Tinnitus Cured & Review of my Health Year 2014: A Great Year!

the cat n the hatWell, first up my tinnitus: Gone! Cured! Healed! Vanished! Boom, that’s how I roll! Winning. Awesome and happy dayz! I have my muscle tester lady to thank for this glorious success. She tested me and suggested something called Tissue Salts, as made/discovered by a Dr Schuessler. I’d never heard of him. Old skool chap, he died way back in 1898. It is a combination of twelve essential minerals that people commonly lack, like Calcium, Iron, Potassium and others. It’s a homeopathic remedy.

As usual with me, it was a funky roller coaster ride of pain and hassle before I got out the other side whereupon the tinnitus disappeared. I actually have a terrible history with homeopathic remedies: they always blow my head off. Always way too strong and I generally avoid them like the plague. But this muscle tester lady has been pretty excellent this year, so I thought I give it a bash. She proscribed one pill twice a day.

I automatically start new supplements on low doses and build up slowly, so I started on one pill a day. First two days nothing happened, but at the end of day three I felt the beginnings of a sore throat arriving. Nothing serious, just a nugget of a tickle. That night was terrible. Tossing and turning all night, too hot, too cold, headache, sort throat, temperature: Yuk! Next three days I was totally sofa-bound. All energy and effort evaporated, work was completely out of the question. At first I just through I had a Christmas dose of City-Flu, but on the fourth day I awoke feeling considerably better, the sun came out and life re-started. Within 3 days I was completely back to normal again, apart from a crushing headache, which then disappeared after I reduced the Mineral Salts dose to ¼ of a pill.

As far as I am concerned, that is definition of a Healing Crisis. When I have flu, it takes me down for a week, and then lingers, ebbing and flowing for another week or two. With a healing crisis, it hits you out-of-the-blue like a ton of bricks, takes you down, hard, for three days, then as quickly as it arrives, it departs. Yip, this was a healing crisis caused by Dr Suess’s Tissue Salts. I know it was a healing crisis, and not just common city-flu, because the tinnitus started receding after the healing crisis passed. Within 3 weeks the Tinnitus was no more. 100pct cured and gone.

As I said: That’s how I roll! Winning!

And I’d also like to say: Incurable my arse! There is ALWAYS a way! Don’t let any of those mainstream twats dupe you into thinking things are unsolvable. You will have to search out and see new people, try new funky ideas, but there is ALWAYS a way. Always.

What else? Let me tell you what I’ve done this year:

40 days Master Cleanse. (That’s 40 days fasting.)
2 x Two weeks Liver herbs cleanses.
Two Liver flushes.
Another 12 days Master Cleanse.
Humaworm Anti-biotics herbs.
Another another 10 days Master cleanse.
Total revamp of my supplements, as helped by the Muscle Tester Lady.
And Six Chelation rounds.

Yes, as usual I have been busy!

Restarting chelation was a big deal for me. I essentially had 3 years off chelation due to the nightmare heart problems. Atrial Fibrillation, caused by an incorrect diet, coupled with mercury induced deranged mineral transport. I have now done 81 rounds and chelate on 5mgs ALA only, 3 days on and minimum 10 days off. Nice to be back on the road chelating again. I slipped back into the old routine nice n smooth.

Obviously this year was the year of the fasting for me. 62 days on the Master Cleanse. That gives me 87 days in total in the last 18 months. That’s some heavy duty $hit going down for me and my healing body. Over the years I have had the best successes when I have fasted, and this year has been fantastic. Fantastic because the fasting has been epic. It cleared out a host of problems and left me a blank canvas to re-start chelation, re-build and re-mineralise using specific supplements as directed by muscle testing.

Many problems have been removed this year. The horrible hot-burning-feet thing, which must sound like a joke of a problem to everyone, is 90pct gone now. All food intolerances are gone and I can eat anything I wish, including dairy, bread and wheat. I have the fasting to thank for that.

And amazingly, I am no longer chronically under-weight. I currently weigh in at 12 stone (168 pounds), which should be considered normal for a 45 year old 6foot 1inch city-chap. For the past 15 years I have weighed everything between 9 and 11 Stone (126-154 pounds).

My Dad said to me on Christmas day, “Son, you look different. You look well, really well. I can’t put my finger on what’s different, but you look great.”
“Yeah Dad, thanks. That’s because I have put on weight. Now I look normal. Now I look like everyone else.”
“That’s it! Exactly!” he replied.

And that’s exactly what’s happened. All this funky $hit I do works. I have good years and bad years, but 2014 was a brilliant year. The fasting has been splendid, the new supplements have massively helped, and re-starting chelation is awesome: Things are looking good and I’m feeling fine. My Yoga practice has restarted, which is my definition of good health. In almost most respects I lead a normal life, and am as heathy (or unhrealthy) as the average 45 year chap in the street. All in all, that was a great year, lets hope 2015 continues in the same vein.

The plan for 2015 is yoga twice a week, chelation twice a month, interspersed with Master Cleanse fasting, two or three times a year.  January I will be fasting again, 15 days or so, I started today. Want to move my tally up to 100 days total. Chelation: 19 rounds in a year is the goal. That would take me to 100 rounds in all! That would be exciting. I have been at the mercury for eight years now. Long time eh!

Happy new year everyone.

That’s all folks!
Danny (AKA Sunshine)

PS: Oh yeah, I should say thanks for all your emails. Always to cool to get mails. Cheers and happy healing!

17 thoughts on “Tinnitus Cured & Review of my Health Year 2014: A Great Year!

  1. Hi, just curious about the specific brand/item of tissue salts you used? As for all the tissue salts I’ve seen, the tablets are so tiny that I can’t imaging being ever able to take 1/4 of a tablet. 🙂

    • Hi Martine

      Yeah, pretty awesome news eh! Another tricky problem sorted out. Amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it!!

      Yes, i took those combination 12 pills.

      Nice to be back on the chelation road at long last.

      Take care

    • This was really cute – made me laugh about the fish in Colorado and buying nailpolish instead. I feel that way about lamb and sardines, I’d rather buy just about anything but either of those items. Love the photos, it does look like quite a lovely lunch and great treat!

    • Cheers dude! Thx vm. It is very nice when success comes. This incurable problem was sorted out pretty quick too. Makes a change!!! LOL

      Happy new year buddy!

  2. Hi Dan,

    Congratulations – you are really an inspiration to me! Right now I am on the AIP (auto immune paleo) diet, but after 3 months of this I plan to do the Master Cleanse. I agree with the idea that we are all so toxic and need to clean it all out. I’m hoping I have some improvements with my detoxing.

    Thanks for your great blog!


  3. Hi Danny,
    It’s great to hear of your progress! I’m 5 months post amalgam and 16 rounds of chelation into the fight. I have some kidney issues (probably from the mercury), so it was interesting to hear your stories on the kidney cleanse. Is there anything you’d do differently there?


    • Yo Jimmy!

      Anything i’d do different on the kidney herbs? No not really. I used Humaworm Kidney herbs and they work just fine. I have also used Andreas Moritz kidney herbs from PresentMoment. Both work good although they seem to get to different parts.If in doubt do them both!

      But not at the same time.

      If anything funky starts to happen – then reduce the dose quick until the side effects are minimised.


  4. Hey Danny,

    Just finished reading your book, which was very inspiring. I was already on the right track, but you gave me lots of new insights about… well….A LOT. Thanks for that and I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

    One question: I vaguely remember you mentioning a book about how processes work in the human body (or something like that). Sort of manual of the human body and how everything is connected. But I can’t find it anymore in your book, also not at the end where you list all the books you mentioned earlier.

    Maybe I hallucinated, but if not, could you tell me the name of the book?

    Thanks a lot!

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