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Evidence_of_Harm_1080‘Evidence of Harm’ is a film about amalgam fillings and the appalling damage the mercury in those fillings causes people. It tells the story of the mercury poisoned people, the specialists fighting desperately to stop the use of amalgam and the dentists that do the drilling: some of the dentists believe amalgams are harmful, and some don’t. It delves deep into the politics of mercury with the American Dental Association (ADA) under the spotlight, and highlights some of the history from the early mercury days in the 1800’s to put things into perspective.

Research from the last few decades is reviewed and gives an up to date picture of where we are today in terms of the 50 percent mercury content of amalgam fillings. An astonishing number of people still receive amalgams even today in 2016. Many dentists, scientists, courts and official spokes-people are interviewed and give their views. It quickly becomes clear there is a mountain of evidence that supports what every normal, rational, unbiased person can understand: putting mercury in your mouth, close to your brain, is an incredibly dangerous thing to do, and yet somehow dentists across the world still continue to use amalgams to fill teeth.

Evidence of Harm amalgamates (sorry!) all that information into one film to give a clear picture of where we are currently; at the crossroads of hell for the official organisations that continue to wrongly approve the use of mercury in their businesses. They are teetering on the brink of the precipice. It’s blindingly obvious that mercury causes major health issues in the human body, and yet the dental authorities continue to deny everything; ‘Nothing to do with us Gov’!

One day a tipping point will arrive and the weight of opinion will tip and everyone will suddenly wake-up and see the emperor’s new clothes, or the lack of, and declare amalgams toxic. Then the law suits will rain down on those organisations and they will be crushed under the barrage of pain they inflicted on their unsuspecting customers; exactly same as the billions of dollars the tobacco industry has had to pay out. The difference between mercury and tobacco is that no one is addicted to mercury.

The film takes a giant step in the direction of the majority finally waking up asking why has this been going on for so long, when all the evidence of harm has been there in front of us for so long. The witch hunt will be deeply painful for everyone on the dark side of the mercury. That time will come, but alas not yet. But it is a good healthy step in that direction.

The film is well thought out and attempts to give the other side some air time too. I particularly liked the ‘no-problem-with-mercury’ dentist who blandly brushed aside the arguments and undeniably made himself look a complete fool: head firmly implanted in the sand, fingers shoved deep in his ears, unable and unwilling to see the wood, for all the trees. It takes a long time for people to relinquish such ingrained beliefs. As the decades roll by, the ‘radical’ knowledge that mercury causes large scale health issue for humans will eventually become common knowledge, but until then, films like this must continue to be produced and spread the word. Every person that learns amalgams are dangerous and then avoids them, is a person saved the considerable hassle of a shorter and more miserable life.

As a veteran to mercury poisoning myself it was excellent to see the smoking tooth videos which paint a vivid picture of the problem. I thought the mercury vapour experiment was epic and I salute the producers for bringing the scientific problem down to a comfortable, relatable level that even the common man can see in such dramatic supermarket style. Deny that!

I have to admit I winced every time a clip of a tooth being drilled was shown. I swore at the screen when the mercury toxic people told their stories of doctors incompetence, but welled-up when husband and wife told of the support they gave each other in their hours of considerable need.

My only problem was with the subject of intravenous (IV) chelation. In the films defence, they did say it does not agree with everyone, but still, it is common knowledge injecting people with massive quantities of drugs to detox mercury is extremely dangerous and certainly doesn’t agree with everyone. It was disappointing not to see Dr Andrew Cutler included to explain his protocol too, but this is not a film about how to rid the body of mercury; it’s a film about our world where for some strange reason mercury is still placed in people’s mouths. The alternatives to amalgams are already in every dental practice already: white composite fillings and they have zero mercury content.

It does a splendid job of explaining the situation, educating those just learning about this subject, and for that I’d give the film a solid five gold stars and some triple A* too! Now, when people discover they might have a mercury problem, here is an intelligent, well made film that asks difficult questions to the authorities, for which they have nothing, absolutely nothing except bland denial, to mask the ongoing deception. I look forward to the day when we are not alone in seeing the emperors clothes are missing.

Review by Daniel Forsyth, author of ‘The Mercury Diaries’.




2 thoughts on “Film Review: Evidence of Harm

  1. I quite certain that without a doubt that this is what my brother died from. The fact that I looked in his mouth at all those fillings and took pausing thinking that what he was suffering from might be from them. Then shrugging it off thinking well I sure the authorities must know that it’s safe. Then later once my won symptoms became unbearable I traced the internet for any ideas as to what it could be. Then stumbling upon the knowledge that there was mercury in the fillings and that it hadn’t been properly tested. Then going through the agony and despair of getting them all taken out. the following years of chelation and rehabilitation.. Now I know what happen to him. I remember them looking in his mouth ( and mine )and shaking their heads. Never being told the truth.

    • Hi George. It is a great pity the vast number of people that have been crushed by mercury. Sorry to hear your bro got caught in it too, but he is far from alone. Be strong.


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