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Mercury Diaries Cover FinalThankful for this roadmap to recovery
By T. Therese
I hesitated buying this book, since I was not interested in someone’s emotional outpouring of their illness and difficulties. I was completely wrong. Although it is titled “diaries” and “a memoir” – it really is a detailed roadmap of the author’s journey to recovery, with specific signposts and markers.

The author describes his chronology from illness to wellness in detail – giving information on what helped and how he did it. He details the what, the how, the when, how often, how long, and all the reactions. The fact that the writer was able to keep such meticulous notes while mercury toxic is amazing. He was rigorous in changing only one treatment, or dosage at time, and recording the responses and symptoms in detail, which is very helpful for those trying to figure out their own path to recovery. This book also made clear how determined and disciplined I may need to be to regain my health. Like an expeditionary journal of someone who’s made it to the South Pole, if you were interested in reaching the South Pole, you would absolutely want to read their expedition journal.

His experience a product of all that he has learned through extensive research and he shares with his readers the results of his hard work. This book will save me hundreds of hours of internet searching. He also offers helpful resources, books, forums and other tips he has learned along the way either from experience or from others. There is helpful content on a vast range of health topics from detoxing, to digestive health, heartburn, back pain, adrenal issues, thyroid issues, food sensitivities, dry brushing, Cutler’s chelation protocol, saunas, castor oil, heart issues, cat allergy, colon health, the list goes on. This book was greatly helpful on a multiple of levels: understanding the rigor and work required in getting better, understanding the body as a system, and then detailed information on how to implement various techniques/protocols that we are often advised to do, but don’t get all the information on the reactions that you might experience as a result.

Mr Forsyth’s “Mercury Diaries” helped make the Cutler detox protocol much more assessable. I read this book before reading Cutler’s “Amalgam Illness”, and “Mercury Diaries” makes Cutler’s work much less opaque. Despite having attended a competitive engineering college and having a natural interest in biochemistry, I found Cutler’s book overwhelming without a sense of where to start.

It is clear that the author wrote this with the primary intent of helping others recover. And I am ever grateful for his abundant generosity in sharing this information and personal experience.

How to Get Better
By Rebecca Lee
The Mercury Diaries is written by Daniel Forsyth, who those of us on the “sick from mercury” forums know as “sunshine.” This is a book about getting really, really sick and having the wherewithal and gumption to buck the conventional medical paradigm and find out why, and the perseverance to figure out how to get better. If you are ill with all kinds of things and are asking yourself, “what’s going on here?” this is book may be your answer. It may save you a lot of time and agony in your quest to get better.

Sunshine tells, in a style so engaging you feel as though you are sitting with him face to face, the story of how he went from being your run-of-the-mill British bloke with a family and a good job, to a person so dramatically ill that he came close to dying. Ultimately, he figures out that he has mercury poisoning from the eight mercury amalgam fillings he had placed all at one shot. Getting one of these removed without proper precautions makes him even sicker.

The book is a blow by blow description of trying everything in the world of allopathic and alternative medicine. Finally, he discovers Andy Cutler’s book about amalgam illness, what it looks like and how to recover from it. You can read reviews (which are mainly heartfelt paeans of gratitude) of Dr. Cutler’s book, Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment on this site, too.

A great thing about Sunshine’s book is all the tips. At the end of many chapters there are lists of books that he found useful. He sends you to websites where he buys his supplements. He tells you how to do parasite cleanses and where to get the medicine. He explains how to do a detox bath. He even sends you to a book on how to feed your cat properly!

Thanks for the book Sunshine! Thanks for not accepting that you were doomed to be chronically ill all your life. I hope that a whole lot of those poor sick people out there come across it and finally figure out what is the matter.

Highly Recommended!
By Dawn Tasher
The Mercury Diaries is more than a great read, it is a roadmap back to health for many people with chronic health issues. It is about so much more than mercury poisoning and frequent dose chelation. It is about repairing the systemic damage that mercury and other toxins can cause. As someone who is not new to the alternative health scene, I found his approach well-researched and intelligent. I appreciated the lengths he went to in sharing the details of his healing protocol and everything that he learned over the course of his illness, and believe this book would be of tremendous value to someone that has not engaged in the intense research and experimentation the author has. Many sick people do not have the capacity the author had for research and finding answers, but by reading this heartwarming book they will gain a great deal of inspiration, insight and direction. This book definitely exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to anyone who is fighting to regain their health and looking for answers.

A Must Read!
By Kelly Phillipson
Am new to frequency dose chelation & mercury toxicity – this book couldn’t have come at a better time, I feel like I’m reading the next few years of my life as I go along. I also think it’s going to help my DH & family understand a little bit better about what’s going on with me. Thank you Sunshine for taking such awesome notes on your recovery and for making it easy to replicate everything you did (started taking my temps today, for example)!

The Mercury Diaries
By Matthew Grosk
The Mercury Diaries is described on its cover as “A memoir of healing and hope”,and I would concur,but what really sticks out is the amazing persistence of the author. If you or someone you know has ever fallen ill with any sort of illness described as “idiopathic”, then this would be a marvellous book to read. The book chronicles the authors complete health crash, and gradual healing using alternative treatments. After going to many traditional doctors without success, he takes matters into his own hands. Through amazing perseverance he a achieves many astounding gains. If conventional treatments don’t work, and doctors are of little help, don’t give up! This is a very inspirational memoir about taking complete responsiblity for ones health.

A roadmap back to health via the Cutler protocol
By John O’Brien
I was one of the lucky few to receive and advance copy of the Mercury Diaries. If I could sum up this book in one word, it would be meticulous. But reviews aren’t about one word, so let me add a bit more depth!

I opted to choose the word meticulous, because that’s exactly how Daniel has been through his journey to recover from mercury toxicity. His book demonstrates that he left no stone unturned in the quest to better himself. In some ways Daniel’s book is like Áine Ní Cheallaigh’s ‘Getting the Mercury Out’, but in other ways – it’s very different.
Daniel documents the origins of his illness, and the symptoms that arose. Gut problems, brain fog, aches & pains, fatigue – all the classic symptoms of someone poisoned with one of the most toxic elements known to man. He chelates using the highly respected Cutler protocol.

One of the things I found with Daniel’s book, was the amount of attention he spent working on digestive issues and parasites. One of the first problems I noticed when I originally got dental amalgams was the stomach problems, and food intolerances. It had inspired me to focus not simply on chelating alone, but also addressing all of the issues that cropped up as a result of mercury toxicity. The candida, parasites, the colon cleanses.. the works! Daniel doesn’t shy away from highlighting the importance of chelation, and provides a wide range of his original diary entries in the book, along with his progress.
On a personal level – This book has given me a wealth of ideas on how to address the issue of candida & parasites. Since I’ve been also using the Cutler protocol for chelation for over a year, the one gap I’ve slacked on was the digestive system and this book will absolutely assist it.

So who will this book benefit? Anyone who is mercury toxic, who needs ideas to address the array of issues that crop up alongside it will certainly benefit from reading it. It’s also good to hear another story of someone who is back on the path to good health via the Cutler protocol, and while I get the feeling that Daniel still has some rounds of chelation to do (on account of being a very low doser), he has the hard part out of the way and is back to leading a relatively happy & healthy life.

Another happy ending to another horrid case of mercury toxicity.

A Memorable Memoir
By Brian McBlain
This is a compelling story of a person living the good life whose health was suddenly in free fall. As hard to put down as mercury is to get rid of. It is a race to find and effect a cure while holding onto a high-power job. His path through this nightmare to a much better, if still improving health, is a good read for anyone. Especially so for those dealing with chronic health issues. It is as promised. It is a memoir of healing and hope. Even those with considerable experience of mercury toxicity will likely find something to learn. The story will resonate with anyone who admires an unbending spirit.

Mercury Diaries
By Kamely
What a book. At the beginning, I thought this will be a boring book, but as I started reading it, I could not stop. If you have issues and symptoms of mercury poisoning, this book is for you. It is a great read.I would recommend it to anyone even if you are suffering with other symptoms.

Daniel has made a serious subject witty and interesting
By Vivienne ryan
Daniel’s book gave a fascinating insight into his experience of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. He also highlights other contributory factors which increased his exposure to mercury in his childhood through vaccinations, for example, much of which was beyond his control. He is very honest about the major lifestyle changes he has had to make to improve his health and the methods and alternative treatments he has used which have helped him. He also highlights the frustrations of dealing with a medical profession who seem largely ignorant about the symptoms of mercury poisoning. A thought-provoking and interesting read for anyone coping with the effects of mercury poisoning.

Really good book
By Steen Andreassen
I want to thank the writer for sharing his history with the world.
Lot’s of good information for us in the same situation as the writer.

When I first saw a summary of this book before publication, I knew that when it came on-line to buy I would buy it to acknowledge this mans amazing journey to heal himself. Danny’s way of accounting of his journey to get better is funny, vulnerable, heart wrenching and honest. I constantly felt humbled as I read page after page of his dire chronic ill-health situation and the pain that he endured, and yet his amazing spirit to find solutions to heal himself. His depth of focused research so that he could take responsibility for his own sick body is eye-opening. In keeping account of his journey and writing his story, he has documented his back to health regimes in details so that others can to be helped by his experiences. There is much to learn from this book and it has been a joy to read it, even if I had a lump in my throat at times in reading an account of human suffering whilst the medical profession dismissed a chronically ill person to fend for themselves. I would fully recommend this book to anyone, whether or not you have dental amalgams or mercury toxicity. Thanks for sharing your diary to wellness Danny.

Heart warming and inspirational. Couldn’t put it down!
By Roma
This book is something I have been waiting for so long. Truly inspirational and hilarious at times! Daniel writes in a way that is so compelling and relatable to anyone suffering from heavy metal poisoning. I found it so entertaining, lighthearted and humourous, even when talking about very serious things. His inspirational approach to his difficulties always shined through and I enjoyed reading every part of his journey. This book made me realise that I am not alone, and without it I would not have realised how possible it is to get well! Motivational and honest, I think I will always cherish it and re read bits for years to come. It’s my new bible.

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Thanks everyone for giving such cool and funky reviews.

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