Daniel Forsyth: So, how am I these days? Time for a Health Update.

Hi everyone. Wow, how times flies! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here and I’ve had a few messages asking how I am.

But first let me re-introduce myself, very briefly, for those that have no idea who I am. My name is Daniel Forsyth, commonly called Sunshine and I’m the author of The Mercury Diaries. The book chronicles my recovery from mercury poisoning and covers what I had to do in order to get better. I was in some extremely brutal trouble back then; everything was busted and everything needed fixing. My journey to better health was quite epic and was well worth a book. It is now eight years since I wrote the book…So how the hell am I now? And what happened after I had the mercury stain removed?

This requires two separate answers because if I say what’s wrong you will assume I’m crushed, in deep trouble and all the hard work was in vain or something equally sinister.

So first up, I’m great thanks. Super great. I retired from my mad city-boy life five years ago now. Five years gone already! Moved to Suffolk to live my retirement dream in the peace and tranquillity of village life in the English countryside, tending my huge garden, veggie beds and making my world beautiful. Today in 2020 I’m 51 years young and retired life is just awesome. Never delay or put off your own retirement because life is amazing and full of the most excellent things to do. I am never ever bored, not even for a nanosecond. My days are full and yes and I consider myself to be a very lucky chap. Lucky to be retired so young and to be so happy and live what most would consider a charmed life. I’ve been together with my wife for 31 years now and my kids are both doing great. I have loads of hobbies and a million things to do. I do so like being active and busy. So yeah, my life is brilliant and it remains a million miles away from the hard, dark days of my mercury crash all the way back in 2007.

But there are still a few outstanding health issues I need to solve. I had two large-ish problems: hypertension and tachycardia. Both of these have taken precedent over chelation. Yup, that’s how serious they are. I feel they need sorting out before I chelate more. Chelation actually makes them both worse and life is great and I don’t appreciate my great life being screwed up. I know that’s against Cutler’s just chelate, chelate, chelate mantra, but i have done over a hundred Cutler rounds and it’s not like I haven’t tried the chelation route.

The tachycardia (racing heart) grew from a tadpole size issue in 2007, into a great white shark of a problem in 2019. I’d get attacks weekly, often daily last year. Attacks lasted anything from ten seconds to two hours. The longer the attack the more brutal it was. Anything more than ten minutes kinda wiped out the day, and me. Luckily I figured it all out. To keep a long dynamic and exciting story very very short it was because: a drastically toxic carpet in my new house was poisoning me and the family, then my body couldn’t forget about the toxin even when I removed the carpet, and a great lack of evening promise oil and fish oil. I was already taking some oils, but I need to load up heavily to replace the deficiency before they made any difference. Such short and sharp sentences but that took some herculean efforts to figure out. How? Cure the damnable tachycardia?

I started studying kinesiology a year ago, that’s muscle testing between you and me. I did a foundation course and I’m en-route becoming a professional muscle tester dude myself. Actually got my certificate the other day. Wow! Never a dull moment! Then I had to convert the kinesiology teaching from treating other people, to make it treating myself. Which is not really the done thing. The powers that be do not teach self-treatment. It’s not possible to treat oneself with kinesiology, apparently. What tosh! Against all expectations, I found it easy to treat myself.

Why? How? Well, I think it is because of all the meditation I’ve done. I have a pretty clear head nowadays which makes treating myself with kinesiology more than possible. I have meditated on and off for 16 years, just causal stuff, but 3 years ago I started something called Vipassana meditation. Vipassana is…how to explain it? Vipassana is a big deal, it’s like Formula One racing, or the Champions League, or the World Cup of meditation. Not that its a competition or anything, just its a big deal for oneself. It purifies the mind! Wow, how cool is that! Well, I have purified my body is every-which-way-I-can for the past 13 years, so why not my mind too! It is a commitment, but Wowza, it’s been massively worth it. We are all different but my main benefits are perpetual happiness, contentment and a very clear mind. I see and think very clearly now. Or maybe just clearer than before.

But what’s that got to do with kinesiology? Well, in order to test oneself with kinesiology you need to keep your mind very clear. Any thoughts rumbling about yo head messes up any self-testing. And? Imagine walking along a sandy beach in the middle of a storm. The wind is howling, blowing you almost off your feet, rain is stinging and blinding your eyes, thunderbolts and lightning is booming scaring the pants off you. And you can’t retreat inland because of all the lions, tigers and bears, and you can’t escape in the ocean because of the pounding waves. The only option is to keep struggling onwards with this maelstrom going on all around you.

Now imagine walking on that very same beach a couple of hours later. The storm has passed, wind died to nothing, the sun is shining and warming your wet bones to the core. The air is clear and you can see clearly in all directions. It’s a beautiful calm happy day in paradise. This is what meditation does. Meditation calms the storm in your head. Turns off that incessant, raging, boiling voice in your skull. Brushes the storms away and once the sun is shining, once that damn inner voice is shut-down, then all manner of magic things happen, chief amongst them being happiness. And oh yeah the ability to self-muscle test because when I test I have no random BS bumping about my head.

So yeah, to cure my tachycardia I had to meditate two hours a day for a couple of years, go to school to learn kinesiology, then modify it, figure out the damn toxic carpet, use kinesiology to clear up the mess the carpet caused, to find the oil deficiency and understand that I needed to dose up heavily in order for it to make a difference. Epic. I could write another book, two books! When I embarked on the meditation and the kinesiology I had no idea I’d actually need them for these tasks. I started the meditation as an adventure, and an adventure it certainly was and remains, and I started the kinesiology course because I was just interested. I have not been idle!

For the record, it was the toxic carpet impregnated with Brominated Fire Retardants (BFR’s) poisoning me that was the BIG DEAL issue buggering everything up. Incredible I found it eh!

Kinesiology is such an odd, almost crippled word, even now I can barely pronounce it. Kin-es-iol-o-gy! How many syllables does a word need? A really peculiar word for something so…

Imagine you could ask yourself a question about your body, any question, and immediately get a yes or no answer. Imagine you have a health issue and you could ask your body what was wrong, then ask your body how to fix it, and then fix it. Imagine if you were sick and you could ask yourself why you are so sick, what needs fixing, what the root cause is and how to fix that root cause. Imagine looking at your supplements and testing them, then and there, if your body really needed them? Did the supplements actually do any good? Or are some of them harmful? Are some of your symptoms actually coming from the medications or supplements you take? Which is the best brand? Should I take them with food or an empty stomach? Split dose twice a day, or just in one go? You realise you have a bunch of health problems, but which needs to be addressed first? Which is the priority? Imagine sitting in a restaurant and testing the food to see if its suitable for you? Right then and there, and no one saw anything untoward. Why do I have brain-fog, or the itchies, or perpetually cold feet, or hot feet, or food intolerances, or constipation, or tinnitus, or anger, or fear, or depression, or hatred, or so tearful, or so much pain, or well, anything?

Just imagine having the ability to ask any of these questions and to actually get answers, and actually get solutions. That would be epic, wouldn’t it. I mean, seriously mega fantastic. Imagine being so in control. What mad skills those would be, eh!

Well, I’m living that dream right now. Kinesiology is the art of asking these questions and getting actual useable answers. The solutions can take a few minutes, or months of effort, but what I want is to be healed and kinesiology puts me firmly in my driving seat. It makes healing into an art form, as it should be, and away from some five-minute multiple-choice questionnaire from a random doctor that essentially knows nothing about me.

Sounds like a joke doesn’t it. Sounds like I’m having a laugh. I’m not. And you don’t have to go back to school to benefit from this skill either. The world is full of kinesiologists (another tongue twister for ya!), all willing to treat anyone and everyone. They cost fifty times less than a doctor too. If you don’t believe me, find your local kinesiologist, book an appointment and ask them to test your supplements for suitability, and to fix whatever else they can while they are at it. Or maybe test what foods you can and cannot eat at the moment? Cost is peanuts compared to doctors: £50-100, or USD50-100. How much do you spend on supplements a month?

I can highly recommend taking a foundation course in kinesiology and learning Vipassana meditation. Both are massively transformational. The Vipassana is particularly epic. What rewards! Perpetual happiness, contentment and the ability to see so clearly you can see your own problems! What price would you pay to be happy all the time? There is a price in time, but the rewards far far far outweigh the price.

But anyways, I’m rambling again, apologies. Tachycardia is now cured. Not reduced or decreased…cured. Happy happy dayz!

For the record, the tachycardia took me three and a half years to discover, uncover, understand and sort out. None of these problems come with name tags, just signposts that we must try to understand.

So that leaves the hypertension. That’s super high blood pressure to you and me. The kind that doctors freak-out-about high. I have no emotional or monetary stress in my life and I’m kinda happy all the time, so it can’t be that kind of stress. On the assumption that the hypertension is due to bunged up kidneys, I have spent the best part of this year cleansing them with herbs, one month on, one month off. I used general kidney cleaning herbs for some months, then some Stone Breaker herbs, which i thought would finally crack that nut. However, after these extensive efforts, my blood pressure has not budged, not one iota.

My kidneys are indeed stressed and have greatly benefitted from the lovely clean out they’ve enjoyed this year. The side-effects of passing kidney stones attest to that. But looks like there is something else, some other cause lurking underneath. Investigations are in progress but maybe an irregular heartbeat is messing up the works? Not totally sure yet as i only just discovered this a few days ago and my jury awaits more evidence. Maybe its ‘just’ my mercury and i need to finish the chelation job? Maybe my heart is still struggling with the memory of that damn toxic carpet?

Well, it is actually ‘just’ my mercury, but maybe there is a way to sort it out before i re-start chelation? Oh yes, chelation awaits my return whatever the results of the hypertension invstigations. The reason i have hypertension and had the tachycardia is because my body still contains mercury from all my mercury exposures. The amalgam stains caused my chelation journey to be long, slow and low-dose, over a hundred Cutler rounds done now. But those stains are out and now the tachycardia is gone chelation should be easy, LOL. Either way, chelation will reclaim me soon enough. I will not let this job remain unfinished.

I will not deviate from the Cutler way either. I’ve had plenty of people peddling me some newfangled super cool, fast, incredible, modern and ‘easy’ mercury chelation over the years. But after I dig deep and wade through all the hype and BS I find the same old rubbish. High, infrequent doses of chelators and I for one am unwilling to take any more chances in order to make someone else rich.

After the amalgam stain removal in 2018, I’m pretty sure I had my dump phase. Long overdue too as I had all my amalgams replaced 13 years ago. It was only really noticeable in hindsight as it was not a big powerful crushing thing, but my gut what shot to $hit and food intolerances went a bit mental and my weight nose-dived. After sorting out the tachycardia, the removal of the toxic carpet and whatnot almost all my food intolerances have gone. Cool eh! Dairy is fine now. Gluten is fine. Sugar still not great, ditto junk food, but I can eat all fruit again. Any deviations from the diet now no longer cause any problems. Happy happy dayz! I put the good health of my gut down to all of the above, but also very much to the addition of cultured foods into my diet this year. That’s kefir, sauerkraut, pickles and lashings of home-made Kombucha. Easy option A for anyone is to eat sauerkraut daily, starting in small doses and working upwards as the months trundle by. It’s cheap as chips too and making it at home is as easy as falling off a log. These cultured foods are infinitely better, stronger, cheaper and more powerful than any probiotic you can buy. Yes indeed! Cultured foods are much better that any pro-biotic you can buy. My auntie Sue told me she puts down her gut recovery after cancer down to it. She gave me her book: Cultured Food for Life, By Donna Schwenk. Well worth the read.

So please focus on all the good in my life which is big and bold and good and happy and awesome. There are a few health things to solve but I’m on it. Oh yeah, I survived the coronavirus too. Had it in the first wave in March 2020. That was exactly one week after I discovered the damn the toxic carpet had also impregnated my damn now-toxic hoover and every time I hoovered the damn house I re-contaminated everyone and everything! The chemicals were stuck in the hoovers pipes and filters. Lol, mad eh! Good timing too, to be rid of an air-born chemical pollutant just as covid hit. Main corvid symptoms fatigue and shortness of breath. Took me down for a good 35 days on the sofa. No doctor or hospital needed, although I did use my newfound kinesiology skills almost daily to keep myself shipshape.

That’ll do from me. I’m alive and kicking and I’m sure once I start chelation again I’ll be writing and sharing my experiences again a little more frequently once again.

That’s all folks! Big smiles and be happiness to all,


AKA Sunshine, author of The Mercury Dairies.

P.S. I run my life by The Rule of Three. If some new issue, topic, subject or idea is told, thrust or crosses my path three times, from three different sources, then I need to take notice and take action. Sometimes it’s just reading an interesting article and takes ten minutes of my time. Sometimes it turns into a six-month kinesiology course. Sometimes its a peak lifetime experience like Vipassana meditation. If anything in here rings your bell, if its the first time you heard about something, or the second, or even the third…this is called serendipity and synchronicity and the world is shouting and screaming at you to take notice, pull your finger out and take action. LOL, does for me anyhow. Take care everyone.