Round 62

After the nightmares of the last round where I tried to raise my chelator dosage and FAILED, it’s back to my usual dosage of 5mg’s ALA.

Day 2 on Saturday morning I was full of life and energy and spent my time pottering about in the garden. Mowing, strimming and spreading compost all around the beds. I have a big garden and my weekends always involve some garden work. Everyday of the week I sit in my office in the city, it has no natural sunlight, so my garden forces me out into the fresh air and sunshine during the weekends. I love it. Got really stuck in and did 3 hours tinkering about, but I felt really tired afterwards. The above pic is from last summer, just under the oak tree.

After lunch I ripped up the old carpet in the study and collapsed. I sank to the ground, dizzy and heart a racing like crazy. Wow, this is a hard round. I had to go and chill in my music room to recover. Not fun at all. I have never collapsed like that before.

While I was recovering I had a good think about collapsing like that. Very odd! Why would I collapse? Was I tired after all the work? Was chelation just hard on me? Or was it something else?

I crept back upstairs again and muscle tested the carpet. And BOOM! It gave a clear and strong weak signal that my body hated that carpet. Why? Well, because it was so old. It was getting replaced next week and I had to pull it up in preparation. Carpet was 50-ish years old. All the felt underneath had degraded and turned to dust. Rubber dust floated around the room, swirling around in slow motion, glittering in the sunlight. I made a sharp exit.

Always felt terrible after sitting in the study for too long. Always gave me the jitters. I thought it was EMF from the computer in there. Seems it was the old carpet toxifing me. Lovely! Not!

House smells wonderful now the old carpet is gone. Yet more environmental toxins removed from my home.

Overall a weary and tired round, made worse by me working so hard physically and disturbing the carpet. If sitting in the room made me feel so bad, then ripping the thing up was the equivalent of amalgam removal with no protection. Lived with that old carpet for 5 years! Should have got rid of it as soon as we moved in.

Oh well, we live and we learn.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night is every 3 hours.