Wowza! Colours Go Crazy!

And we have lift off! I lied. I don’t have a little colour returning, I have a bucket load of colours back with a vengeance. Amazing! We live in a super funky world. So many cool things happen to me! I love this $hit!

Yesterday, six days after my 76th chelation round ended, I started getting some colours back. I am terribly colour blind. I mean, proper colour blind. I am red/green, green/brown, and yellow/blue colour blind. When I chelate colours often reappear like magic, and I can see them again. Usually just one or two colours at a time. I guess it unblocks some pathways, somewhere, somehow. God know what happens. When they come back, they wow me, they pummel me, they sparkle me, they shake me, and wake me and jazz up my life like a great big kaleidoscope of fun! It’s all rather exciting and makes me feel like a kid again. Nothing wrong with that!

I noticed it first in the morning as I was clanking about at 530am preparing my morning veggie juice. I have a beautiful calendar by the artist Paul Evens on my wall. I did a double-take as I walked past. All the red poppies stood out like crazy and the whole picture shone out bright, like a ray of sun had broken through a cloudy sky and illuminated the picture and made it shine, sparkle and fizz with life.


Normally when I see this picture, it’s a matt, flat image. Today when I look at it, I can see real depth in there. The red’s shine and are almost lifted off the page, just like watching a film in 3D. I guess your world is permanently in 3D. Mine is only 3D when I chelate and the chelation does something funky inside my head; it puts me back towards normal.

Whilst doing research for my next book I bought an arty-farty book full of these huge, epic pictures of spaceships, and worlds, and moons, and planets, and explosions and whatnot. These types of books are used as inspiration for writers to help fire our imaginations: well, that’s why I bought it anyway. I read it once about a month ago with my six year son as a bedtime story. It was a treat for a six year old, and his dad: a whole world of cool and funky made-up space-stuff. I guess you have to be a man to ‘get’ all this space paraphernalia, but you ladies know what it’s like when a man goes all gooey. Just like that, with space ships, or cars, or guns, or books, or clothes, or pictures, and occasionally with women!


IMG_0006Anyways, I got that book out again and looked at all the funky pictures with my wife. As I turned each page I pointed to all the colours that had changed, to all the new colours that shone out and dazzled me. Almost every picture looked different. Everything was sharper, clearer and more distinct. We are talking significant change. Where once was a mish-mash of swirly, muddy, clumpy dollops of paint; now I could see distinct colours, patterns and shapes made by the different colours and shades: something most people take for granted.


IMG_0003Orange was the brightest, but yellows were clearer along with red’s too. A little blue was back and I got some bright acid greens, but brown was a muddy nothing to me still. Wonderful! I can put up with ‘manageable side-effects’ from chelation if I get rewards like this.

At the train station coming home from work in the evening I saw this nice middle aged suited business lady sitting reading a paper. She had red hair. My instinctive and immediate reaction was pity. The poor lady looked like a freak because someone had poured red paint over her hair and she looked like a complete weirdo. So bright! Who’d done that to her?

Then I realised I was the freak!
Funny eh!

That’s all folks!
Danny, (aka Sunshine)

2 thoughts on “Wowza! Colours Go Crazy!

  1. I am SO glad you have started chelating again. First thing the world of colours and next you will be eating oats! I soaked some and ate them yesterday and they still didn’t agree with me. I keep thinking I must be done but I did this last round at 150mg of ALA and I start getting candida and crying for nothing.

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