Thiols: First Do No Harm.

THIOLFOODSInfoGraphicI’ve made an important discovery. I am sensitive to thiols. This might be a big deal. Well, it is a big deal whichever way you look at it, but it might be a BIG deal. Let me explain.

I was doing great up to about fourteen weeks ago, and then out of the blue any exercise became impossible. I just didn’t have the energy or drive. Also my dodgy knee was just not healing at all. Nine months that baby has been playing up without a glimmer of recovery. I went to see a few health practitioners and they all discovered something different wrong. One found my body was not recognising water: just passing on through. He corrected that and gave me some acupressure points to massage to make it stick. He also found my digestion doing funky things and gave me more acupressure points to massage. Someone else fine-tuned my supplements, a little more of this, a little less of that. Another chap found I was massively deficient in calcium. He advised a green juice as well as calcium supplements. All of this advice turned out to be correct and I definitely felt better. But something was still out of kilter because I felt drained.

Three weeks ago I got the flu, which is odd. I don’t get flu very often. And then the flu didn’t let up and I felt lousy for a second week too. I lead a very healthy lifestyle. Seriously I do. I eat lentils all the time. And beans, and chickpeas, and asparagus, broccoli, raw cheese, eggs, garlic, onions, kale, peas and loads of other healthy stuff too. When I get a cold or flu, it’s normally in and out within a week. I have not even had a cold in the nine months since I jacked the city job. As I said, I’ve being feeling fine. When the flu didn’t budge, I knew something was up.

I kept thinking I knew the answer, like I’d been here before and knew something. It was on the tip of my tongue, but nothing came. Can’t remember what made me check, but I thought to test the green juice I’d been drinking every morning for two months: spinach was the culprit. I muscle tested weak to it. Spinach? What’s wrong with spinach?

Well, I know exactly what’s wrong with spinach. Spinach is a sulphur food, a thiol. And mercury and thiols attract like lovers do. The thiols in the spinach pick up mercury from around the body. They don’t transport it out the body; they just pick it up and move it about. This, for those unaccustomed to mercury poisoning, is bad news. Some people are fine, some not so. Looks like I’m not anymore.

If I’m no good with spinach, then I’m no good with all the other thiols out there, lurking. Oh $hit! All the others! Fuck and buggeration! Since I left the city nine months ago I’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking up all manner of healthy treats. I have in fact been feeding myself a heavily-loaded thiol-high diet. Thiols for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spinach, lentils, beans, chickpeas, asparagus, broccoli, eggs, garlic, onions, kale, peas and loads of other healthy thiol stuff too. A large part of diet was not just thiol-laden, but high-thiol-laden foods.

What a dick! How could I forget? Well, I didn’t forget, I just got on with life. I have had very few man-sized symptoms these last three years. I essentially lead a normal life now and have done for ages. I know the mercury is still there, but it doesn’t knock too hard, too often.

So I immediately shifted to a thiol free diet. After a week free of thiol foods, a person then adds some thiol food back in to the diet to see what happens. Do they feel better, worse, indifferent, whatever. I didn’t need to do that because after a week I felt fantastic, the flu had disappeared completely and amazingly my dodgy knee suddenly started healing for the first time in nine long fruitless months. It was as clear as day: thiols had been buggering me up for ages.

Unfortunately this story does not end here. Never a dull moment!

A few days later I starting feeling crappy and my pulse started racing wildly. I took my blood pressure (BP) and discovered it was through the roof: 185/115. Boom! It should be maximum 120/80.

Gotta love the mercury, so inventive, so many angles that need covering. Ho Hum. Certainly keeps me on my toes.

185/115 is called hypertension. This is super bad news. It’s serious. Heart attack. Stoke. Kidney disease. Proper serious. Not to be taken lightly in any shape or form. I exhibit no outward hypertension symptoms. I am not stressed out of my mind and I’m not a worrier either. Day to day I am chilled, calm and loving life out here in the countryside, thank you very much. This hypertension has been brought on by my high-thiol diet, not a stressed out life. The high-thiol diet has been picking up my mercury, moving it around, and fucking things up. Big time. I have deranged mineral transport too, because of the mercury poisoning and my body does not like this added burden of the thiols in my diet further smashing things up. Hence the high blood pressure. Hence the calcium deficiency. Hence the lack of energy.

Heart attack!

Actually, I’m not panicking at all. Quite the contrary: I remain relaxed, calm and lovin’ the country life. I’m not freaking out because I have been here, done this before, read all the books and I know exactly what to do. And that does not involve going to see the Quack and having beta-blockers rammed down my gullet. No thank you. I will not be darkening their doors. Actually I feel mildly chuffed because I know what to do. That’s the only benefit of having had heart problems in the past! I panicked last time, big time. But this time around, as I said, been here before, so no need to get all stressy.

Let’s think about my situation in a wider context here. The high thiol diet has tipped me over my thiol limit, my body has reacted, and my blood pressure has rocketed. How longs this been going on? I have not worried about thiols for ages. How long? Not sure, maybe five or six years? I got better. I recovered. I got on with life. So I ate thiols again. But the last nine months I cooked a load of super-healthy food, which turned out to be high-thiol. Maybe this is my problem? Maybe this is why I am a low doser? I’ve done 84 rounds and I remain at super-low dosages. My last three chelation rounds of DMPS, which were fine, they were only at 2.5mg. That’s very low. Maybe the thiols in my diet have been perpetually messing with the mercury so that my body never got a moment to chillax from the constant mercury movements? Nine years I’ve been at this game. Maybe it’s the thiol diet thang that’s holding me back?

Maybe? Who knows? Certainly I will not get a quick answer to that question. But it’s something to think about, and to hope for. Would be awesome to finally be able to increase my dosage and speed my mercury removal. I have wondered long and hard about my inability to raise my dose. Maybe, just maybe this is it? Or a part of it? Time will tell.

Which brings me back to the title of this piece: Thiols: First do no harm. We cannot get better when we are harming ourselves, or we have something harming us. I lead a dreamy-healthy lifestyle and still I make cock-ups and the mistakes can cancel out the good we do. We need to remain vigilant at all times, to try and stop any damage we unwittingly do to ourselves. I can do all the blood pressure lowering techniques in the book, including beta blockers, but until I stop the causative harm in the first place, I’ll just be pissing into the wind. I’m pretty happy I’ve figured this out. Feels right. The healing of my knee is a clear indicator.

I think that’s the most important thing to remember. First, do no harm. Us mercury toxic, we are generally on our own. We have to read, research and DIY our health. Just as you are by reading this. I’ve seen various healthcare practitioners over the last 10 years and not one of them ever mentioned thiols. Ever. Not even once. Not recently. Not in the past. It’s a mercury thing. We gotta stay alert.

I have had odd things happen that have confused me, but now are crystal clear: Turmeric is great at raising thiols levels, no wonder it didn’t agree. I have a liquid supplement full of spinach and kale; no wonder it didn’t agree – high thiols. Little clues.

Technically this is all ‘in-protocol’. In my protocol anyways. My protocol is 1) restart chelation, and 2) use the Master Cleanse to sort out any problems along the way. This can certainly be classed as a fairly grim problem, so that’s what I’m doing next: The Master Cleanse, again.

I started immediately, today is day five. My nine-months-dodgy-knee is healing incredibly fast now I’m thiol free, and I feel great too – when I’m not suffering from the master cleanses detox reactions, LOL. Which sounds funny, but that’s how these things roll. First three days are usually a bit ropey, especially since I have nine months of a high-thiol-mercury-moving-damage-to-the-gut to overcome.

That’s enough for now. I will let you know the outcome of the fast and what it does to my blood pressure.

That’s all folks!

14 thoughts on “Thiols: First Do No Harm.

  1. Fascinating, thanks!

    Not related, but a book you might like, if you haven’t found it already, is Woodrow Monte’s While Science Sleeps. He’s found a big piece of the puzzle.

  2. Great update! I also struggle with high thiol and have always been stuck on low dose. I have a couple questions which I’m sure you’re already aware of since you’re super thorough but I’m going to ask Anyway. The first is are you sure you have no possibility of hidden amalgam? I just found some (under white composite did not show up on x-Rays) 10 months into chelation and I haven’t started chelating again yet (waiting 3 months) I was on DMSA 3 mg then DMPS 2.5 and finally ALA only 1-2 mg ALA (42 rounds) but wondering if will now be able to raise dose. Before I found it I blamed my horrible adrenals for all my problem raising dose. Cortisol and norepinephrine levels were so high last year was tested for adrenal tumor (which can by the way mimic mercury poisoning). My other question to you is I know you do tons of cleanses and I have read things suggesting that cleanses actually clear out stuff and make more room for Mercury to poison your systems. Not saying this very eloquently but can’t remember the details. Just wondering if you had heard this and what your opinion is. Loved your book glad you are in the country now I’m still stuck in NYC chaos 😁

    • Well done on finding your hidden amalgam! Impressive.

      Every time I have a dental x-ray I always specifically ask if there are any signs of amalgam. They always say no. I have had a panoramic x-ray done and seen a specialist and he said there was none. The dentist who removed my amalgams was an expert in amalgam removal.I didn’t use any old Tom, Dick or Harry. I can’t think of anything else I can do. I am not going to have all eight of my white porcelains removed and replaced: that’s just paranoia. As far as I am aware, if a person has amalgams in place and he chelates, I’m told very bad things happen, very fast, and that its very obvious something’s wrong. None of my chelation has been like that. Any chelation problem has been short lived and usually caused by a cock-up.

      Do the cleanses I do worsen my mercury problem? Ha! I think I am living testament that that is incorrect. All the cleanses and fasts make me feel significantly better.

      There are so many voices out there, so much wisdom, but also a sea of ignorance from people that have a nugget of truth and a boat-load of prejudice’s, biases’, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Knowing which voice is right, especially in the beginning of peoples healthcare learning is incredibly difficult. Today anyone’s voice can be heard across a wide range of mediums: social media, articles and blogs just like mine. Often it is the most persuasive individual, rather than actual facts that the wins the day. If you read enough, eventually you can see the bullshit as plain as the nose on yo face. People specialise, compartmentalise, and you can see the holes in their knowledge very clearly.

      I would say people that think cleaning out the body with herbs and fasts is bad for mercury issues, don’t really have a clue what they are talking about. I would say they have no first-hand experience of the herbs, cleanses and fasts themselves, or had some catastrophe that put them off everything for life. My nine years, first-hand, hands-on experience is proof that they work: for me!


      We are all different and people get sick in a multitude of different ways. Not everything agrees with everyone.

      I love NYC. I lived there for in the early 1990’s for three glorious months. 90th and Columbus. The time of my life! I hope to go back in a year or two as my brother lives in NY State.

      Pleased to meet you Misty, glad you enjoyed my book:-)
      Take care

  3. Interesting read Danny. Have read your book 3 times now, lol.

    Anyway, just wondering do you hang out on the AC think tank at all?

    I just posted the following:

    – why are some heavily poisoned people okay with thiols?
    – given thiols move mercury about, shouldn’t we avoid whether sensitive or not (even if not sensitive they are probably doing some damag, no?)?
    – should we periodically check for thiol sensitivity duirng chelation, given chelation can change our sensitivity?

    Keep up the great work on the blog.

    • Hi Mark. Three times! Ha, nice. Hope it helps you on your journey.

      I am on the AC Think Tank, but i’m not active on social media so i only go there once a month, or so.

      — why are some heavily poisoned people okay with thiols?
      We are all different. Some people need more thiols to feel better, some need to exclude all thiols to feel better. Not sure the why of it.

      – given thiols move mercury about, shouldn’t we avoid whether sensitive or not (even if not sensitive they are probably doing some damag, no?)?
      No idea about that one.

      – should we periodically check for thiol sensitivity duirng chelation, given chelation can change our sensitivity?
      My view is yes, you should check from time to time. I reacted bad to thiols for a time, then i was fine, now i am not fine. Thiol status does change over the years.

      Cheers, take care Mark

      • Interesting. Thanks for the response Danny. I’m same with social media. Only really use it for the health forums. Should hook up next time you are on. Also, I really think you should get opinions on why u haven’t increased your chelator dose after so many rounds/years. It would be interesting to tag Dr C himself. Heal well.

        • Thx Mark. I have embarked on Freddd’s methylation protocol. Three months in and its cool and working. Hopefully that will help increase my chelation strength and hence be better able to increase the dose. Onwards and upwards. Take care, Danny.

  4. Hi Mark,
    i’ve only just discovered i’m mercury toxic (somewhat self inflicted – unwittingly took a vit supplement including ALA for many years, then started with symptoms) and so new to all this. I’ve done thiol exclusion and i am intolerant…for now. Like you, I used to eat loads. What have you found is the best way to supplement sulphate when avoiding thiols? I currently take 4gm of glucosamine sulphate a day, take taurine and molyb. I have regular epsom salt foot baths too. I think all this is helping as when i stopped thiols without replacing them i had air hunger. This has stopped since i started supplementing. I’d really appreciate any advice on this issue from someone who’s unfortunately so experienced in this area. Thanks in advance

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