Juice Fasting!

juice_fastI managed four days of juice fasting in the end. The only thing that entered my temple was freshly juiced veggies, along with a little juiced fruit to take the edge off the intense veggieness! I also included juiced ginger in most of them too, along with lashings of lemon or lime juice. It’s a lovely detox. Fasting pauses the body’s digestive system and the body goes into detox-mode. Boom! My idea of fun!

Last year I was too sick to juice fast. I tried but side-effects were way too wild even for tough-old-me to endure. So this was a test to see if I could handle it now.

After all the different sets of herbs I’d done last year, I was hopeful that now I had detoxed enough and would be able to handle it. First few days are the toughest! Here we go!

Day 1 was fine. I was well prepared and just kept in having juices whenever I started feeling those hunger pangs start banging away.

Day 2 was difficult. I was perpetually hungry, even with drinking juice every couple of hours. The evening I was grumpy and miserable as life got difficult all over again. It was not fun at all and I wondered if I’d make it to the next day. But all this hassle is normal at the beginning when fasting, so I just kept my herbal tea, water and juice intake high and weathered the storm like a pro.

Day 3 I awoke fresh and alive! Monday morning at the office and everything was cool. All the nastiness from day 2 forgotten and I felt buzzy and full of energy. Ok, not full up, but more energy that usual. I jogged up the stairs at the station: always a good sign, LOL. There is a juice bar near my office, so I got two large fresh veggie juices and that carried me through the day.

Day 4 was also a doddle. Well into the groove when fasting is easy peasy. Strange eh? After all those hassles on the second day, and now it was just plain sailing. Funny how you get in the groove so quickly. I really did feel quite good.

I wanted to continue into day 5, 6 and 7, but I have things on in the office and at home this week and next, so this was just a little teaser to see how I handled fasting. I broke the fast on day 5. It is VERY important to do this correctly. Calm, controlled and slowwwww is the only way. Pizza is not an option! So day 5 and 6 I made the transition from straight juice to soups, smoothies and a very small about of fruit and veggies. Half an apple. A quarter of a celery stick. Tasted heavenly after 4 days of no food. Stomach shrinks too, so you don’t need to eat so much. Day 7 I moved back to my normal diet and considered myself done for now.

A week well spent! And importantly I was happy. Happy that I could fast. Last year I could not. This year I can. Progress has been made!

Oh, opps, almost forgot. I have also added aloe vera into the mix: during the fast and I continue to take it afterwards too. Drinking the stuff! I have started on a low dose as per instructions and am moving up slowly to a higher dose. Not much to report on that yet, expect if I push the dose up too high, from 10ml to 20ml per dose, then I get major pain between the shoulder blades; that’s a gallbladder signal. A good signal because liver and gallbladder are the focus of my attention. Time will tell what happens with the aloe vera experiment. I have ordered a great big book about it and will read that next. I like to get educated and I must admit I don’t know much about aloe vera: yet!

Fasting is a turbo-detox and just my style. It is full on fun and a sure-fire way to better health. Now that I know I can fast, I will plan out a longer more serious fast in the future. My record is 10 days. That’s pretty hardcore for me. Fasting is not so easy because I am a skinny chap. The last thing I need is to lose weight. So when my weight goes down too low, that’s kinda my signal to stop the fast. This four day fast saw me lose 2kg. I will not fast again until I have regained that lost weight. It usually takes two weeks to return. Which should be perfect. I restart the Humaworm kidney herbs on Monday for another two weeks of liver detoxing. Will do them for two weeks, then I do a longer fast then. That’s the plan anyway.

Tonight I am out celebrating: It is my wife and I’s 25 year anniversary together. We started going out 25 years ago when we were 18 years old. I am kinda proud of that. 25 years together:-) I am a lucky chap:-)

That’s all folks!
Take care everyone,

Humaworm Liver Herbs – Round 1 finished + Juice Fast

london-snowHello from snowy London.

Ok, 19 days into 2013 and I have completed the first in a series of 2-week herbal liver cleanses from Humaworm. Instructions are two weeks on, two weeks off. I am now in the two-week off zone.

The first week on the herbs was intense and jittery with side-effects kicking in pretty hard. I had to buckle down and cling on for dear life. It was pretty rough, but manageable. I still worked normal days in the office. When things got too much I did drop the dosage down to half and things calmed down to more manageable levels again.

The second week was plain sailing, I could feel the herbs doing their job, but it was much less intense and I did not have to reduce the dose at all. The hard work was done in the first week and by the second week I was in the groove: liver detoxing! Nice!

My nose has cleared a little, maybe 60pct better than it was. I have kinda semi-permanent blocked sinus’s & nose. The herbs freed them up and I can breathe more easily. That’s cool, although they are not totally free, but freer than they were. My sense of taste has improved too. Nausea has reduced right down and the grippy hand thing has retreated.

That’s all good news, but I must admit to being a little disappointed now the herbs are finish. I guess I hoped this batch would make a massive difference. But now that I have stopped, I don’t feel massively better. I feel a little better, but it is plainly obvious I have just scratched the surface here on detoxing my liver and gallbladder. They obviously remain severely congested. Muscle testing confirms that. My symptoms confirm that. Now that I have stopped the herbs my BM’s are slowly reverting to a light tan colour: a sure sign that things are clogging up again: a sure sign that the herbs really helped, but also a sure sign that their job is not complete.

So yeah, kinda disappointed. I have been working for 8-9 months to be in a position to even attempt to clean my liver, and now I am able, and was actually strong enough to endure the herbs…I really wanted them to ‘sort everything out’ in one fall swoop! Ho hum.

I did understand the herbs were unlikely to solve everything overnight, but would have been nice if they had made a proper big difference. I guess it’s a bit like buying a lottery ticket and dreaming of all the cool and wonderful things you are gonna do when you win £26 million quid – buy a new Porsche, jack the job, move to the beach – and then to be disappointed when you discover you won jack $hit. That kind of disappointment. I knew deep down it would take longer, but it would have been nice in any case.

But this is reality. This is the real world and it takes time to detox. I have been sick for a long time, and however much I wish or want instant miracle cures, I have to be, we have to be, realistic. It took a long time to get sick, and it will take time to detox enough to be better. Not very long, much much less time than it took to get sick, but 2 weeks liver herbs is a bit optimistic!

I’m just a bit grumpy tonight: I have got cool benefits from doing the herbs already and I look forward to more of the same when I do the next round.

Yes, it just takes time. That’s all. Time. Two weeks is not enough time to completely detox my liver. I got loads of signs and signals that my liver is greatly congested, but it will take longer than 14 days. And that’s what I will do. I will continue with the liver cleansing tactics. I have done my first set of two week liver herbs. I will pause for two weeks as per instructions, and then I will do some more liver herbs: I am racked up and loaded and ready to roll: I have two more Humaworm liver herbs stored in the freezer.

When I say pause, I don’t actually mean pause pause. I mean; I will pause the liver herbs and think of something else to do in the meantime, LOL.

And I had been scratching my head all week, wondering what I could do in these fallow two weeks in-between liver herbs. I don’t like doing nothing. Even two weeks seems way too long to sit around picking my arse. One of chaps in the office started a 9 day aloe vera fast. And this morning I thought, “Yeah, why not, good idea”. Never done a aloe vera fast.

So I started a juice fast today. Bought some aloe vera down the local health freak shop. And here we are: day 1 of the juice fast with added aloe vera. Nice. Everything is going fine so far. I am majoring on veggies, and minimising fruit. Fruit just takes the edge off the mega green veggie taste.

Not sure how long I will do the juice fast. Last time I did it, I only managed 3 days and it was horrendous. Horrendous in a horrid-that-does-NOT-agree way. But that was a year ago when I was having the major heart issue. I will try for minimum 2 days and see how it goes. If I can do 4 days that would be excellent. 5 days would be wild:-)

That’s the plan, and I like a good plan Batman!

That’s all folk’s!


“The best thing about mercury poisoning is…”

Ok ladies and gentlemen in the house, we have a guest blogger tonight. My friend Tara Armstrong from her MercOver blog has very kindly agreed to write a few words of wisdom for us all. I suggested the title and just let Tara do the talking: “The best thing about mercury poisoning is…”

d06sgod1yll7gsddHello folks!  Danny has so kindly asked me to share a few fun words with all you mercury crazed readers out there, and I couldn’t be happier to do so!  Mercury makes one hot mess of our lives, in so many ways, but it’s important to take a minute every so often, to slow your chelation drive, to quiet the ruckus of all those symptom zappers, and to clear  your precious little brain-fogged mind for a much needed detour…  To give yourself a few minutes to take a nice, deep breath, to connect with those with whom we share this journey, and to find plentiful gratitude for the gas in our tanks, the precious fuel that’s pushing us forward, the stuff that’s really working in helping us to heal!

Allow me to share of few of the favorites I like to use to fill my tank…  First and foremost, Alpha Lipoic Acid gets shotgun!   ALA is #1, seated right by my side, the one I want and need with me for the long haul.  This road trip wouldn’t be, without it.  Plain and simple.  ALA’s my buddy gettin’ the mercury out, makin’ me feel good, the real gas for this trip.  You’ll need it for yours as well!

In the backseat, I have to put my other best friends, my adrenal and thyroid support.  Adrenal Cortex Extract has taken me to the best cities on this drive.  It’s stabilizing my moods and my temperatures, and it’s feeling just plain amazing to have unlocked this door of my healing.  Thyroid hormone, it’s dear companion, is next in necessity and sequence, and I think it a fare assumption few will be able to chelate without it (at least without miserable side effects along the way).  I’m almost to the town of adding it in, and with icicles in my bones, bloated weight gain, and ugly hair loss joining me on my chelation ride, my detour to pick up Mr. Thyroid couldn’t have afforded one more layover.  Not even for the night.

Zeolite, or Zetox, is my extra special buddy in the back.  Zetox works similarly to chelators, though maybe not crossing the blood brain barrier, but I love using it daily to mop up both redistribution and metals as they’re chelated outta my body.  Since letting this clown into my car, I’ve been able to tolerate higher doses of ALA, my head is clearer, and I have a tank full of fuel to keep me going (Zetox is also packed with B12)!

In my trunk I’ve got my roadside emergency kit, filled with the stuff I pull out when symptoms knock me down hard and fast.  Fix-a-Flat kind of stuff.  In it, I’ve got loads of Vitamin C, Epsom Salts (for drink and baths), apple cider vinegar (usually taken as a good, strong shot — almost instantly cures many of my headaches!), gallons and gallons of water (a tool highly underrated and underused — when at a loss — drink more of it!), and a ticket to the sauna (helps lessen my explosive chemical reactions, and helps with redistribution and further chelating too).  For my chemical sensitivity, I also throw in Niacinamide and Oregenol (oregano oil), which help big time pre and post exposure.

So there ya have it folks.  My best buddies, the clowns in my car, the gas in my tank, and my convenience store snacks of choice for one fine road trip to Healing.  Could I make the trip without them?  All but ALA, maybe.  Would it be as pleasant a ride?  Definitely not!

Happy detours and sincere healing to those of you I share this road with.  May Road Trip 2013 be the best one yet!

Tara Armstrong
MercOver @ http://mercover.wordpress.com/

Lovely Tara, thanks very much. Good work.
Cool eh! If anyone else feels the urge to unleash some words, or share their wisdom, then drop me a line.

That’s all folks! Take care. 

Book review: ‘Evidence of Harm’ by David Kirby

9780312326456This is an autism book. All about mercury in vaccinations that’s been screwing up our kids big stylee these last 20-30 years. Written in 2004, so it is a little dated now. This was one of the first books to get everything down in writing and explain to the common parent why their kid regressed into the pit of autism. It also tells them that there is a cure, and that some kids do get better with some treatments. There is hope! Which is awesome to strive after, awesome to spread the word.

It’s a big, long, complicated, small-writing type book. Takes dedication to read. It’s a great book, but not for the faint-hearted! More a marathon than a sprint. But that’s ok, the more I learn about mercury the better. And yes, Autism seems to be caused by mercury in vaccinations. The author goes into some serious detail in trying to balance both sides of the argument, but fails most of the time and comes down on the side of: “Its mercury you dump-arse! You cannot expect to inject small babies with known mega-toxins and not have bad things happen!”

I really enjoyed the book. Made me appreciate I am not alone in my battle and struggle to have the ‘western allopathic world’ understand me and my mercury poisoning. If you are feeling down, feeling low, feeling unloved, feeling like the whole world is against you, if you need some company, then read this book and see the appalling treatment these parents received when they tried to uncover the truth and protect future kids from being poisoned.

It is wildly and blatantly obvious the FDA and all the authorities could not afford to have mercury as having damaged so many kids, for so long. They are the authority and questioning authority is just not acceptable when they are in control!

Reading books like this make me understand why we, as amalgam poisoned people, get even less sympathy from the people that are supposed to protect us. If the authorities are content to poison new born babies with thimerosal, and then ignore and blind-side everyone and everything that points at the problem…if they can do that to little babies … then we as adults are buggered. Best just get on with healing in every-which-way that we can.

For those of you not up on your autism, looks like mercury is the culprit. Why else would autistic kids that chelate mercury out suddenly get better??

Complicated subject, but a cool book. I have read two big long books on autism and consider myself educated now. Next I will read some fiction. These health books are heavy duty!

Take care everyone

Kick Arse! Resolutions, Essiac Herbs, Healing Crisis, Humaworm Liver Herbs.

I always start the year with New Year resolutions. They help me stay focused and remind me what the plan is. This year my 2013 resolution is to restart chelation after the heart problem stopped everything in its tracks at the beginning of last year. 2012 was a bit of a ‘mare: right back to the bad old days. Hopefully 2013 will be better. In fact I am sure it will be better as the worst is already over and I’m well and truly on the mend. Chelation is scheduled to restart in Feb-March time, once I have cleaned my liver, gallbladder and kidneys with herbs. I am working on them as we speak.

Essiac tea:
I have finished the Essiac tea herbs for now. I took these to help detox my liver. I managed 28 days in total, although I did have a four day break around day 20 because…because I had a healing crisis! Woo hoo! Always a good thing to have a healing crisis. Always a BIG detox and always the signal of change: and change is good!

Just before Christmas I came down with a serious dose of what I initially though of as The Man Flu. It was really hardcore, sofa-bound stuff. All the usual fluey symptoms but I also had major painful left shoulder too. Left shoulder pain is always a signal of liver issues. In this case a signal of the Essiac herb detoxing my liver so much I had a healing crisis.

How do I know it was a healing crisis and not just the flu? Well because it was just like other healing crisis’s I have had. It was short and sharp. I had a very bad three days, and then almost overnight it completely disappeared. Two days after the fever broke, all symptoms had vanished completely. That was entirely different to my wife’s dose of the flu that lasted almost a month. Hard and fast flu’s, that last three days, and then completely disappear is a sure sign that it’s a healing crisis.

Another healing crisis signal is that one of my symptoms went into overdrive and then totally disappeared. I had been getting up in the night to pee at least once per night all year. During the healing crisis I was sleeping like a complete village idiot and was up, shivering and pissing five or six times a night. After I recovered, my sleep was undisturbed by wanting to pee. Happy days! Thank you Essiac herbs. High five!

Essiac herbs are supposed to be taken for anything up to six months. However I was still on a low dose, 3 x 10ml per day, and they were making me itchy and depressed. Only a little, but they where dragging me down, making life miserable.

I did 28 days, I had a healing crisis, I got rid of some symptoms, I detoxed myself some…and enough is enough. 28 days was sufficient this time round and time to do something different. I didn’t muscle test this, I just instinctively knew these herbs had done their bit and it was time to move on. I don’t like being depressed anyway. Not good to be miserable over Christmas. I will however return to the Essiac herbs. If they give me hassles, it means they need repeating. They should be easier after I have detoxed myself in other ways anyways.

Humaworm Liver herbs:
The initial plan is I am going to try and tough these herbs out at as high a dose as possible. I have a weeks holiday now and I’m going to try and push it. These herbs are two weeks on/two weeks off and then repeat. These are the herbs I have been working towards for the past 8 months. I did try them earlier last year, but reactions and side-effects where horrible. I obviously needed to do other easier things before I tackled the liver.

kickass movie posters 4113x6000 wallpaper_www.wallpapermay.com_19So now, after I have bowel cleansed, parasite cleansed, candida cleansed, castor oil packed, detox bathed, and used the Essiac herbs, it is time to address the liver again. Hopefully I am ready now? These herbs are strong, no messing about, the real deal, MOFO herbs. They kick arse! They kick my arse! I usually have to adjust the dose down low in order to manage side-effects. (If these herbs are still to powerful for me, I will stop them and do kidney herbs instead. That’s plan B.)

Day 1 – half dose was fine to ease my way in.

Day 2 – full dose was intense but just about manageable. Tingly, jittery, hand grippy, nauseous, withdrawn and mentally slightly numb. Stick to the plan: tough it out! Muscle testing continues to show troubled liver/gallbladder and kidneys.

Day 3 – as per day 2, but i did have a four hour period of feeling great! Right back to my good old self again. Always nice to revisit those dayz again. A nice signal that i’m on the right track.

Day 4 is today – The situation remains intense with all the fun as per day 2 with the addition of some pretty hardcore heartburn. A decent 6.5 out of 10 on the richter scale of pain and hassle. All signs that the herbs are detoxing me. However on more a positive note: my nose and sinus’s have cleared!!! That’s GREAT news! I can smell again! They have been blocked for 18 months or so. That’s rock n roll cool! None of the other sets of herbs made any difference to them, but within a couple of days on these liver herbs..my sinus’s clear. Winning! That’s how I roll!

Also my BM’s have gone nice ‘n’ dark. Another clear signal that my liver and gallbladder are releasing enough bile to digest my food. This is a combination of the Essiac tea and these Humaworm liver herbs. It has been getting a little better, but these HW herbs seem to make made things a lot better. Hopefully it will last! My right forearm also no long hurts. According to Hulda Clark a hurting right forearm is a … yes, you guessed it: a liver signal!

It’s early days, only four days in, but positive so far. Hopefully the side-effects will be manageable for the full two weeks. Time will tell.

Happy New Year and I hope 2013 will be a healthy year for us all.

That’s all folks!