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  1. and I forgot to add this one – quite long but very explanatory


    I’ve not been able to complete my parasite herb detox as my Herxheimer reaction was just too severe. Body pain and migrains +++ could hardly put my feet to the floor. Guess my bug level is high and my detox Phase II is very slow. Our bodies are wonderful when they function aren’t they??

  2. Well, interesting stuff. Herx so severe you had to stop eh? Ok. That shows just how sick you are. Also, I would suggest that rather thinking of your reaction as “just herxheimer-ing” – but that you think of it as “mega reactions to parasite killing herbs, which can only mean I am infested with parasites.”

    This is a very important signal and understanding for you. You have discovered that you have a major parasite problem. Don’t forget it. Don’t brush it under the carpet. This is a BIG issue for you. You need to dedicate time and energy into understanding the problem and how to solve it. Big reactions mean you need to do things more gently, or do other easier things first. I had the same problems and I got out of my hole!!! I’m sure you can too.

    During the time you took humaworm i hope you where drinking tons and tons of water? Minimum 2 litres and maybe even 3 litres a day? Water intake is 100pct vital and those cleanses are not do-able without constant water. Even missing 2-3 hours can cause a stack of symptoms to dump on your head. And I hope you reduced the dose a bit? half dose? Quarter dose? Skip a few days?
    If you did those things, and it was still way too wild, it means you need to go back one step. And the first step in herbal cleaning if parasite cleansing is too wild..is bowel cleaning. Gotta have clean bowels in order to detox. Toxins have to be able to exit the body.

    Email me directly if you have any other questions.


  3. Hi Daniel
    I am very very ill with mercury poisening. I have been bed ridden and in horrific neroligical pain for 5 years. Do you ever help people that are really ill with what to do?? I need someone to work with me as I cannot put together what to do to get this poisen out of my lymph…my organs….my nervous system…..brain. I try not to give up.
    Please let me know if you could help me at all. I pray nonstop for help. I just need to know what to do.
    Hugs & Blessings
    Samantha Cook

    • if that helps, I suffered from severe mercury and copper poisoning for 10 years, and the first thing I did that helped a whole lot was to go on a 5-day green juice cleanse (I was supervised by a naturopath, but you can do it at home, start with 3 days maybe, or find a doctor who can supervise you), followed by a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Then, having your silver amalgams removed properly would help too. But for me, the juice cleanses were a life-saver. And taking supplements and watching my diet (sulfur-containing foods, gluten, and sugar/carbohydrates make things worse) Good luck!

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