Round 61

After six easy rounds it’s time to up-the-ante and move up the chelation dose. The higher the dose, the more mercury comes out, the fewer rounds I need to do, and the quicker I get better! Hooray!

My compounded ALA order has arrived from Dean in South Africa @ At my low dosage, I need to get the ALA made up specially so that each dose is exactly correct. I tried splitting caps myself, but it was too fiddly and not accurate enough at such low doses.

I am moving up the ALA dosage from 5mg to 6.25mg. That is a big-ish percentage rise, but compared to other people on ‘usual’ dosages, I guess it looks kinda pathetic, but not to me – I’m excited!

Day 1 was fine, although I did suddenly get a burst of hypoglycaemia jitteriness before dinner. I needed food urgently! My hands were shaking like a leaf. I have not had that for a long time. I have slightly hot feet too. But overall I could not really tell I was on a higher dose, just for that 10 minute jittery spell.

Day 2: OUCH! Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh bugger! MERCURY ATTACK! Brain fog, headache, muscle weakness and drained of energy. In the office I was shouty and wildly irritable. All I wanted to do was hide away, go somewhere dark, warm and quiet. When I got home in the evening, I did just that. I had to get out my Mercury Attack Check-List. This tells me what to do when the mercury kicks in hard: 9 grams of Vitamin C, plus reiki, plus dry skin brushing, plus lots of apple cider Vinegar.

Not the worst bad day on round I’ve had, but still pretty horrible nevertheless. On the Richter scale of pain, a good 6 out of 10 for hassle. Not pretty and not fun.

I did not stop the round for two reasons:

1) It’s bad, but not super-bad.

2) Whenever I end a round early I always feel worse. So I kinda feel if I end on day 2, I am guaranteed to feel like $hit anyway. So may as well try and tough it out and go as far into the round as I can handle. If I can make it through to day 3, I will stop when it gets too much.

Day 3: And, and, and…day 3 was totally 100 percent normal. Ha! Strange eh! It felt like just another normal day with no weirdness, tiredness or anythingness. Had a super hot ‘n’ sweaty Himalayan salt crystal detox bath at the end of the round. Felt lovely after that, better than my usual Epsom salt detox bath, (but only a little).

I wonder what the after rounds days will be like? Fingers crossed! Here we go…

After round day 1: And what a horrible day it was! I just about made it into work, but I was pretty spaced out. Not much fun to be physically in the office, but mentally in la-la land. It did clear up a little in the afternoon after a hearty lunch, but everything was difficult.

After round day 2: Not as bad, but unquestionably the mercury hit my brain and I was foggy. In the evening Heartburn gave me a jolly good kick in the balls too. Sleep was difficult because of the heartburn was so bad. Lucky I had been drinking lots of Apple Cider vinegar (ACV) for the past 4 days otherwise it would have been much worse.

Holy cow, how frustrating is this!?!? I only moved my dosage up 1.25mg ALA and it does this to me! I thought I would be fine. I’ve been feeling great recently. Oh balls! Bloody mercury, how long is this gonna take?

Brought to my knees again by the mercury. Gutted!

I am not chelating like this. Sod that! Back down to 5mg ALA on the next round.

Experiment to increase the dose: Fail!

Schedule: 6.25mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.