Why Chelate? Time to get back on my horse: Chelation. My first round of DMPS.

horsefallPlan A: Cutler style chelation, interspersed with Master Cleanse to sort any problems out.
Plan B: Muck around with herbs again and delay the inevitable chelation.

This is now The Plan. I’ve been doing Plan B for ages and it’s worked splendidly. It’s sorted out all major problems, except getting the mercury out. Now it’s time to get back to the main event: Mercury Detox baby!

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Tinnitus Cured & Review of my Health Year 2014: A Great Year!

the cat n the hatWell, first up my tinnitus: Gone! Cured! Healed! Vanished! Boom, that’s how I roll! Winning. Awesome and happy dayz! I have my muscle tester lady to thank for this glorious success. She tested me and suggested something called Tissue Salts, as made/discovered by a Dr Schuessler. I’d never heard of him. Old skool chap, he died way back in 1898. It is a combination of twelve essential minerals that people commonly lack, like Calcium, Iron, Potassium and others. It’s a homeopathic remedy.

As usual with me, it was a funky roller coaster ride of pain and hassle before I got out the other side whereupon the tinnitus disappeared. I actually have a terrible history with homeopathic remedies: they always blow my head off. Always way too strong and I generally avoid them like the plague. But this muscle tester lady has been pretty excellent this year, so I thought I give it a bash. She proscribed one pill twice a day.

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Low Dose Chelation: Hope for us Low-Dosers

BH-main-web-image1I get the coolest emails. There’s always something funky in my inbox. Someone just read my book all excited and raring to go, someone needing help finding the balls to start chelation, someone in need of some encouragement, someone with a breakthrough, someone in need of a hand to know where to even start. I get all kinds and it’s awesome. I also get emails that help and inspire me.

I‘ve just re-started chelation myself after a long lay-off and there I was wondering if anyone ever raises their dose when they seem stuck on uber-low levels like me. 79 rounds and still in 4 or 5 mgs ALA. Anything higher hits me like a ton of bricks and wipes me out. I often wonder how long chelation is gonna take me? Will I ever be able to raise my dose?

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Round 77 – 5mgs ALA is too much, so I am reducing the dose to 4mgs

Dose unchanged @ 5mg’s ALA only. Chelation under the Cutler Protocol, 3 days on, 2 weeks off.

bkpMy second round after a long break. I almost always have two weeks break between rounds. That gives me ample time to recover. I prefer to chelate over weekends; it gives me more time to focus and do things properly.

This was a round of contrasts. Day one and I was turbo-tired. Slept really badly that first night and that put me out of kilter all day. Five hours sleep even on the best of days is  gonna be a struggle. I just powered through the day, got home from work at 7pm, chilled, and was in bed by 9pm.  Day two arrived and I suddenly felt the urge to jet-wash my drive! Whoa, where did that come from? Three hours that took. Hard work too. Loved it. Kids helped too, shooting stuff with the sprayer. Not sure why I did it, very unusual for me, but it’s one of those once every-eight-year jobs that needs doing from time-to-time. Love it when chelation makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Shows me I’m on the right track.

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Wowza! Colours Go Crazy!

And we have lift off! I lied. I don’t have a little colour returning, I have a bucket load of colours back with a vengeance. Amazing! We live in a super funky world. So many cool things happen to me! I love this $hit!

Yesterday, six days after my 76th chelation round ended, I started getting some colours back. I am terribly colour blind. I mean, proper colour blind. I am red/green, green/brown, and yellow/blue colour blind. When I chelate colours often reappear like magic, and I can see them again. Usually just one or two colours at a time. I guess it unblocks some pathways, somewhere, somehow. God know what happens. When they come back, they wow me, they pummel me, they sparkle me, they shake me, and wake me and jazz up my life like a great big kaleidoscope of fun! It’s all rather exciting and makes me feel like a kid again. Nothing wrong with that!

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Back On My Horse: Chelation Re-Starts Here.

palerider1I have restarted my mercury detox program. I just completed my 76th round under the Cutler Protocol. I now have 223 chelation days under my belt. That was my first round for 18 months. Prior to that was another 18 months break. So, essentially I have been off chelation for three years. Time flies eh!

Slipped straight back into the old routine on day 1: started Thursday evening and then had Friday in the office. Kept the same old dose timings: 9 doses, every 2.5 hours and 3 hours at night. Kept the same dose level too: 5mg’s ALA. Yes, remember I am a low-doser. Felt a little tired at 5pm, but honestly I feel a bit tired at 5pm from time to time even without chelation.

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Yet another bump along my journey…Adrenal Crash!

worldwar42-2357554Well, it seems I was not ready to re-start chelation. I have been feeling progressively worse since the last round finished three weeks ago. Seems the round has stressed me and my poor ol’ body and now I’m having some kind of episode/incident/crash.

I am off work sick this week. I suppose I could have dragged myself in, but it would have been horrid because I’m feeling pretty pikey. And also I need time to remain calm and I need to space to figure my $hit out.

Whats wrong? I’m freezing cold all the time, and I’m talking super chilled-to-the-bone cold. If I go outside a warm room I shiver constantly. I’m lacking in energy big time. Nauseas. I had a 2 day period of feeling depressed and down, but that’s gone now. I was scared, but I’m ok now. Now I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m definitely having a crisis. Chilling at home is minimising the crash, but chelation has caused a problem.

I was a bit worried about the old ticker, so I even went to see a regular doctor. He said my heart was fine, which is a BIG relief. Everything seemed fine to him. He is doing some thyroid blood tests. Not sure it was worth seeing a regular doc, but best to check in case it’s anything … well, anything mega serious is showing. Main thing is the heart is ok.

Ten days ago I also went to see a muscle tester lady. She said my liver was stressed, along with my adrenals and thyroid glands. Ummm, I knew about the liver and have been working on that for months now, but the adrenal and thyroid thang is a new re-discovery.

So I started taking my 3-a-day temperatures to see what’s going on.


Ummmmmm. Not a good graph. For those un-accustomed to temp graphs; my average temps should all be around the top of the first coloured band where is says 37.0 degs. As u can see it’s all rather low and unstable. The up and down jaggedness means my adrenals are shot. The low temps mean my thyroid is shot. Yes, F*$k.

Back here again.
Oh well, at least I am experienced and know what to do!

Obviously chelation has stressed me. Obviously I need adrenal and thyroid support in order to chelate. And obviously chelation will have to take a back seat until that’s in place.

Anyway, today I went back to the muscle tester lady again. She tested all my supplements, specifically the adrenal support (ACE) that reacted badly with my heart last year…and good news; it tested fine. I restart the adrenal support with ACE in the morning!!
She also confirmed my liver is still troubled and gave some different liver herbs. And she also confirmed the current crisis is probably, looks most likely, to be an Adrenal Crash.
Great. Just what I need. Ho hum.

But, at least I didn’t do two rounds, or three rounds, or increase my chelator dose, or do a liver flush or anything drastic like that. I do in fact feel better just knowing what the problem is. Knowing it’s adrenals, knowing which adrenal support to take…all makes the problems manageable. I now have a new plan and priority: Adrenal support first using ACE and B-complex. When the Adrenals are supported, as shown by a level set of temperatures, then it will be time to embark on thyroid support. But first things first: Adrenal support here we come. From past experience it will probably take two to three months for the adrenal glands to kick back on-line. Maybe it could be quicker? Please! LOL

And, I gotta ask myself the serious and very personal question of: why and how? Why and how did I let myself get like this? Again! Especially a man of my experience! Well if I’m honest with myself it’s because of the heart thing I had last year. I let myself believe I just (ha!) had a heart issue. I let myself believe what my doc’s told me. That it was just a heart problem.

It was a heart issue, but it was also an adrenal and thyroid issue too. I was addressing them, with the usual supplements, but the heart problem was a BIGGER problem and that needed sorting first. In fact the adrenal and thyroid support made the heart worse, so I had to stop them all. I have some tricky months ahead of me as I figure out what supplements I can take that don’t mess with the heart. Hmmmmm. Not something I’m looking forward to.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Problems, problems, and they all need sorting out. It is amazing just how much crap I have to put up with and go through! Bloody mercury. I hope in my next life I do something calmer!

As usual when things hit fans I get myself some TLC: I had a massage last night. That was nice. Warmed me up. I have a healing session with my lovely healing lady this evening too. She is awesome and I look forward to her hands-on energy. Money well spent seeing her.

That’s all, sorry it’s bad news, sorry I’m having a moan, but life’s a bitch sometimes.
Such is life for the mercury toxic.


Chelation round 75. Back in the saddle again.

rw818ibs15_im_back_in_the_saddle_again_800After a long chelation break I’m back in the saddle. Sixteen months I’ve have had off chelation. It was an enforced absence. Too sick to chelate. Last year was very unpleasant health-wise, but I have regained enough of my strength and health to restart my mercury detoxification. Life is pretty normal again now. I work, I herb, and now I chelate again. I am well enough to support everything at last. I chelate using the Andrew Cutler Protocol.

My 75th chelation round was fine. Not the smoothest, not by a long way, but nothing bad, or even remotely bad happened. After such a long break it should be considered normal to have a few slightly rough rounds whilst my body gets back in the regular rhythm of chelation.

I had a little heartburn rumbling, but only a mild two on the Richter scale.

On the third day I had a moment of clarity. At lunch I looked up and everything was visually clear. Like switching TV channel to a high-definition channel. I could see clearly now. Colours were more focused and vivid. The pictures on my walls looked clear and vivid. Blue particularly sparkled at me.

I had periods of activity and periods of tiredness, but nothing extraordinary. Did a lot of work in the garden and got out of breath and my heart kicked into turbo. I just sat down on the wall and breathed deep. It passed within 90 seconds. Nothing serious.

I had the most incredible night-sweats. Holy cow it was intense. I have been getting night-sweats recently anyway, but on night two of the round I woke up completely drenched. I went to the loo and the sweat was running down my legs, my t-shirt was sodden, my hair wet through. Not sure what that means?

I smell too. I had forgotten about that. I smell ripe. In fact I smell musky and manly. Powerfully pungent! Funny how we like our own smell, but dislike others. I guess this is a man thing. I guess to everyone else I just smell strong and nasty. Oh, the joys of chelation!

Bowel movements went to light tan for 24 hours, as is usual when I chelation. It’s a liver stress signal.

In the previous 20 rounds I have had re-distribution side-effects for about 3 days after the round ended. And this was no exception. First day and a half was mild, but last day and a half I did feel a bit pikey. Nothing serious, but tired and a tad irritable. Like I got out the bed the wrong side. I was itchy-under-my-skin too. Not sure how else to describe that uncomfortable off-feeling after a round. Itchy-under-my-skin is the best I can come up with.

Also had on odd rash on my ankle appeared from nowhere, but overall it was a perfectly normal round.

I don’t really have a time line I am aiming at. I am a lower doser. I chelated at 5mgs ALA only. I am not sure how long my chelation will take, but I am mentally prepared for the long haul. 75 rounds under my belt, I’d estimate I have at least the same again to go. I think I will be a 190 round man, but that’s so far off as to be irrelevant. At my rate of chelation that’s another 5 years.

Not ideal…

But what can I do? I don’t believe I should burden myself with targets and time lines. I believe I should just get on with it and chelate when I can. And that’s what I’m doing.

That’s all folks!

My chelation re-starts

images i'm backOk, I need to start planning things out. Life is getting full again and I need to arrange a plan for the coming months. So many things to do!

Important considerations:

1) My liver and gallbladder are still congested. Muscle testing confirmed this. My symptoms confirm this. I need more HW Liver herbs.

2) Because of the liver and gallbladder situation I might, repeat might, do a liver flush. Maybe. I have been thinking about it. These are the heavy-duty things with epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice. Not recommended for us mercury toxic dudes and dudettes because they are so hardcore. Cutler furiously frowns on them! But I am feeling a lot better now. I have been working on the liver and gallbladder for months. All the herbs have certainly all helped, but I do get the feeling we have a log-jam situation in there. I am seeing a muscle tester soon. We will see what a professional thinks my body should do. A liver flush will take out one whole weekend. I have done them before, when I was ultra sick and they were heavy-duty. Again, this is just a possibility.

3) My kidneys are still congested. Need some kidney herbs. I have not done any kidney herbs for nine months and they need doing.

4) I need to experiment with increasing my milk thistle intake. Need a free week to attempt that. I am currently on one cap a day. Without that cap I feel worse. It is essential liver support for me. But when I take two caps I get a real splitter of a headache that will not shift: or it did the last time I tried a couple of years ago. Now I need to test it out again: see if I can handle two caps after all the liver herbs.

5) And I need to restart chelation. I will not chelate weekly. I have never really been able to safely chelate weekly. Bi-weekly was always better for me: twice a month.

So yeah, as you can see, plenty of things to get my teeth stuck into. Never a dull moment.

I know some of you have been wondering when I’d pull my finger out and re-start chelation, but in my defence I have been busy. My healing schedule/plan has been full-on and constant for the last 6 years; it’s just that chelation had to stop with the heart problemo. In fact, let me list out exactly what I did last year:

January 2012: Humaworm parasite cleanse.

February & March: 45 days kidney herbs. Also started a six month herbal bowel cleanse.

April: 30 days Chinese heart herbs.

May: After the Chinese herbs screwed me up, I focused on bowel cleaning herbs and had six colonics.

June: Another 30 days HW parasite cleanse. Mega diet change. Switched to über healthy, no wheat, no dairy, nor any refined foods.

July: Tried some liver herbs but side-effects made life impossible and had to stop after a week.

August: Humaworm Candida herbs. The most difficult set of herbs I have ever done, but felt much better afterwards.

September: High dosages campaign of pro-biotics, then Essiac herbs for 18 days, then on to SHS liver herbs.

October: Specific Carbohydrate diet. Still on the bowel cleanse and added some P&B shakes for fun.

End October: Another round of Humaworm Candida herbs.

November: Sets of castor oil packs weekly for my liver.

December: Essiac tea for my liver

January 2013: Humaworm parasite cleanse, plus juice fast.

February: Humaworm Liver herbs and started Aloe Vera drinking.

So yeah, I took a break from chelation because I was so sick – but I was still full-on action hero for my health. It’s not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs wishing myself better. All that stuff has got me back to being in a position to re-start my chelation now.

GAD-VL8SL-BKMonday I wore my special chelation vibration watch. It has an alarm that vibrates on your wrist as is ideal for me when I chelate in the office: Vibralite-8. It still works – so no excuses now!

As you can tell I have been mentally pumping myself up for a chelation round…and and and, and I started my 75th round last night. Happy dayz!! The heart problem I had caused me to pause my chelation regime for 16 long months. My last round was October 2011. Yes, the heart problem was a serious pothole along my road. But that’s behind me now and I look forwards and don’t dwell on the past.

My only concern in re-starting my chelation is screwing it up, LOL. As a rule my rounds are pretty easy and manageable. The only problems I get are when I make a mistake during a round and end early. I mean like missing a dose. If I end rounds early they always hurt. Always. I have been reminding myself to stay focused and on point. On that note I now have triple alarms in the night for each of my three wake-ups for taking the caps. Main alarm, plus double back up. Nice!

5mg ALA every 2.5 hours during the day and 3 hours at night.
Round 75 here we come!!!!

I feel like part of the gang again now.

That’s all folks!

Round 74

Decided to do another round to see if it changed anything, but nothing out of the ordinary happened except that recovery took longer after the round; four days.

I am feeling really tired and drained of energy all the time now. Life is difficult all over again and I’m not really sure why. Workouts are impossible. My temperatures remain low and that indicates tired thyroids, but the Armour support is doing nothing. I don’t understand why that’s not working, not even a little bit.

Well, the conclusion of these last two rounds confirms that I am too fatigued to chelate. It’s not chelation that’s doing this to me either. Something, somewhere is busted, or I’m doing something wrong.

Chelation must stop here until I feel strong enough to continue.

Not a happy bunny.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 73

Ahhh! Not good news. All those tightly bunched together rounds in April, May and June seem to have fried my adrenals and thyroids. I am perpetually drained of energy. Oh no! I have just had a three month chelation break because of it. I have tried lots of herbs: Liver, kidney, bowel and they have done nothing to help with this fatigue. Gutted!

I wonder why this is happening now? My actual chelation rounds seem fine. No big issues happened, except a bit tired afterwards. But that’s normal. I always feel tired after a round.

At the moment the finger of blame points to my adrenals and thyroids. Adrenals seem ok now as they are supported with Adrenal Cortex. But I am struggling with the thyroids. I’m on 3 grains Armour and … nothing. Temps remain low. I remain tired. Bugger. That will teach me to get all excited and cocky and think I’m better. Bloody mercury!

Maybe this is just chelation hiccups? Maybe I just need to chelate my way through it? Not sure what else to do, so I will do a couple of rounds see what happens.

This round was easy and I have nothing of any significance to report. Colours sparkled as usual. I finished with a detox bath as usual. I remain fatigued.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 72

Good news and bad news.

Bad news first: I have a very dodgy left foot. It’s constantly itchy and a rash has come up strong on my toes and arch of my foot. It’s been playing up for a while, but it’s worse now. My feet are really hot and uncomfortable. My heel is a bit manky too. I have a painful lower back when I lay down in bed. Sinus’s are semi blocked which has stopped yoga and my meditation too. I can’t breathe through my nose and mediation just does not connect if I can’t breathe properly. I feel low in energy too.

Doing some kidney herbs to see if they help. Doesn’t feel like it. Something somewhere is wrong. Not sure what. Chelation seems ok. Each round is pretty easy and manageable with cool funky things happening. But I had to break from chelation for a month before this round. The tiredness and symptoms drain my life. Where has my good health gone?

The good news: The previous round was BIG on colours and they are still clear and shinning at me. I must have got a big load of mercury out.

This round was an easy all the way through, although I needed extra sleep on Sunday. I had a couple of odd moments where I thought I was appreciating music much more than usual. It’s difficult to tell because I sometimes get into my music heavily. I was in the car and the CD sounded like the best music in the universe. Totally stunning. It was just an old compilation CD from Anthony Pappa: hardly ground breaking stuff. I will keep an ear out for any more sound-experiences and report back.

First day after-round: That CD sounds stunning!!!!! It is taking my breath away with its beauty. I definitely got some sound back here! My ears have been chelated! Nice!

Two week after the round: I just listened to Pink Floyds ‘Wish you were here’. This track goes way back to my teenage years. My best mate Ziya introduced it to me one lazy Saturday afternoon in his dorm. Happy dayz!

Well today, it totally blew me away. A love explosion of the ears. I had tears welling up, getting all emotional and steamy. I love this track, love it with all my heart, my favourite track, but this was something different. Tears of joy from listening to music: What fun!


I have definitely got some hearing back on this round.

How super cool is that!

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 71


Day 1: The clouds look wild! Little fluffy clouds! Orb style! Wow! Colours must be coming on strong because the sky is talking to me in texture, depth, colour and looks amazing. Did someone slip me some disco biscuits? Blues looking funky and I keep noticing them all over the palace. I love chelation when it brings me these wonders!

First day after-round: That was an eventful round! Defcon 1 in terms of colours looking sharp. I am seeing in high-definition too. Really crystal clear viewing at the moment. Lots of blues standing out and winking at me. I did have a few grotty hours during the round, which was a drag. But I also have a few hours of feeling absolutely wonderful, which was brilliant.

Third day after-round: I got pretty tired and drained again, but I survived. I had also started a three day liquid fast.

Overall this was a super-fluffy-colours round. Blue is the colour, and I think I see another type of blue in there? Mauve? Is that a real colour? Is that purple I spy? Not sure, whatever, it’s funky man. Makes me feel like a kid again.

I am running out of 5mg ALA caps. Time to order some more from Dean at www.livingnetwork.com.za in South Africa. But I’m gonna stick at this dose. Moving up to 6.25mg ALA was too problematic and hurt too much last time. I need to chelate at levels that don’t damage me. I am juggling my city job and family life here. So yeah, I’m going to stick with 5mg ALA for now. Cutler says find a dose and stick with it. That’s what I’m going to do. The inclination is to push on and get to higher dosages, but each hard round gives me the dose of reality I need to keep my dose level ‘n’ steady. 5mg suits me for now. On round is fine, after the rounds finished can be a drag, but it’s manageable.

As usual I end the round with a super-duper-double hot Epsom salt detox bath. They agree with me. They certainly reduce my after-round redistribution side effects.

I am also dreaming frequently. Austin Powers style dreams.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.


Round 70

Missed a weekend of chelation because of the Mercury Attack on the last round. Wanted to have a relaxed and calm break after the last troublesome round.  Always best to recover properly before starting another round.

On round something strange happened when I ate carbohydrates, specifically when I ate my bread. I had a mega racing heartbeat. It happened twice, right after eating my homemade, hand-milled bread. Scary racy. Not fun. Really fast. Pounding away.

I sat down to rest to see if it dissipated, but it didn’t. Then I thought to focus on my breath, to slow and control my breathing. That seemed to work and after a couple of minute’s slow breathing, the racing heart relaxed and calmed.

Muscle testing confirmed I was not handling the bread at all. I don’t understand it. Why would bread (carb’s) give me a racing heart? Maybe it’s chelation doing something weird to me? I have done a LOT of chelation recently. Something else to think about. Bread is now off my menu.

Second day of the round was a full-on do-lots-of-things day. Cool! Loads of garden jobs done. And – yoga restarted! Rock n roll! Super happy about that. My yoga practice comes and goes depending how I feel. When I feel great, yoga is possible.

My dodgy right wrist with the repetitive strain injury (RSI) is better after switching mouse hands. I got used to left-handed mouse use after 5 days in the office, although it was very odd at first.

Also I can smell loads of things. My sense of smell has come back big-time Charlie. I get no more light tan bowel movements. Nice! I guess that’s the liver herbs doing their magic. Thank you herbs.

Colours seem brighter only occasionally.


I think I will do 2-3 more rounds then retry 6.25mg ALA again. I am back on the adrenal support, so I should handle it better, maybe. We will see.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 69

Oh no! Got off to the worst start imaginable. Missed the first 3am dose. After just three doses into the round. No idea why. Both main and backup alarms were set. I stopped the round immediately. I had a detox bath that very morning to try to stop the $hit from hitting the fan. I had a horrible sinking feeling. Messing up the round usually ends painfully.

First day and a half was OK and I started to think I’d avoided anything bad, but then the fog set in hard: doom, gloom, anger, aggression and zombie state. Major brain fog crushed me. I just wanted to be on my own. Kept my mouth firmly and forcibly shut. I did not want to utter any words for fear of unleashing the dogs of war on some poor unsuspecting soul.

Oh no. Poor me. Poor me. I wanted some sympathy but at the same time I need to be left well alone. It’s not safe to talk to people in this state. I seriously and urgently needed to swear furiously. I bit back the pain. Lucky it was the weekend. I retreated to my room, closed the door and cranked the music up loud. That took me away. Distracted me some.

Next I had flu. Sore throat came on strong. Oh woe is me. Sunday evening I was boiling hot and slept the worst in the world. Really felt like a sack-o-cacko. I could not have got up if there was a 50 fifty pound note sitting on my front drive. Monday evening finally felt normal-ish. Tuesday I went back to work. What a nightmare. How long do I have to put up with this? How long will my recovery take? Why did this happen? Well obviously I messed up the round by missing the dose, but still, seems overly harsh.

I must be truthful with myself. I now chelate and do the herbs at the same time. This time I combined chelation with some liver herbs. Again. I doubled my herbs dose on the day I started the chelation round. Doh! I was just building the dose up to my target level. Silly me. Pushing it again.

Well, why not push it? In-between rounds I feel totally normal. NORMAL. Completely normal. Feels easy when I start these things. But I must realise, I must remember: the mercury is still lurking inside me. When I pull it out, it greatly affects me.

And why did I miss the chelation dose? No idea, but increasing the herbs will not have helped. Silly.

So yeah, herbs and the missed dose take the blame this time. But more seriously only one person takes the blame: Me.

Three days of pain from a couple of silly mistakes.

A butterfly flaps its wings…




Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 68

A normal round. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Pretty easy.

Second day after round I had a very dodgy morning: a lot of gritted teeth and face stretching Jim Carey style. Don’t worry, the faces were all in trap one of the downstairs loo’s. Then the boss sprung a surprise lunch on me, one-on-one. Oh, bad timing! It wasn’t too bad, although I did have to grin and bear it. I felt better after a small beer. I also had muscle weakness with lower back weak after this round. But it’s small fry and does not last. It passes, as it always passes. Just the joys of chelation.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 67

I didn’t drink enough water on the second day. I just forgot, went out and didn’t have my water bottle. In the evening I felt like I was doomed, DOOMED! I was bored, miserable, spaced and grumpy so I went to bed at 9pm and slept nine hours. Felt fine the next day. I guess it was the lack of water that did that. Maybe? Maybe not? I must remember to keep my water intake up at 2 litres a day, especially so whilst on-round.

5th round in 5 weeks, nice! It’s good to have this chelation marathon. Now I am feeling better this is what I should be doing. Still on the same schedule: 3 days on, 4 days off.

Edit: 1st day after round: My left shoulder hurts. Hurts like it used to hurt. Muscle testing said it was my liver; no idea if that’s correct. No colours coming back.

Edit: 2nd day after round: Did i see blue and yellow cleared today? Not sure.

Edit: 3rd day after round: Yes. Blue and yellow! Nice! Is that purple I see? Not sure, but it’s a bright and sparkly blue I see.

Edit: 4th day after round: Yeah: blue and yellow back! Lots of double takes as the colours sparkle at me. Lovely.

Overall comment: I am dreaming a lot. No the wild adventures, but every night feels like I am dreaming. Cool.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 66

Normal round, nothing to report out of the ordinary, except that on the 2nd day I took too much of my liver herbs. I’m doing a herbal liver cleanse at the moment. At the start I gradually raise the dose until I hit my limit. Today I hit that limit and it gave me a real blinder of a headache. Nothing would shift it. Light hurt my eyes. I needed darkness. I paused taking the herbs and the next day all was fine. I kept chelating and all was as per usual.

Second day after-round I got a crick in the neck. Ouch! Really hurt, but was mostly gone next day.

After round notes: I just realised recovery now takes three days. Not sure how many, but maybe the last 10-15 rounds have all taken approximately three days to recover from, rather than the usual two days. I get two days of minor hassles spread over three days. Usually the first day after is OK but the third can be problematic. Nothing serious, but more tired, odd aches and pains surface. I aware I am on the after-round come-down phase.

And another thing entirely different: my osteopath Katie and I figured out my dodgy right wrist. It’s been hurting on and off these last few months and I’ve no idea why. I can’t put much pressure on it. It has started to hinder my yoga. No downward dogs!

We figured out it’s my mouse from the PC in the office. It gets real heavy usage and it’s giving me repetitive strain injury (RSI). I need a little pad under my wrist to support it. Maybe change the mouse to a more ergonomic style too. And Katie said to try it left-handed too, to give the right a break and chance to recover. I tried left-handed mouse while typing up my journal and I felt like a spastic, but practice should make it easier!

The chelation charge continues.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 65

Third round in a month! Good work Danny boy! On a chelation charge! I feel completely normal again now I have re-introduced adrenal support. Happy dayz!

Day one I was in DO IT mode. I weeded the lawn! By hand! Yes, that’s very unusual. I was a bit pooped in the evening, but that’s cool. It’s nice to have a physical day spend mucking about in the garden.

Day two and all was fine. Ditto the third day. In all a great on-round round. Second day after the round I did feel 3 out of 10 for spaced and I had some odd hours where I zoned out in space-city. I had a little low back muscle weakness too. But by the third day everything was cool again. All that will not stop this chelation charge and I will be chelating the next week too.

No change seeing the colours this round.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 64

It’s April and spring is in the air! What a great colour green is! I’m not very good with green, always been one my most difficult colours to see. Green for me could be red, or brown, or green! So really it’s a nothing mish-mash of a colour for me.

I was on a Boris bike cycling around Tottenham Court road tube and the trees were just sprouting their fresh spring leaves. What an amazing sight to see such acid green colour dazzling me. A pleasure to behold. I guess people take these things for granted. I guess they seen it all a million times before. Looks amazing to me though J Makes chelation worth it when I get the colours sparkling and shinning at me. So odd how the colours come to me one or two at a time. Funny how it’s not everything getting clearer at the same time. Wonder what that means?

Went to Bath for the weekend. That’s on the west cost of England, near Wales.  Did the thermal spa. Lovely! In the evening I felt like a million bucks. Always agrees with me those hot springs.

Otherwise normal round. A little bit of heartburn at the end, but otherwise easy. I need to stay in the groove and keep chelating.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.