My Top 10 Meditations

OK, due to popular demand (thanks emails and comments) we have my favourite ten meditations. This is just a small sample of my collection. There is also a massive variety available on iTunes. Once you start looking you will find hundreds of the buggers! I also have a few podcasts too, but they tend to be shorter and more amateur like. Nothing wrong with short meditations, but I prefer long meditations because I meditate so often: 45 minutes is ideal for me.

Eight out of the ten are guided meditations. That just means someone is talking you through what to think about during the meditation. A little story, a journey, or thinking about different parts of your body.

They are not really in any order because they are all so different, but the first is my favourite.

1) “Guided Mediation” – iTunes
One of the simplest meditations you can get. It just focuses on your breath and gently reminds you every couple of minutes to re-focus back on your breath again if you have wandered off thinking about something else. Six different track lengths of exactly the same concept. Focus deep breath. Simple and effective. It’s a surprise such a simple concept is my most listened to meditation. When I meditate with no guided words or music – this is how I meditate: just focus on the breath, and when the minds wanders off, as it always does, just refocus back to the breath.

2) “Walking the cobra” by Baird Hersey on  iTunes
Ok, this is not the normal kinda thing you would expect from a meditation, but it’s brilliant. Not totally sure how to describe it without putting you off, but: song, tones, vibrations, melodic. Officially it’s called an “Overtone Singing Chakra Meditation”. The only instrument on this recording is the guy’s voice and there is no talking. I never heard anything like this before. It’s funky, but absolutely lovely. 

3) iRelax – Yoga Nidra, OrangeOrb – iTunes
This is a ‘full tour of the body’ mediation. 45 minutes where you visit each part of your body, notice it and relax it. That might sound odd, but it’s ultra relaxing. Nice tinkly music in the background too.

4) A guided meditation for self healing – Crimson lane experiences. – iTunes
Really cool focused balls of white light that energises your body. Nice!

5) David Coulson
Anything by this guy is pretty cool. These are just two of his tracks. They are always potent and strong.
Emerald heart – Funky angel mediation.
Archangel Chakra meditation – Strong and powerful chakra balance.

6) Kala Ambrose – iTunes
Long funky adventure meditations leading you all around the world of your mind. Three different albums:Hawaii,Egypt and my favourite Tibet where you are guided into some ice caves!

7) The Space Between Galaxies – Aardvark music – iTunes
Funky guided space travel!!!

8) Osho Reminding Yourself of Forgotten language of talking to your mind and body. Osho. – iTunes
Ok, this guy was a major meditation healer dude back in the ’60’s ‘70’s and 80’s. Major cult following. I read a book about this amazing guy. Very famous chap. Had lots of Rolls Royce’s and full to the brim of energy. Anyway, cool meditation with focused healing on body location of your choice.

9) Chakra healing: Aime R. Shea – iTunes
Does exactly what it says on the tin: Chakra meditation. Visualise the colours of each different chakra. Also has a very nice count down mediation too. That counts you down to a state of deep relaxation. Nice.

10) Angel Paradise – Berglunt
Ok, this is the uber-funky-beyond-the-thunderdome meditation: Hemi-sync. This is the stuff that vibrates your brain and takes you to La-La land. Very healing and very funky and very powerful. Not for the faint hearted. Do not start here if you are a meditation virgin! Or maybe you should??? Hahaha….This is the business end of wildness. My sinuses healed with this! One time my 11 year old daughter crept into my room and did the meditation with me. She ‘dreamt’ a whole massive Harry Potter, Hogwarts adventure dream. Very vivid! She loved it.
Dive in and have fun! Where will you go tonight?

That’ll do. That’s more than enough to choose from, and as I said there are loads more on iTunes once you start looking.

Oh yeah, this is a two-way thing! If you have or find any great meditations…I expect you to tell me about them!! 😉


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