Low Dose Chelation: Hope for us Low-Dosers

BH-main-web-image1I get the coolest emails. There’s always something funky in my inbox. Someone just read my book all excited and raring to go, someone needing help finding the balls to start chelation, someone in need of some encouragement, someone with a breakthrough, someone in need of a hand to know where to even start. I get all kinds and it’s awesome. I also get emails that help and inspire me.

I‘ve just re-started chelation myself after a long lay-off and there I was wondering if anyone ever raises their dose when they seem stuck on uber-low levels like me. 79 rounds and still in 4 or 5 mgs ALA. Anything higher hits me like a ton of bricks and wipes me out. I often wonder how long chelation is gonna take me? Will I ever be able to raise my dose?

Et voila, email arrives from someone who finally raised their dose after a hundred rounds. ONE HUNDRED ROUNDS! It’s hardcore this $hit. How many years did that take? Only the Brave!

From my friend Jan, author of ‘Fight Autism and Win’.

I was looking through my chelation journal last night while I thought about your situation versus what I was doing. I did have to use DMSA until I reached 100 rounds of chelation. That was when I noted that I did my first round of ALA only – and didn’t kill myself doing so!

I began with DMSA only until 16 rounds of chelation. Then I started ALA at 5mg…and it gave me wicked terrible headaches. I could only tolerate ALA with DMSA the first 2-3 doses of the round and then I’d do the rest of the round with DMSA.  It took me several rounds that way before I could use  ALA and DMSA but would stop the ALA the last 3 doses of the round so DMSA could mop up the mess and prevent a terribly nasty redistribution. I slowly, very slowly worked my way up on ALA and began to tolerate it for the entire round.  My doses were low. I started at 5mg and worked up to like 16mg and I was there for a long time.

Chelation has always been pretty brutal for me. It really wipes out my adrenals, I think because of the loss of sleep. If I chelated weekly or tried to do longer rounds (longer than 66 hours) I would crash my adrenals. And have to spend months building them back up. So I learned early on I could not chelate as frequently like my kids did.
I also would make this drink using a few ounces of juice. I would add about 500mg of magnesium citrate or glycinate powder and 1,000mg of vitamin C powder and drink it down anytime I felt bad on rounds. It seemed to help with headaches or post round symptoms.

At one point I started thinking I must still have mercury in my teeth somewhere  because I just couldn’t hack the ALA on its own. I tried ALA only for the first time at round 97 and the first three doses of the round were miserable. It messed up my blood sugar, I was lightheaded and nauseous and I ended up adding in DMSA to finish the round. My reason for doing this over stopping the round was because my redistribution for rounds that have to be stopped early is horrible. (I wouldn’t suggest this for parents chelating children though!!! Definitely off-protocol and our kids can’t always tell us how they feel.)

I had begun juicing around this time and I learned, don’t start a juice fast while on a round. That was bad. I did juice off rounds and I have juiced for over a year now and felt better doing so.

Round 98 I attempted the ALA only again at 25mg because that was the amount I had been taking with the DMSA.(That’s important! Same ALA dose when switching from DMSA. Remeber that.) My journal reports that day 3 was hard, nausea, fatigue, and couldn’t fall asleep after night doses.

At this point in time my family and I went on a parasite cleanse. We did 34 days of Humaworm. I also added in oil of oregano because I suspected gut bacteria. I would get sick if I took iron but I was terribly anaemic and needed it. I had read that iron could feed certain gut bacteria and cause you to feel sick taking iron. So I took a chance killing some gut stuff in hopes this would finally let me tolerate the iron. This did work. I’ve no idea if any of this cleansing and juicing made chelation any easier. Some would say it’s not related but it did help me feel healthier and work on correcting anemia.

This in turn allowed me to finally take enough thyroid medication to feel human. It took some time to sort this out which delayed rounds for me. I finally get to start round 99 and I begin with 25mg of ALA. I had a nasty headache so I took 1,000mg of vitamin C and some magnesium and it went away.

After a few months break to work on other things, I start round 100 and I take my 25mg of ALA. The first dose hits me like a ton of bricks 30 minutes after I swallow it. I had regretted staring that round at that point but I figured my reaction was due to the lengthy break. I took extra vitamin C and magnesium and got through it.
Round 102 my journal lists that I had no symptoms from 25mg of ALA – but I report fatigue post round. (that’s pretty normal for me because I have to get up and dose my son too)

Round 103: Light-headed, blood sugar symptoms but only first few doses. A bit of fatigue post round but nothing as bad as the past.

Round 104: I got lazy and didn’t want to divide my 50mg in half, so I just took 50mg on the round. (Again, not recommend!!! Usually increase dose by 50%) Very strangely I did fine.  But I did make a point of taking vitamin C and magnesium several times a day. I did feel more alert and on my game the first few days, but I got moody on day 3 of this 88 hour rounds. My son was very tired and begged me not to do long rounds again. I concur because I was wiped out. It took me nearly two weeks to recover from that round. I had hypoglycaemic symptoms, and swelling in hands/feet. I decide that longer rounds are still not something we can do.

Round 105: I wrote in my journal that I was tired and needed a lot of Vitamin C. My daughter also reported feeling better with more vitamin C on rounds.

Now my last few rounds at 50mg of ALA have gone alright. I do seem to have weird dreams on ALA and I don’t sleep that well on rounds. It’s hard to get back to sleep after doses.

What seems to help me most is taking a lot of antioxidants on rounds. (mainly vitamin C and magnesium)  I should have known this because post amalgam removal I was living on 1,000mg of vitamin C every 4 hours just to stave off the mercury symptoms.

So at this point, I am managing a round every few months, and making sure I’m am taking plenty of antioxidant supplements on rounds.

Now chelating my children I only raised doses in 5mg increments. This is what I did with my own chelation, until that last leap of faith anyway from 25 to 50mg. I began at 5mg in 2006.  I’d work it up by only raising it when I was not having any symptoms on the rounds and my post round symptoms were minimal. I’d raise the DMSA first, because this seemed to really cover the ALA symptoms for me. If I did well on that round, the next one I’d raise the ALA 5mg to match it. Then I’d hold those doses for months until I could chelate without much in side effects before I raised.

I’m on round 108 today and the only thing I feel is clearer. No negative symptoms yet anyway.  I am sure I will be tired post round but I’m not sleeping much either.

I did find I was glad to not have to use DMSA anymore because for me it was always flaring up yeast or making it easier for me to get a cold. I still use it for my son at 5mg with his 25mg of ALA and he has done well with it and doesn’t seem to have the same problems I did.

Gosh, I don’t know if this is helping, oh and more I’ve thought of, do you take adrenal support? I could not chelate without this.

The other thing I do is set up my rounds so I can go four hours at night at least once.  This way you get a bit more sleep.

The body stiffness in the morning for me seems to be helped with minerals. (Calcium and magnesium).

I’ve had issues with heartburn in earlier in chelation which have since gone away but when I did have them, I’d put a bit of baking soda in a few ounces of water and drink that.  And it would take care of it. I’ve also found that certain brands of ALA give me this and not others.

I also got my color vision back. I On the way home from my amalgam removal it was like all the sudden my eyes were clear and for the first time in years I could see the brilliant blue of the sky. My husband though I was nuts I’m sure when I told him this. I was just so amazed and happy. Mercury does affect the eyes significantly and to this day I have never lost those gains in my vision. Over the next few months my vision became clearer as well. So that’s promising for you!

Now since you do better on rounds than off, any chance at doing longer rounds? I know not likely since we have to work for a living.

So my suggestions are lots of antioxidants with that ALA. I’d try bumping my vitamin C up and taking it several times a day to see if that helps you tolerate 5mg.

I hope I’m being helpful. I was there myself as I was one of those few people on FDC that couldn’t raise my ALA and could barely tolerate the tiny doses.  I considered cavitation, hidden amalgam, all kinds of stuff. Someone told me maybe I had Lyme. So I got tested and I was negative.

I think for me I was just really poisoned. I had about 15 amalgams taken out. I got my first when I was 10 and shortly after that started reporting asthma and floaters in my eyes. So by the time I was 16 I had a mouth full of mercury. Makes sense that 20+ years of it daily wasn’t going to come down super fast.

I did get pretty sick at the dump phase. That was terrible and that was when I began chelation.
The juice fasting helped my liver I think because the signs of poor methylation I had seemed to have improved along with me tolerating rounds better.

I have been chelating since 2006, so 8 years. It’s been slow for me. My kids have more rounds that I do because they tolerated it much better. My daughter got a decent hair test in 74 rounds but we continued until 133 round. She is for all purposes done chelating. She may at some point do a round just to test the waters to make sure there are still no symptoms. But her last 5 rounds at 100mg of ALA have done nothing to her good or bad.
My son has done 168 rounds and his hair test still meet rules. So we still have a way to go.

I really didn’t think I’d ever be able to take 50mg of ALA. I can’t wait until I can take 100mg. I suspect that’s a while off yet.

In any case, stick with it. It’s just going to be slow likely. And there is nothing wrong with 5mg if that’s all that works rights now. It can be another 10 or 20 rounds and you might find you can take a bit more.

Best in Recovery,
Fight Autism and Win

Super-Delux-&-Massive respect to Jan. Eight years fighting and chelating mercury. That’s a year longer than me. Epic! And she’s been chelating both her kids, and wrote a book. Amazing, strong beautiful people I meet on my travels. It’s an honour. Thank you for sharing Jan, very helpful indeed. Just what i needed. I will keep bashing away at my rounds. I have done four since my long lay-off. Just finished #79. Everythings been fine these last couple of rounds, nothing exciting to report; except I have an ear infection. Been annoying me three weeks so far. Hearing is down 40pct. Ear spliffs in action! Or is it Tinnitus making a comeback? Hope not. Time will tell;-)

That’s all folks
Danny (AKA Sunshine)

9 thoughts on “Low Dose Chelation: Hope for us Low-Dosers

  1. Hey Sunshine, I chelated for year and a half (while also titrating up methylation support) but hit a wall and stopped chelating four months ago to focus on my liver. Same thing happened to a blogger friend (Tara) and she pointed me in the liver flush direction. I’m writing because I think you’ll be open to this sort of thing considering all the crazy stuff you’ve done already lol.

    Neither of us are cured yet or even thinking about chelating again, but… if you could see the garbage coming out of my liver, you’d understand why I’m convinced the liver is the linchpin for people who struggle with chelation. Looking at the large stones, sludge and debris coming out of my liver I can tell you that taking liver tea would not likely have done anything significant for me!

    Have a look at http://howirecovered.com/category/liver/ and note that I will take pictures the next time gnarly stuff comes out 😀

    • Hiya Eric. I have done quite a bit of liver flushing. When i first did it back in 2008 i had stones the size of golf balls come out. WTF! Man, my eyes almost popped outta my head when i saw those beasts bobbing about. Wild stuff. Amazing to see them things come out of oneself. I did stop liver flushing when i discovered Cutler. Liver flush is pretty hardcore. But i have recently, this year, done another five to see what happened. These are my comments from my journal for my last, the 15th, flush: “I forgot to drink the Apple juice 6,5 days in advance. Dick! But I did 4 days of pre-flush apple juice drinking, so that’s better than nothing. Only got out a smattering of weird yellow stones this flush. Never seen the like before. They had the texture of hard wax and were white inside. About 100 in total, but mostly small. That gives me 5 liver flushes in 8 months. I will continue until no stones.” – Take care dude. Nice blog.

      • I should’ve known you would be on top of the liver flush thing! Glad to hear you cleaned your liver out but I’m disappointed as you must’ve been also that it didn’t restore your health to 100%… will keep following your story and hoping you find the answer. Meanwhile I’ll be flushing:)

        • So many things claim to the ultimate answer to all the problems. My experience is they all help in their own special way, some more than others, but in order to get better lots of different things need doing. Just give each project a good bash, then move on to the next project! Happy flushing dude.

          • “Just give each project a good bash”

            Great advice. I’ve been responding in mostly textbooks ways to chelation, methylation and liver flushing (as you say, each helping in its own special way) so hopefully lining up a perfect storm of healing!


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