Mile high!

I am on a British Airways flight to Mumbai. My in-flight 3D map tells me I am currently flying over the Caspian Sea, some place called Baku. It’s a four day trip. Two days business. Two days travelling. I’m bored sitting here. So I thought I’d type a mile high blog entry.

I have been busy this week. Lots of things going on and no time for castor oil packs in the evenings. I have been feeling a little ropey again. Only a little, I still feel better overall, but some gains from the castor oil packs have reduced. A little bit of nausea has crept back. Why’s that?

I think it’s because the castor oil packs, or lack of I should say. When you detox using the castor oil packs they only detox the gallbladder a little bit. What I mean is; they only detox the bottom part of it. Or maybe say; only a little bit of crud comes out. It is still full of gunk and gallstones in the top part. After a few days the gunk settles and things get re-blocked up. Less gunked, but still gunked.

Yes, exactly: that’s why you have to keep doing them. It’s a weekly job. Three-in-three days weekly will keep detoxing the gallbladder.  Castor oil packs are a gentle detox and they require weekly commitment to your getting better. They are a civilised way to detox, but it is slow and takes time. That’s alright, I have plenty of time.

What else is going on?

I think I said it before, but my diet is reduced down to Defcon ‘strict’, rather than Defcon ‘ultra strict’. Back on a little fruit and carbs, except wheat.

Oh yes, Humaworm Candida is paused/stopped for my Mumbai trip. Not good to travel and try to do business in strange places doing herbs. I need to be in peak condition when travelling. I have done 28 days out of 30, so I think that will probably be it and I will stop here. I still have half the pills left because I was on a reduced dose for the first 3 weeks. I will freeze them to keep them fresh and save them for another time.

So, what’s next you ask?

Will it be a bowel cleanse? Or maybe a parasite cleanse? Or liver herbs to go with the castor oil packs? Or kidney cleanse? Or lungs? Or pro-biotics? Or chelation? Or a break? Or Reiki? Or a combination?

Answers on a postcard, or hit the reply button below.

That’s all folks!

Castor Oil Packs – Ding Ding, Round II – Major success!

Ok Castor oil packs. These are done over my gallbladder to help heal and unclog it. Last weekend I completed my second set of three-in-three days. After the third I drank some olive oil then went to bed.

In the morning I passed a load of yellowy bile in my BM. Always a good sign. That is the signal that the castor oil pack worked. It means my gallbladder had a mini flush and unclogged some gunk. But it is only a mini flush, so they need repeating. I consider castor oil packs to be a very civilised way of detoxing. I have only ever felt good during and after them. So much more civilised that those hardcore ‘liver flushes’.

So, results? What’s happened since then?

Well, the nausea I have had daily for the last 11 months has gone. Rock ‘n’ roll!

The jitteriness I have had for 11 months has greatly reduced. Happy dayz!

The uncomfortable feeling of ill-health has lifted too. Nice!

Today I feel normal. Normality has returned. My health is not constantly keeping me on edge. I feel more relaxed and calm. Steady. And I must say I am pretty happy about all this. It’s about time I had a break through! It has been a tough and difficult year. As a rough guide I would say I am about 20 percent better than I was before the packs…so yeah, as I said: all pretty cool and happy.

I’m not out of the wood yet. The liver and gallbladder still need a lot of work on them. I will continue with the castor oil packs weekly and will soon start some liver herbs too.

I have been doing the Humaworm Candida herbs for the last three and a half weeks. I have had to keep the dosage at between ¼ and ½ dosage due to the horrid side effects kicking my arse. Since I completed the 2nd set of castor oil packs I have felt fine and ramped the herbs dose up to full power….and I feel fine, no side effects at all. Those castor oil packs have certainly hit the nail on the head for me right now!

Happy dayz!

What else is going on here? I had a massage on Monday night from my friend Anna. Thank you!! Tuesday night I had a one hour reiki session from my local reiki master Roma the Healing Lady. Felt like the right thing to do. Give my body some love. I have booked up two more appointments in the next two weeks. Good to get some energy surging round my system.

I have relaxed my diet now. I am now eating all veggies. (I was avoiding carrots and beets and anything with lots of sugar like parsnips). Also eating potatoes, and raw cheese. Only thing I am still avoiding is wheat. I will keep that off the menu for a while. All other junk and rubbish is long gone off my menu.

I am still doing the Transformational Breathing every morning for 10 minutes, still meditating for 45 minutes every morning too. And the bowel cleaning herbs as well.

Tomorrow I have large lunch appointment with all my top clients and booze will be unavoidable. I have been off the drink for 3 months, so I guess we will see if I can handle it! Don’t worry, I will be taking it very easy. I have to because I’m off to India on Saturday. Two day business trip to Mumbai. In, out, shake it all about. That will be fun, but knackering.

Yes. Yes that’s right. Yes I do do a lot of different things don’t I. My health waits for no one. I have tried sitting on my arse doing nothing. But for me, for the mercury toxic, that does not work. Action is required! I just keep cycling through all the different healing methods I know of. Everything helps in its own special way, and sometimes you get a major boost like I have just done with the castor oil packs.

Take care

Castor Oil Packs: I love it when a plan comes together!

Muscle Tester Dude found my gallbladder stressed so I decided to do some castor oil packs. The deal is this: you soak three flannels in a bottle of castor oil. Enough to make the flannels wet, but not drippy wet. You apply the soaked flannels, called a pack, to the area in need of help. In this case my gallbladder, which is a hands width beneath my right nipple. The pack is applied flat and is sealed in place with cling film. It gets a good wrapping because you don’t want that castor oil getting smeared all around your house, furniture and clothes. Next you apply a hot water bottle to the area, wrap yourself in a towel, and sit down on the sofa in front of the TV and watch whatever.

The heat warms everything up and you get a warm fuzzy glow. The castor oil heats up and goes into your body and works its healing magic. After about one to one and a half hours you take the pack off. The time to take the pack off is when you first feel a twinge of detox, or the first fluttery sensation of oddness. Yes, you will feel it. Yes, it is subtle. Afterwards wash the area in warm water with some bicarb soda. The bicarb soda lifts any toxins that have transferred out of the gallbladder and that may be lodged in the skin. The wash is important. If you don’t use the bicarb soda you may get an itchy rash that will not go away until you wash with the bicarb soda. You have been warned!

I guess it sounds a bit fantastical, but it’s just another example of the holistic healthcare that you can do yourself from the comfort of your own armchair. Castor oil has long history of healing. Any internet search will provide plenty more details, or if you want to get really involved, you can read ‘Oil that heals’ by William A. Mcgarey.  Odd book, but nevertheless tells you all about castor oil, its history and its healing capabilities.

Well, the deal for healing gallbladders is to do three packs, over the gallbladder, in three days. After the third, on the third day, you drink a good glug of olive oil. I measure it by filling my half pint glass to one fingers worth of olive oil. I guess that’s three-ish table spoons of olive oil. Then go to bed. This is supposed to help clean and cleanse the gallbladder and liver.

But the proof, as ever, is in the pudding. Does it actually work? That’s were I come in.

Last night I did my third in three days and then forced down the olive oil. It always makes me judder. Always makes me shake my head, stretch my jaw and shudder. Drinking neat olive oil is kinda gag inducing, but its temporary and no big deal.

Last night I muscle tested the oil before I drank it and my body gave a super strong and positive signal. Very encouraging! I glugged it down, I juddered, I went to bed.

I slept well. In fact I slept right through to my alarm. Odd, I usually have to get up at 3am and have a pee. That’s a good thing.

Normally my mornings are a bit dodgy. I have 5-10 minutes where I just sit on the bog and hold my hands over face and try to grab hold of my life. I breathe deep, sigh, groan and feel generally frazzled and unrested from sleep. It’s no big deal. No one is around. No one can see. But I notice it. I know it’s not normal. I have tried, but every morning I sit there holding my face, all scrunched up, my body silently screaming to get some unknown horridness out of my body. I can’t stop it. It must be some toxin lurkin’ in me. Why else would I feel so frazzled? Odd eh! Some detoxing must go on whilst I am asleep, but is unable to exit.

This morning, after the third castor oil pack, everything was normal. I sat on the loo, did my business, finished, then went to do my morning meditation. I had a huge smile on my face too, because the horrid, scrunched, frazzled, torn feeling was absent. Happy dayz! I love it when a plan comes together. Must be the castor oil pack. Must be. I don’t believe in coincidences. That’s a good signal that the castor oil pack has help detox me some. It is very important to listen to your body. I have been feeling light and free all day.

For most of this year I have also had this morning nausea that lasts until about 11am. It varies in intensity, but it is always there. Breakfast is kinda forced: I need to food, but the nausea takes away the pleasure. This morning the nausea was gone:-)

I love it when a plan comes together.

I will be doing more of these castor oil packs. You need to do them in campaigns. Three on their own, in isolation, are not enough. I will do them weekly from now on.

For the record I am : Meditating, transformational Breathing, Bowel cleaning with herbs, candida killing with herbs, and doing castor oil packs. The Candida herbs are at half dose, they continue to give me tingly and annoying die-off.

That’s all folks!

TB, Humaworm, Candida, Castor oil packs…but still no chelation.

Ok. Transformational Breathing (TB). What’s been happening? I had been doing the ten minutes practice each day before my morning meditation, but I got bored with it. So I moved on, and moved up;-) I skipped the meditation and just did 45 minutes TB. Ha! Now that’s more like it! Loads of funky vibrations when I do it for 45 minutes. That’s way more fun! Really oxygenates my body, and yeah, my body really likes that.

Last Friday I had a one-2-one session with The Transformational Breather Dude. What a nice man he is. Alan Dolan. Full of energy he is. And I mean energy, as in tingly, buzzy, spiritual and exciting energy. One of them people you instantly warm too. So relaxed. Calm.

I wonder what he sees when he sees me? Some stressed-out, middle-aged city chap no doubt. And that’s what I am. Stressed with my ill-health. It has been a major drag this year. I’m on the mend, but it takes time. Each set of herbs hurts. Each set of herbs takes its allotted time. Each set of herbs cannot be rushed. Bowel, parasite, candida, liver, kidney, lung. I have no doubt that if I could fast forward 6-8 months from now that I’d find myself looking back smugly and basking in my good health. I hope so anyway. Bowels done. Parasites done. Candida done and doing again. Diet doing. Liver and gallbladder and kidneys to do. And they are gonna hurt.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked, the TBreathing. 730pm Friday night after work. No time to go home beforehand, so I have dinner at my local Italian, Fabrizzio’s. And as usual I cut it too fine, get stuck in traffic and arrived 10 minutes late. Typical me.

We meet at a new yoga place I’ve never heard of called Indaba, just behind Marylebone Station off Euston road. Lovely place. Posh. Brand new. And all warm and homely. Smelled nice. Smelled of happy people. Wish I had a place like this close to my house or office. Wish I was well enough to yoga.

Alan lies me down and explains I will just be breathing the special breath. Innnnnnn-breath and a quick dropped out-breath. No pauses. Each in and out-breath connected. Repeat. Repeat for about one hour. Simple. He will guide me, direct me to breathe correctly and use the breath to free up and open the parts of my body that are stuck. That’s the plan anyway.

I’m used to the breathing technique so I slip into the rhythm within seconds. Alan prods me with his thumbs all around my body. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I shout out in surprise, sometimes it tickles and makes me laugh out loud. It is quite intense and occasionally my breath kicks in to overdrive and Alan has to remind me to calm the breath down. Less is more. Not good to hyperventilate. Throughout the hour Alan moves me about. Sometimes I’m sitting up, sometimes on my front with him prodding all over my back.

The intensity grows throughout the session and in the last five minutes the energy powers into overdrive in my hands. I love it when that happens. To feel the energy flowing like a wild-thing is wonderful, just a wonderful experience. My hands felt so heavy and full with power and buzzing with energy. I put them over my gallbladder to give them some healing energy.

Pity it only kicked in right at the end and I only had five minutes like that. Alan called me up and gave me a review: I’m good at breathing, good at getting the flow going, but I get over-keen, over-excited and breathe too quick. I need to hold the breath in check.

He said I need to calm down.


Find time to be on my own, to be myself.

And these were not breathing techniques…these were life lessons.


That’s why I meditate daily. It is a calm start to my perpetually busy days in the office.

Excuses, excuses…but the herbs must take their own good time. It’s not a question of ‘chilling out’. It’s a question of doing the herbs to detox my whole body. But I must finish these candida herbs first. Today is day 16. I have not got over half dosage yet.

Overall TB was another cool ‘n’ funky experience. A little expensive. 100 quid. Not cheap. Felt rough the next morning too as had some detoxing going on. Lots of water helped. But overall a fun incident along my journey. Something different. Nice to change things around a bit. Breaks the morning meditation routine up nicely. Would I do it again? Another 100 quid? Ummm…probably yes, but not next week. It is an interesting thing to do. Some people have gotten super better from doing it. I read the book by the discoverer. “The joys of Transformational Breathing” By Judith Kravitz. I always research everything I do. Interesting stuff. I find it amazing that such a simple change in focus in breathing can bring on such strong reactions.

I admit I am stressed at the moment. My health stresses me. It’s been an annus horribilis. And I’m in the middle of the Humaworm Candida herbs and they make life difficult. I only turned the corner in August. So that’s August, September, October, 13th November. Three and a half months since the BIG turnaround. And after the two steps forward, I have had a one step back. Ho hum.

Overall I am moving in the right direction, it is a little frustrating that each set of herbs takes so long. I am impatient to start the liver herbs now. The muscle tester Dude said my gallbladder is my biggest problem at the moment. So for that I need liver herbs, but I must first finish these candida herbs.

Because of my impatience I am doing castor oil packs over my gallbladder. Three days in a row, about an hour each, then after the third on the third day, I drink a good lug of olive oil and go to bed. It’s worked in the past. Very effective at cleaning the liver and gallbladder. A very civilised way to detox. Tonight is the third night.

Oh yeah, I have been doing these special diets for 6 weeks. No sugar and no carbs except brown rice. I have not really noticed anything too different, except I have lost 3kg’s, down to 69kg and that’s enough. I don’t like losing too much weight. I will gradually reintroduce some foods now. Lentils, potatoes and maybe some fruit to see what happens. I think I will keep wheat off my menu for a while longer.

That’s all folks!