Back On My Horse: Chelation Re-Starts Here.

palerider1I have restarted my mercury detox program. I just completed my 76th round under the Cutler Protocol. I now have 223 chelation days under my belt. That was my first round for 18 months. Prior to that was another 18 months break. So, essentially I have been off chelation for three years. Time flies eh!

Slipped straight back into the old routine on day 1: started Thursday evening and then had Friday in the office. Kept the same old dose timings: 9 doses, every 2.5 hours and 3 hours at night. Kept the same dose level too: 5mg’s ALA. Yes, remember I am a low-doser. Felt a little tired at 5pm, but honestly I feel a bit tired at 5pm from time to time even without chelation.

Day 2 was also fine. Went to bed nice ‘n’ early too: 930pm. Need my beauty sleep when I chelate. Not keen on drinking water with my night-time doses: makes me piss like a cow every couple of hours. Doesn’t matter if I just take a little sip, it’s still a straight through experience. Annoying; but if that’s all I have to complain about – I’ll take it.

Day 3. Spent all morning, six hours, on my laptop fiddling about, listening to music, sorting out my iTunes files, surfing and keeping myself busy and very much out of trouble. That’s just a touch of OCD. Nothing serious, just focused. LOL. I have to say I did get cabin fever, did feel a little zombie-like and needed a walk in the fresh air, along with quick afternoon nap. But felt fine after the nap.

I am almost exclusively a vegetarian at home these days, but I have suddenly started craving meat whilst on-round. Friday I had a massive rack of lamb, with a huge wedge of roasted fat in thetop: tasted divine. Saturday night I bought a load of sausages from Battlers Green posh butchers and had four Cumberland whoppers. Lovely, but unusual for me. Been a long time since I have craved any meat whatsoever. The fasting took all that away. Odd.

Saturday and Sunday i started the chelation days with hour long meditations: Lovely:-) A great way to start the day.

Sunday afternoon and evening I felt great. That afternoon nap, only 45 minutes, was excellent. Chelation makes me tired and afternoon naps work great: I must remember that for future rounds. Finished my last pill off with a Gin & Tonic! What a dick! What was I thinking! As I said, I felt great after the nap, so great I had a G&T. Don’t try this at home, please. Village!

Redistribution days were manageable. 4th day was worst, but again manageable. Overall I survived mostly intact although I do feel it a little and chelation ‘moments’ occur from time to time. I will do another round two weeks later, which happens to be today! Started my 77th round 24 minutes ago.

So, back on my horse again.
Why am I restarting chelation?
Why now?

Ok, first of all, why did I stop chelation? Do you remember?
I do.

I stopped chelation because I got sick again. I had that horrid racing heart thing. Really fucked me up that. Atrial fibulation. Had to get my head around another whole new epic topic and figure that all out. Took bloody ages to recover from: 18 long months. When I felt fine, I tried a chelation round and that make me sick again – that took six months to recover from. Yup, it was nasty, and annoying, and frustrating, and loads-of-swear-words-all-strung-together-fucked-up. That was 18 months ago. Now I have recovered again, again…and so now I have restarted chelation, again, again.

I admit I was scared re-starting chelation, again, again. Six months recovery makes you wary, makes you think hard about it. But, something was busted and took ages to figure out and sort.

I been busy in my health-freaky-ways preparing for chelation to resume: fasting under the Master Cleanse and more herbs. Last couple of months I found a new muscle-tester woman, and she has been helping me fine tuning my supplements – very successfully too. Had a real problem with my Vit B’s. Really struggled, but finally found some that suited me, and that ‘took’ after I introduced them nice and slow. Made a big difference those B’s.

So, yeah, anyways, these last three years I was busy taking care of myself. That, along with my mental city job. It’s kicked off into La-La-Land recently: it’s bloody insane. I am now working 11 hours a day, in mega-city-bull$hit-lifestyle-delux-plus-plus. And I have a couple of hours commute each day on top of that. I can just about squeeze in six and a half hours sleep a night. God knows how long I can keep this up. All I seem to do is work. It never stops. Like one of those computer games, SIMS, or Civilisation, or Roller-coaster Tycoon. Don’t matter what’s happening, there is always, and I mean ALWAYS, something to do. I am perma-busy. I have started working on my exit strategy. I’ll let you know if&when that ever pans out!

But really, life has been pretty good recently. As I said I am still working, hard and successfully, and healthwise it’s pretty funky cool. The Master Cleanse fasting has been epic. Some two steps forward, two steps back, but on the whole the fasting really agrees with me and has sorted out a LOAD of $hit. Now I am feeling fine…time to screw things up again with  some chelation! LOL. Yes, yes I know: I shouldn’t be critical of chelation, me of all people – but chelation is hard. It fucks things up. It mends things, it is essential, it is unavoidable if I want to get better…but it’s like poking a stick in a hornets nest. It is fraught with risks. I could frankly do without dragging mercury around my person. But life’s a bitch and there ain’t much I can do about the fact that I’m mercury toxic. I just have to get on with it.

And that’s what I do: get on with it.

IMG_0001I did a hair test in April. My eighth. Newest is the far left.See everything shifted to the left. It still clearly shows Deranged Mineral Transport. Which in turn clearly means I still have mercury poisoning. Which clearly means I will essentially always have something wrong with me. Always, unless I get the mercury out. All the herbs, all the fasting, all the supplements and whatnot all help massively in making life normal, and my life is almost totally normal these days, but until that mercury is gone…I will always always ALWAYS have something wrong, and I will ALWAYS have to make effort. I can manage things fine, but now I am better enough to chelate, I have to get back on my horse and restart the challenge.

So that’s why I re-started chelation. Because all the funky shit I do to keep my body working is awesome and epic and works and I am a legend…but it doesn’t chelate mercury. Chelation chelates mercury, if you know what I mean.

I guess you could have a deep meaningful discussion about the pro’s and con’s of living life by:

‘Managing the situation with herbs, supplements, fasting etc’
‘Chelation chelation chelation.’

Both are valid options. For sure. I have done both. Both work fine. I am more than capable of managing my health with my mercury still in me, ‘been there, done that’, but right now is the time, my time, to get back into chelation again. The only reason I stopped before was because I had another mega-problem smashing me in the head. That needed sorting. That’s now sorted. Now back to chelation.

When I got sick again three years ago, it was because I screwed up. Not because chelation messed me up. I screwed something up in my diet. I ate too much muesli. Odd eh! The oats did bad things to me. Extremely bad things indeed. It was a little mistake with massive consequences. Gave me gigantic nutritional deficiencies as the ill-prepared oats savaged my mercury impaired body. Me. Moi. My, myself and I. I made the mistake. A mistake that took three years of chelation away. A mistake that my mercury poisoning amplified and made significantly worse. Shit happens and then you chelate again.

So here I am. Round 76 completed, just started my 77th. Still only on 5mg’s ALA. I started Chelation in 2007, seven years ago. It’s a long road this bitch. But, it fits into life somehow and I know it’s essential. Essential in the long term. Managing the problems is an option, but chelation offers the hope of a permanent solution. Permanent solution sounds good to me, so chelation road here we go.

Always takes three rounds to get back into the chelation groove. First few rounds are always a bit pikey, and this time is no different. Upsets the apple cart, changes the equilibrium. I currently feel like I am leaving a trail of nuts and bolts behind me as I travel through life. I’m sure the next couple of rounds will spike me a little too, but I know that once I’m thought the initial rough patch, that my body will slip into the chelation groove and the rounds will be easier. That’s how chelation rolls. Fingers crossed anyway.

On an exciting and positive note, after that 76th round colours are a little clearer. I have some depth-perception back. Pictures have been shining and sparkling at me, just a little. Took me unawares this morning. I have a calendar with Paul Evans paintings and it’s been waving at me all day catching my attention. When stuff like this happens – I know I’m on the right road.

Fingers cross my re-starting chelation works out fine and that I slip into the old regular routine quickly without too much bother. Take care all.

That’s all folks!
(aka Sunshine)

11 thoughts on “Back On My Horse: Chelation Re-Starts Here.

    • Hi Rebecca

      Funnily enough, that’s actually not true. Oats do need to be correctly prepared in order be able to be assimilated properly, and to stop the damage the can do. That applies to sick and non-sick people. The un-prepared oats actually inhibit certain vitamins and minerals from being absorbed. It’s a Weston A Price thing.

      If you ever get a chance, read his book: Nutrition and Physical Generation. Epic book.


  1. Nice post! 🙂 good luck. I’m about to start soon am a bit scared though but f£$k it! Its better than not doing anything and Its all we can do.

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