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Life: How is it today? I am 45 years old now and life continues on as per normal. I still work in the city. I still have my wife and my family. I still do and enjoy all the things life brings, as I have for the last six or seven years. I am a million miles away from the heavy-metal-health-crash back in 2007, but I still have a few health issues, good months and less-good months. But work-life and home-life remain fine and easily do-able. To the outside world I look and act normal; my colleagues still have no idea of the fun and games I get up to in my spare time. He he!

Apologies for not blogging a little more frequently recently. Thanks for the emails checking in on me. My excuses are: I am super-busy at work, busy at home, busy in the garden, busy getting on with life, my laptop broke, and I have started writing my second novel which sucks up masses of time. Very exciting too!! Sci-Fi this time. No more health experiences. Enough is enough. But thinking about it honestly, the real reason I have not written more is because my last Master Cleanse was crappy and was definitely two steps back. Which is frustrating and annoying. I don’t really want to off-load my woes on to others. I much prefer my posts to be positive, encouraging and helpful.

My third Master Cleanse (MC) starts today. I plan on about twenty days this time, or down to 60kg, whichever occurs first. Twenty days is a nice gentle experience, nowhere near the extremeness of 40 days. Today I weigh in at 70kg – that’s my heaviest for a couple of years.

Why am I doing this? Well, before I start let me explain what happened on the other two Master Cleanses done late last year and early 2014.

The first MC was 25 days and was awesome. Fantastic progress was made and I felt EXCELLENT afterwards. I regained my energy, yoga restarted with a vengeance and life was pretty damn good. Best I’d felt in three or four years. So I know this healing method works wonders.

Next I did a whopping 40 day Master Cleanse fast. That’s a long time and sorry to say things did not go according to plan. The last ten days was pretty unpleasant, major detox was happening, and that took a long time to disappear after the fast was finished: two months. I never regained my energy, the yoga work-outs evaporated and the hot feet nastiness returned. I have been battling them for the last four months. The introduction of B-vitamins has really helped, but things are still not perfect. Other good things happened, but the overall experience was two-steps-back.

Some odd things have started happening too. I drink more booze, which is traditionally a good sign for me: means I’m feeling grrreat! I seem to have zero problems with my gut. All food intolerances and allergies have totally disappeared. I can eat anything I choose. My body seems to have gone back in time, back 20 years, because I am actually eating some junk food, very occasionally. This is unusual. Why would I do that? I am also smoking the odd fag when I go out drinking. I gave up smoking 17 years ago! What a total cock! Why would I bother smoking now? I, of all people, know exactly how bad this stuff is. And yet, I have the odd crafty cigarette now and again. Why? It seems to me that the fast has re-set my body back-in-time, back to the good old dayz. Put a beer in my hand and I fancy a sneaky ciggy. Very odd. Very odd indeed.

So, time for another Master Cleanse. First was good, second was less-good, let’s hope the third will be good! Why was the second hard? Why was the second two steps back? No idea. BUT I am going to give it a 3rd attempt because the 1st attempt gave such fabulous results. Third time lucky? We will see.

I have to admit I have had the worst possible run up to the Master Cleanse imaginable. I hang my head in shame. You are supposed to have a super healthy pre-fast diet. No meat. No junk. No booze. One week, ten days, don’t let yourself down! I have failed miserably on all counts. I was away on business last week. Full-on entertaining and networking experience. For 4 long hard days, and 4 long hard nights, I ate, what I consider, sub-optimal grub: too much meat and fried crap for my liking. I still had fruit, salads and healthy stuff too, but I did cheat as well. I got drunk four times in four days, twice I was what is technically called $hit-faced. First night I dropped-the-hammer and got turbo-ed. The last night I made a tactical error and switched from beers to vodka tonics. Great fun and great for business, but far from ideal ahead of serious fasting. Let me assure you this behaviour is extremely uncharacteristic of me. Pissed-up four in four days is wild man! Not done that for 10 years. But it shows I am pretty healthy in a lot of ways. I must be:  I had zero heartburn! Amazing! Hangover yes, but nothing else. These Master Cleanses have been pretty awesome.

Alas, I have to pick and choose my fasting time-periods. Life is full. Now is in-between business trips. Last week was Greece, in five weeks I am away in India. So my fast must fit in-between all the busy things in my busy life.

This year I have also done a couple of liver flushes and got some more stones out. Also did two Humaworm Liver herbal cleanses. The last month I have had a break from cleanses and whatnot, just focused on trying to introduce some Vit B’s. I seem to have a serious lacking issue with the B’s. I found a new muscle tester and she has been great in identifying problems and finding supplements I can handle. I have had to build up the B’s dose very slowly. At first I introduced too much, too fast and got some funky side effects. So I restarted from a very low dose and am gradually working my way upwards. But, they have certainly helped. I have had some awesome success from the Muscle Testing dudes and dudets these last 8 years. Yes, I have been at this eight years now. My, how time flies!

Eight years and still ill. Well, not really ill. Mostly better, but there always seems to be something wrong. Why? That’s easy to answer. For confirmation I did my 8th hair test last month. It clearly shows that I still have deranged mineral transport, which in turn shows I am still mercury toxic. Ho hum! That gets me down, but it shows me the path I need to take. So I have decided to restart chelation. After the Master Cleanse I will get back on my horse and get some rounds under my belt:-)

That’s all folks!

Danny Forsyth

Ps. In other news, I have now sold exactly 508 copies of my ‘Mercury Diaries’ book. Woo hoo! Over-the-moon with that. 508 people have read my story in the 18 months it’s been published! Wow, funky eh. I am selling almost one a day! Not bad for a niche book in a niche market. Thank you all for the awesome book reviews on Amazon. They really have made a big difference. Feel free to give me more reviews; it is my only source of advertising apart from word of mouth. I also get loads of super-cool emails from people that have read it. I love getting those mails. It is really cool to connect with my readers. I do reply to every email I get – eventually!

7 thoughts on “Life update

  1. hi danny,wanted to thank you for your book and how it helped me.currently completed 36 cutler rounds of 50mg ala and dmsa once a month.i live in glasgow and wonder whether you know of anywhere in UK that I can get a hair test done?

    best wishes

    kevin woods

    • Hi Kevin. Glad you liked the book and that it helped. Congrats on getting 36 rounds under your belt. You must be a seasoned pro now!

      You can get various hair tests all over the world, but us mercury toxic tend to all take the same hair test, from the same lab. All the different companies and labs use slightly different techniques to run their own tests. You cannot compare a hair test like-for-like between two different companies.

      Cutler did a load of comparisons between tests from the same lab, wrote a book about it all, and figured out a load of probabilities based on one specific hair test. So, if you want to do a hair test, and use that hair test to learn and compare it against other peoples tests in the cutler style, which I highly recommend….you gotta do the same test, from exactly the same company. Simple.

      You can of course do a hair test from a different lab and company, and you will learn some things for sure, but you will NOT be able to use Cutlers counting rules, and his hair test book will be impossible to understand because his book refers specifically to the same lab that everyone uses.

      Full instructions here:

      This is the lab you use:

      This the hair test you want : “HAIR ELEMENTS TEST” (Do NOT get their “hair toxic exposure” test )

      It’s in the States, but they just send you the stuff over here and email you the results. I usually have to call them because their website is a bit crap for Europeans. But it’s simple and cheap. Make sure you get the Cutler hair test book. It is actually fairly easy to understand with your hair test in your hand, better that Amalgam Illness.

      Cheers mate, take care, good luck and thanks from popping by to say hello.

  2. Loved your book, am going to post a 5-star review shortly.

    I wonder if your ongoing issues stem from your tattoos? The dyes can include mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. If mercury, then a chelation round will pull mercury from the dye, which might prevent you from chelating at higher doses. If other heavy metals, they are synergistically toxic with mercury, same issue.

    There are tattoo removal protocols that look like they would remove the dyed skin, which would be best for sure. Laser removal would result in all of the heavy metals moving into your system at once, so would have to be done in small steps so you can detox between clearance. But once removed, at least you would be able to heal without ongoing contamination.

    All the best! Look forward to your next book.

    • Thx Tim. My Tattoo’s used to itch, a little, when i first started chelation but nothing now. They could easily have cadmium and other crud in them. Who knows!

      Next book! Ha! Thx man. That will be a couple of years at the earliest. And nothing to do with me or mercury either. Next is sci-fi. I hope to god i don;t have to write more about me and mercury.

      Thx man for any review! That would be super-cool.

  3. A couple more thoughts re tattoos. You could get a blood test for mercury levels, chelate with just DMSA/DMPS for a few months, then get a retest. If there is no or minimal leaching from the tattoos, then blood levels should drop.

    If they are leaching mercury, and you don’t get them removed safely, then you might want to just chelate regularly with DMSA/DMPS, because chelating with ALA could mercury from the tattoos into your brain. But chelating with DMSA/DMPS should help keep blood levels down and normalize mineral transport.

  4. Hi Danny,

    I have been wondering how you are doing on your third master cleanse. Are things easier this time around?

    I am on day 2 of my second juice fast. I’m aiming for 30 but I’ll see how it goes. Eventually I would like to try a master cleanse but I want to get one more juice fast under my belt.

    I’d love to hear how you are doing – I really hope things are going well.

    Someone posted somewhere that you have done some of the Andreas Moritz liver flushes. I have done three and didn’t get any stones until the third. Interesting stuff. On the Cutler sites people recommend against them. Someone posted that Cutler said they tax an already stressed out liver. To me it makes sense that once you flush your liver it could work better. What has your experience been?

    Well I look forward to hearing back from you when you have some free time.

    Also wanted to tell you that I loved your book!

    Best to you!


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