What crosses your line and goes into the wacky zone?

personal-boundariesWhat are your boundaries? What flips you over into la-la land? What is a step too far? Which things would you not do? What crosses your line and goes into territory that you are uncomfortable with? These are interesting questions and I’m gonna spend a few minutes discussing this concept:

What do I mean? Let’s get some examples going here: I mean taking herbs to kill parasites. Parasites in humans is pretty wacky and certainly not mainstream. Bowel cleansing? People do not like talking about bums! Taboo subject! And cleaning the liver with a liver flush? Speak to a regular doctor and they will laugh in your face.  Ditto cleaning the kidneys with herbs. Drinking apple cider vinegar to combat digestive troubles? Sounds wrong eh! Fasting? Is that for freaks?

What about muscle testing? That is very odd. Something you have to experience first hand in order to believe. Would you take Chinese medicine? Or do you think it’s not for you? Billions of people do! What about aromatherapy? Or massage? Or reflexology? Or that your diet is such a massive deal to your health? That cancer is curable using herbs? What about homeopathy?

And what about energy healing? This is well into the twilight zone. Reiki which uses universal energy to heal the body? Or hands-on-healing? Or channelling strange beings from different dimensions? Is praying to God for healing acceptable and normal to you? Is mediation within your boundaries? Would you ever go see a holy man that can heal with the touch of his hands?

When I first started learning about health and how to get better I didn’t know anything. I came into this with a clean and blank slate. My ignorance in all things health was total and made virtually everything wacky to me, but I was double-ill and I had to broaden my horizons or die. I guess that sounds melodramatic, but thinking about it: it’s true. I had to look outside the box and approach things differently because the things I had been doing had not worked and I was going down hill rapidly.

I was chatting with my cousin a couple of weeks ago and we discovered we had a lot of mutual interests in healing. We discussed some of the things we’d been doing to help ourselves. When we got on to some iffy subjects his reaction was:

“Whoa! No way! That crosses my line. That’s too freaky and I’m uncomfortable with that idea.”

“Do you know anything about Reiki? Anything about energy healing?”

“No, but that’s too freaky for me.”

And that got me thinking. Why do we think like that? Why do we automatically assume something is wrong or bad when we know nothing about it?

And then the next question I asked myself was: why do I think these things are OK? Of all the above examples, none of the cross my line into: “No, I would not do them.” Why do I accept them as, well acceptable?

Well the reason I accept all these funky and strange concepts is because I have read up and researched each topic. I have tried everything. I have tried all the herbs, all the protocols, all the energy healing: everything. I am a man of action. I try and leave no-stone-unturned in my quest for better health. I don’t let my ignorance hinder my quest to better health. I try not to have any pre-conceived ideas, and try to keep an open mind. If I hear of some new something, I check it out, read up and research it. Once I learn about something, the knowledge de-mystifies it, takes the ‘freak’ away and honestly just makes me keen an eager to test the new idea out. I love trying new things out: always so exciting!

Obviously at first things were freaky and weird, but now, six years down the line, after multiple actions to help myself; I don’t think any of them weird. I think they are all really cool and excellent ways to help myself be better. All wonderful ways to undo some of the harm the mercury has inflicted upon me.

I would say it’s all about education. It all comes down to what we are familiar with. What we have tried. And my experience is that all these funky ideas, they all help in their own weird and wonderful ways.

So if you hear of something new, something leftfield; don’t immediately disregard it. If you hear yourself saying “it’s not for me” for no apparent reason, try and remember it’s just your inbuilt caution hold you back. I’ve had great fun learning about and experiencing all the wonderful ways there are to heal.

I have been trying to think of something that crosses my line into freaks-ville and only a few things spring to mind:

Colloidal silver is one. It’s mental to take a heavy metal to try and cure oneself. I don’t care what people say: It’s totally and utterly crazy to willingly ingest heavy metals. Heavy metals kill life, including you!

Chemotherapy sends shivers down my spine. Imagine poisoning yourself to cure yourself? Doesn’t seem even remotely right. Hopefully I will never have to consider such an option.

Now I have learnt so much I guess I am twisted around the opposite way: Western medical practice freaks me out! LOL!

That’s all folks!

Sunshine, are you procrastinating about Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Last week I was asked the question about procrastinating and it’s a very good question, one worthy of a proper reply. If you don’t know I have paused my chelation for the time being. Paused due to my ill-health.

I am not procrastinating. I am happy to have made the decision to hold off chelation at the moment. The heart problem I had in February this year was very serious. Chelation at the same time as all those problems would have been idiotic. I was way too sick for chelation. The heart issue needed sorting first. I only just turned the corner in August after the Candida herbs and I still have some work to do. I have not done a chelation round since October 2011: that’s 14 months. My body remains congested and buggered up. Chelating at the same time is just looking for trouble. I am a low-doser. I will need a 100 more rounds, at least, the get the mercury out. That’s 4-5 years of chelation for me.

Before chelation restarts, I need to do one full body round, cleaning each zone with different sets of herbs. I have already cleaned my bowels, and killed my parasites and candida. Now I am doing my liver with the Essiac herbs. After the liver I will address the kidneys and only after that will I restart chelation. That’s only two to three months away.

All the herbs I have done this year have been hard labour too. I have had to reduce the dosage frequently to manage the side-effects. These are clear and solid signals that I am congested inside and that I need cleaning. I have also got significantly better from doing each set of herbs too.

I have learnt there is no rushing in this game. Rushing leads to problems. I have to go at my own pace and my organs need cleaning before chelation can recommence. I could chelate now, but it would be hard work because my liver is so congested. Don’t forget I have a full life to lead too. I am not bed bound or at death’s door. I have a full-on city job, and a family to take care of. Life is tough enough just doing the herbs, adding chelation would be foolhardy.

I know this view is not a-la Cutler view, which is chelate, chelate, chelate. But I have already chelated, chelated, chelated: I have 74 rounds under my belt. The problems I have now are directly caused by the mistakes I made that led to the heart problem. Those problems need undoing first. I have done it before … and I am doing it again.

In other news: I have finally succumbed to the flu that my wife and kids have had for the last 4 weeks. My turn now. I am completely congested, coughing, sneezing, freezing, miserable and sleeping like a complete village idiot. Better to just get up and sleep for patches during the day. Perfect timing for my two-week holiday over Christmas and the New Year!! Ahhhhh!

In other other news: I had to pause the Essiac herbs too. I did 15 days, but tingly itchy reactions went into overdrive, and together with the flu I had four days off the herbs. I have now restarted the tea, but at a much reduced dose: 5ml instead of 20ml. I will ease myself back in gently.

Otherwise: Merry Christmas to you all, and may 2013 see you healthy, wealth and wise.

That’s all folks!

Time to detox my Liver: Essiac Tea

Now its time to detox my liver.

In the last six months I have detoxed and cleaned my bowels, my parasites and my candida. It’s been a tough road to travel, but I have been getting better in fits and starts. Next in line is my liver. I have tried four times already this year to do some liver herbs, but each time side-effects and reactions made life completely unbearable, which just meant I needed to do other things first, to ready myself for the liver herbs. Now that I have completed the bowel, parasite and candida cleanses I seem to be ready to tackle the liver again. The castor oil packs seemed to have cleared the way too, unblocked some liver-gallbladder-log-jam. Life is much better. Not perfect, but much better.

At home I have Humaworm liver herbs, liver herbs from www.SHS100.com and some herbs called Essiac Tea. I could not decide which set of herbs to try next, so I muscle tested everything and the result was the Essiac Tea came up the winner. So I started those herbs a couple of weeks ago.

Essiac Tea is an old skool American Indian herbal cure for cancer. (I don’t have cancer.) I have done these before and they are a strong detox. Very good for the liver. Powerful herbs to have the ability to cure the BIG C. Just what I need to turn my BM from light to dark, as they have done in the past.

essiac-reportI have read the original book about their discovery. Very interesting stuff. I always research all the herbs I take. Always.

I get strong reactions if I take too high dosages of most herbs, so as usual I started on a nice low dose to ease my way in: 3 x 20ml per day. After 3 days I upped the dose to 30ml per dose, but quickly had to reduce back down again bcoz life got difficult with side-effects.

I have been on the Essiac tea for 13 days so far. I tried again today to increase the dose upto 25ml per dose, but I tingle all over and it feels like someone is sandpapering underneath my skin. I itch all over my torso and my legs have got dry skin all over them. I need to drink lots of water otherwise I dry out and side-effects increase. Got a teeny tiny bit of heartburn too.

It’s nothing too bad, but it’s not the best fun in the world, so I will reduce down to 20ml per dose again. Life is fine at 20ml and I am not in a position to tough it out: I have a life!!!!!

But it’s not all difficult and horrid news, there is good news too. I am feeling better, nausea is gone, hypoglycaemia is massively reduced and I no longer need a mid-morning snack! Nice! I actually felt so fine I chanced a few beers last week. Nothing serious! Just a couple of bottles of beer. It’s Christmas and I have plenty of business entertaining lunches and dinners to attend.

I have more energy! I have been skipping up the stairs to the station platform, even overtaking people! Yes, that is unusual! I know something is happening when I do odd little things like that. I’m not ready for any yoga yet, but I am starting to think about it.

I have had some lucid dreams too. Happy, funky, exciting, clubbing dreams: always a good signal. My BM’s have darkened a little and there is now no undigested food in there either. That is a clear and strong signal that the herbs are doing their job of detoxing my liver. It means more bile is produced so I can digest more of the lovely grub I eat.

This is just from 13 days worth of herbs. 13 days out of how many? How long will I be on them? Well, the instructions say six months is a good length of time to give the body a decent clean. Six months…ho hum…that’s a long time! I will definitely reduce the dose back down to 20ml. There is no rush in this game. If I feel noticeably better after 13 days, think what I will feel like after 30 days, or 60 days, or 180 days. That’s a happy thought!

But I still gotta get through the side-effects and reactions. The tingly is unpleasant and something I could do without. As I type this, the tingly-$hit has moved to my feet. Yeah, not ready to raise the dose just yet.

Of course, these are all signals of success. Success in cleaning out some old poisons. Toxins hurt when they are inside and they hurt when they come out too. But once they are out…they can never hurt me again. I just have to take them out in small, manageable amounts so that I can continue to have a life. I think having a life is important. That’s the whole purpose of the herbs, so I can enjoy life without thinking of my health.

Overall I am massively better than I was at the beginning of this year when the heart issue crushed me, but I am still in take-care-of-myself-mode. Luckily I have done this all before, so I am travelling a well trodden path.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening at the mo: 13 days in on the Essiac herbs.

Anything else going on? Err, yes actually. I have had four sessions with Roma the Reiki lady. After the second treatment I was feeling worse. I had a long chat with Roma but she said this is normal (sometimes) when healing. The first treatment brings the issue to the surface, the second treatment addresses the problem, and the third treatment resolves the problem. And, that’s exactly what happened. I went ahead with the third treatment and after that things got a lot easier and life returned to a much more even keel. This coincided with starting the Essiac herbs, so my increase in health is also down to the Reiki. I am having a couple more Reiki treatments because they do agree with me. I love to feel the healing energy.

Anything else? Oh yeah, one more thing. I was snacking everyday on lovely fresh ‘n’ healthy olives. I was feeling fine in the mornings, but 2 hours after eating the olives I was jittery and felt like $hit. I muscle tested all my food and I discovered it was the olives. Very odd! Never heard of an olive allergy! Olive oil is fine. Anyway, whatever the reason, olives are now off my menu and I’m feeling much better for not eating them, thanks very much.

Health and healing is a complicated and multiple-action thing. I don’t care how I heal, so I try to do as many different things as possible to help myself. My mercury laden body needs all the help I can give it.

One more odd thing is happening. My wife and kids have all had the vomming virus, and they have all had flu too. And I’m talking proper man flu here. I never seem my wife so sick. She literally could not get out of bed she was so flu-ed up. The kids have both had the vomming and the flu. It’s been lingering for about 4 weeks now. All very annoying for them. The odd thing is: I haven’t had it yet! Odd eh! I must be healthy. Perplexed.

That’s about all for today. Looking forward to Christmas. I have a full house, with both sets of parents staying a couple of nights. I also have two weeks at home on holiday too! Nice!

Merry Christmas all.

Thanks for all the cool book reviews.

Just a quick note to the people who have been giving my book ‘The Mercury Diaries’ such awesome reviews on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.


Really a mega big giant thank you for taking the time and effort to put fingers to keyboards and give the book a review. I don’t know hardly any of you reviewers, so i thought I’d add a little blog entry just for you. Amazon really is the only place there is to market the book and every single review helps raise its profile and also raise the profile of mercury in our society.

I am obviously well chuffed, flattered and happy, but more important; when people come looking, come searching for clues and answers, hopefully they will see your cool reviews and buy the book, and then be better able to help themselves. That is a great thing to be involved with and you should be proud:

High five!

The book took such a long time to write, it was such a big project, five years work, I always wondered what people would think. You can’t tell from the inside. So yeah, pretty happy over here;-)

I have not had any bad review yet. I assume I will get some from soon enough bcoz the world is full of Muggles after all. In fact, I wonder if I will ever get included in Quackwatch? That’s actually a goal of mine. To be included in those Quackwatch lists. That will mean mega success! Means I really annoyed a lots pro-mercury-dumb-arses! LOL

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks a mill

Take care everyone

The Age of Autism – book review

I’m gonna do a book review today. This was recommended to me by Rebecca Rust Lee after she read my book. She said I’d like it and I certainly did.

First up, I’m not autistic, nor is anyone in my family, but I do have a good friend in Australia that is at the business end of autism. Leanne is chelating her kids using the Cutler protocol. Sorry, I should say; Leanne is successfully chelating her kids using the Cutler protocol 🙂 She told me earlier this year that her son had ‘emerged’ and was well and truly on the road to recovery and that significant progress had been made. Happy dayz! Leanne is a bit of a legend and we have been emailing each other for a couple of years. She is my only real connection to autism, although I have read about it during my travels because it is connected to the amalgam poisoned community. It thought I should get involved to learn a bit more about something that affects so many people’s lives today.

‘The Age of Autism’ is written by a journalist and a father of a child diagnosed with autism. It is NOT a book about how to get better from being autistic. They set out to discover what causes autism, or what might cause autism, or what factors might contribute to becoming autistic. They delved back into history to see if they could discover its roots, see when it all started. Is it a new disease? Or an old one that’s been with us eon’s?

And this is where the book gets interesting for me. Basically the first half of the book, and it’s a hefty and wordy beast of a book, the first half of the book is all about mercury. Over 200 pages dedicated to the history of mercury in our environment and in medicine going back to the 1800’s, all the way up to today. And the history of mercury in our society is absolutely horrific. Mercury pollutes our world and was used indiscriminately and willy-nilly as a cure-all. Anything that was wrong with you back-in-the-day and the doctors smothered you in, or made you drink vast quantities of mercury. This sometimes cured the patient of their ills, but almost always caused them mega-grief and mega-hassle. If you think you got it bad, people 100 years ago had no hope and no chance. They just went mad and died in misery.

I found it extremely odd there was nothing in there about how to cure autism, people are getting better after all, but I suppose that is another couple of books worth of writing.

Cool book. I believe the more we understand about the underlying problem, the easier it is to do meaningful things to help ourselves. And that’s what this book is: background info on us and our problem: mercury poisoning in all its gory glory. For that reason the book is relevant to everyone with mercury issues, not just the autism angle. Once people understand autism is just another form of mercury poisoning…I guess they too can take appropriate actions.

Education is key.

My Top 10 Meditations

OK, due to popular demand (thanks emails and comments) we have my favourite ten meditations. This is just a small sample of my collection. There is also a massive variety available on iTunes. Once you start looking you will find hundreds of the buggers! I also have a few podcasts too, but they tend to be shorter and more amateur like. Nothing wrong with short meditations, but I prefer long meditations because I meditate so often: 45 minutes is ideal for me.

Eight out of the ten are guided meditations. That just means someone is talking you through what to think about during the meditation. A little story, a journey, or thinking about different parts of your body.

They are not really in any order because they are all so different, but the first is my favourite.

1) “Guided Mediation” – iTunes
One of the simplest meditations you can get. It just focuses on your breath and gently reminds you every couple of minutes to re-focus back on your breath again if you have wandered off thinking about something else. Six different track lengths of exactly the same concept. Focus deep breath. Simple and effective. It’s a surprise such a simple concept is my most listened to meditation. When I meditate with no guided words or music – this is how I meditate: just focus on the breath, and when the minds wanders off, as it always does, just refocus back to the breath.

2) “Walking the cobra” by Baird Hersey on  iTunes
Ok, this is not the normal kinda thing you would expect from a meditation, but it’s brilliant. Not totally sure how to describe it without putting you off, but: song, tones, vibrations, melodic. Officially it’s called an “Overtone Singing Chakra Meditation”. The only instrument on this recording is the guy’s voice and there is no talking. I never heard anything like this before. It’s funky, but absolutely lovely.

3) iRelax – Yoga Nidra, OrangeOrb – iTunes
This is a ‘full tour of the body’ mediation. 45 minutes where you visit each part of your body, notice it and relax it. That might sound odd, but it’s ultra relaxing. Nice tinkly music in the background too.

4) A guided meditation for self healing – Crimson lane experiences. – iTunes
Really cool focused balls of white light that energises your body. Nice!

5) David Coulson
Anything by this guy is pretty cool. These are just two of his tracks. They are always potent and strong.
Emerald heart – Funky angel mediation.
Archangel Chakra meditation – Strong and powerful chakra balance.

6) Kala Ambrose – iTunes
Long funky adventure meditations leading you all around the world of your mind. Three different albums:Hawaii,Egypt and my favourite Tibet where you are guided into some ice caves!

7) The Space Between Galaxies – Aardvark music – iTunes
Funky guided space travel!!!

8) Osho Reminding Yourself of Forgotten language of talking to your mind and body. Osho. – iTunes
Ok, this guy was a major meditation healer dude back in the ’60’s ‘70’s and 80’s. Major cult following. I read a book about this amazing guy. Very famous chap. Had lots of Rolls Royce’s and full to the brim of energy. Anyway, cool meditation with focused healing on body location of your choice.

9) Chakra healing: Aime R. Shea – iTunes
Does exactly what it says on the tin: Chakra meditation. Visualise the colours of each different chakra. Also has a very nice count down mediation too. That counts you down to a state of deep relaxation. Nice.

10) Angel Paradise – Berglunt
Ok, this is the uber-funky-beyond-the-thunderdome meditation: Hemi-sync. This is the stuff that vibrates your brain and takes you to La-La land. Very healing and very funky and very powerful. Not for the faint hearted. Do not start here if you are a meditation virgin! Or maybe you should??? Hahaha….This is the business end of wildness. My sinuses healed with this! One time my 11 year old daughter crept into my room and did the meditation with me. She ‘dreamt’ a whole massive Harry Potter, Hogwarts adventure dream. Very vivid! She loved it.
Dive in and have fun! Where will you go tonight?

That’ll do. That’s more than enough to choose from, and as I said there are loads more on iTunes once you start looking.

Oh yeah, this is a two-way thing! If you have or find any great meditations…I expect you to tell me about them!! 😉


Why do I meditate?

Ok boys and girls, we are gonna go deep tonight. Meditation. Why do I meditate? I meditate most days, probably six times a week. I awake each morning at 519am, my alarm goes off at 520am, I get up, brush my teeth, drink a pint of water, get my breakfast lined up for later, take any early morning supplements and then settle down in my room for 45-60 minutes mediation. I have a little heater to warm me up. I have a blanket to keep me warm too.

But why? Why bother? Why not take the extra hour as sleep? Surely my body could use an extra hours sleep? I normally only get seven hours, surely eight would make me feel GREAT? What’s so bloody good about sitting around doing nothing?

I ask myself these questions because I find it odd. I work long, busy, stressful days in the city and it’s unusual. I don’t know anyone else that even meditates once a month. But then again I don’t really talk about this kinda thing to Muggles. Certainly my work colleagues would think it extremely freaky if I admitted to daily meditation.

I have tried to give it up. I reset my alarm to 630am and tried to force myself to lie in. But it was pointless. Each morning I still awoke at 519am and lay tossing and turning until I just had to get up. Odd eh!  So anyway, here are the reasons I meditate almost every day:

1) Firstly because I love it! Oh yes baby, I absolutely love meditating. And I miss it when I don‘t do it. It’s not a bubbly, lively, bouncy love. No, it’s a contented, relaxed, satisfied and tranquil love. Like the love of an old dear friend. I have been meditating, on and off, for 9 years now and it’s a wonderful way to start the day.

2) The variations are massive. Absolutely huge. I do not get bored with the day after day repetition because I mix it up with a wide variety of different cool and funky things. I have 50 different meditation albums in my itunes; all the different types you can do. Each album has between one and 10 different mediations to listen too. That’s about 125 separate meditations I have built up over the years. 125 different mediations to mix up and spice up my inner-world. Some hour long rides. Some 10 minutes peace and quiet. Some so simple they just focus on the breath. Some long intricate fun guided journeys through funky places. Some just music. Some just vibrations. Some just chanting Omm. Lots of different types of chakra meditations too. Even some with special music that vibrates your brain! And we must also mention the reiki. Guided reiki meditations…a joy to behold! What a way to start the way! Funky!

3) It is written, by the meditating guru’s of our world, that a daily meditation is all that is needed for a full, happy, healthy and contented life. They say that physical exercise is not necessary if you meditate daily. Wild eh! I have not found that true, yet. But it might be true if I continue! LOL, anyway it’s easy to continue when I enjoy it so much.

4) I was sick in ignorance for a long time. I didn’t know it was mercury that was kicking my arse. Towards the end of that ignorant period I had three hopeless and painful years practicing something called The Alexander Technique. I will not bore you with the details now, but there is an element of meditation to it. I spent an hour practicing each day. It lessened some of the aches and pains in my body. It didn’t cure my body, but it cured my mind. I was depressed back then. Depressed with my painful life. The Alexander Technique made the depression go away. Each day I spent an hour with just myself. I focused on not thinking about anything. Each time my mind wandered, as is normal, I brought it back to my here and now. It wasn’t overnight, and my body still hurt everywhere, but my mind became clear. I saw things clearly. I didn’t understand my health, but I understood something was deeply wrong and that I needed to pull my finger out if I was to get better. Once I started looking, I picked things up pretty quick. Today I see clearly the problems in front of me. I clearly see the paths that I can take. I have a broad view of things too. A wide-angle view of my path. Some may be long paths, but nevertheless, I see clearly. I put that clarity down to all the mediation I have done. If you read my book and wondered how I ‘got everything’…it’s because of the mediation.

5) If you take a moment to stop and think of nothing, nothing at all, it is pretty hard. Go on, try it now. Take 2 minutes out now. Just stop reading this. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Think of nothing. Just follow your breath for two minuscule minutes out of your day.

Bet you five bucks your mind swings quickly on to something happening in your life. Big or small the thoughts always creep back. Don’t worry, it is 100 percent normal, everyone is the same.

When you meditate, you stop those normal everyday thoughts from filling up your mind. Whenever you notice your thoughts wandering away, you stop and bring yourself back to the here and now. Usually just focus on your breath, or if following a guided meditation, just following that gentle path.


Well, your mind is constantly full of thoughts. We are perpetually thinking about stuff. Our minds never stop racing through all the different scenarios in our life, thinking up witty comments we could have said, thinking about what’s for dinner, what did your boss mean when he said “goodnight” in that tone of voice? Bam bam bam. Our minds are full of action. And sometimes it needs a break. Sometimes it is good to stop that constant inner chatter. Yes, you are not mental if you talk in your head. Everyone does it. Everyone without exception!

When you meditate, you wipe the slate clean. You stop the mind thinking and it creates space. It like wiping a blackboard clean. Clean and fresh, tranquil and calm. Ready to be refilled with new things, maybe?

What I have found is that when I finish a meditation, when I restart the inner chatter, things are clearer, less cluttered. It’s not an overnight thing. It’s something that is only observable in hindsight. You look back and you understand. Things make sense. Once tricky things, suddenly look simple. I guess this is one the main reasons why I meditate: the clarity that it brings.

6) Another reason I meditate is because I cannot practice yoga. I love yoga. Love the heat, love the energy, love the freedom, love the repetition, love the suppleness and the strength it brings. But being mercury toxic makes things difficult. It’s not a question of popping down the gym to ‘get fit’. Exercise is a calculated risk. Will I get injured? Will something snap, or tear, or pop out. Do I have enough energy? Will I be wiped out afterwards? And the number one reason I cannot practice yoga at the moment is because of my nose. Every morning I awake to a blocked nose. By the afternoon it’s clear, but I only have time and energy in the mornings. I have found decent yoga almost totally impossible with a blocked nose. I must be able to breath properly through my nose in order to practice correctly. It is super-frustrating and I am very prone to injury otherwise. The breathing generates the heat and energy my body needs when practicing properly. So, yeah, I’m off-games and so it’s meditation or nothing. Did you know: the yoga postures and mediation are two sides of the same coin! Fact.

7) When I am feeling poorly, meditation helps me see clearly, calms me down and allows my body to fully relax. When I am feeling good, mediation makes me feel even better. Energy surges into my body and makes me feel great. Ok, here I seem to be veering into slightly dodgy waters. Energy? That’s probably freakin’ you out! What? And so it should, it is freaky! So, I think that’s all I will say for now, but yeah some types of mediation makes me feel better, full of energy.

Anyway – just my thoughts on meditation and why I do it. I work long hard hours in my job. I have to deal with some very difficult people. It is stressful. I have worked in the city since I was 19 years old, that’s 24 years of my life so far. Seven years ago I decided to reward myself with one hour a day to myself. Total peace and quiet. Just me, myself and I. No one else is allowed. I can do anything I wish.

Anything! Cool eh! Obviously the only time that’s possible, I have two kids don’t forget, is in the mornings before work. My hour is dedicated to my health. Yoga or mediation or reiki or special breathing techniques. Up to me, whatever I feel like doing. Since I’m off-games it’s been the mediation that I have focused on these least 1.5 years. Time flies when you are having fun.


Side note: I didn’t do any research when I wrote this. It just came from the heart, just came from my own experiences. I purposely didn’t want to be distracted or influenced by anyone else. But after I’d finished I thought I should probably have a look, just in case! And a quick internet search revealed the following benefits of mediation: Enhances concentration, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, manages pain, live longer, connect better with others, less bothered by little things, better health, better knowledge of self, people enjoy your company, achieve several hours sleep in 20 minutes meditation (I didn’t know that), productivity sky-rockets, reduces stress, increases exercise tolerance, deeper relaxation, reduces muscle tension, enhances immune system, feel fantastic and apparently purifies your character, whatever that means!

I found a list of 100 benefits here: http://www.ineedmotivation.com/blog/2008/05/100-benefits-of-meditation/

Is anyone interested in my top 10 meditations?

Take care