castor oil packs I have felt fine and ramped the herbs dose up to full power….and I feel fine, no side effects at all. Those castor oil packs have certainly hit the nail on the head for me right now!

Happy dayz!

What else is going on here? I had a massage on Monday night from my friend Anna. Thank you!! Tuesday night I had a one hour reiki session from my local reiki master Roma the Healing Lady. Felt like the right thing to do. Give my body some love. I have booked up two more appointments in the next two weeks. Good to get some energy surging round my system.

I have relaxed my diet now. I am now eating all veggies. (I was avoiding carrots and beets and anything with lots of sugar like parsnips). Also eating potatoes, and raw cheese. Only thing I am still avoiding is wheat. I will keep that off the menu for a while. All other junk and rubbish is long gone off my menu.

I am still doing the Transformational Breathing every morning for 10 minutes, still meditating for 45 minutes every morning too. And the bowel cleaning herbs as well.

Tomorrow I have large lunch appointment with all my top clients and booze will be unavoidable. I have been off the drink for 3 months, so I guess we will see if I can handle it! Don’t worry, I will be taking it very easy. I have to because I’m off to India on Saturday. Two day business trip to Mumbai. In, out, shake it all about. That will be fun, but knackering.

Yes. Yes that’s right. Yes I do do a lot of different things don’t I. My health waits for no one. I have tried sitting on my arse doing nothing. But for me, for the mercury toxic, that does not work. Action is required! I just keep cycling through all the different healing methods I know of. Everything helps in its own special way, and sometimes you get a major boost like I have just done with the castor oil packs.

Take care

Saw a Doctor this week.

Last Tuesday I had a medical. My company pays for it. To make sure I am healthy. My annual check-up. I don’t like doctors. I don’t like what the doctors tell me. They never seem to get it right. Their questions and answers seem so basic. Designed for ignorant people who don’t know anything about health, and don’t know that doctors can be wrong.

I nearly lost my temper this time. Nearly, I had a little slip, but I managed to clamped shut my mouth instead and held it back like a pro. Dumb Doc. Everything came out ‘in range’, as usual, except I had blood in my urine. You know what she said about that?

“Test must be wrong. You should have done it mid-stream. Go to your GP and get it done again properly.”

Lol. Crazy docs. So lazy. So so lazy!

“Well Sunshine, I’ve given you a thorough checkin’ over and you are in great shape. Great shape. Well done.”

“But what about the getting up every night to piss? That’s not right.”

“Probably just a bladder infection.”

“But it’s been nine months at least?”

“You probably just have a weak bladder…”


“You probably just have a weak bladder…”



“’Twas nice to see you.”

“No problem”

“And thanks for checking my prostate”

“My pleasure. Your prostate is fine.”

“Thank you, but what about the tiredness? The weariness? The lack of energy?”

“Everything is fine. You are in good health for a man of your age.”

“Are you deaf?

“Everything is fine. You are in good health for a man of your age.”

I gave up after that. There is no point in fighting the system. Little old me can’t change anything. I got better things to do than argue with people who think they know everything. Best to quietly move on, not get in their way. I am in charge of my health.

I will await the blood tests with interest. Muscle tester dude said my gallbladder was all congested and buggered. I wonder if that will show itself, or if I will be as ever ‘in range’?

I don’t let it get me down any more. I’m way past that. I just try and use what I can from the little I get.

Some actual good news: I don’t have haemorrhoids. I don’t have bum cancer. Heart was fine too. And the mega good news: my blood pressure was bang on perfecto! 120/70. That’s how I roll! Winning!

That’s all folks!