Film Review: Evidence of Harm

Evidence_of_Harm_1080‘Evidence of Harm’ is a film about amalgam fillings and the appalling damage the mercury in those fillings causes people. It tells the story of the mercury poisoned people, the specialists fighting desperately to stop the use of amalgam and the dentists that do the drilling: some of the dentists believe amalgams are harmful, and some don’t. It delves deep into the politics of mercury with the American Dental Association (ADA) under the spotlight, and highlights some of the history from the early mercury days in the 1800’s to put things into perspective.

Research from the last few decades is reviewed and gives an up to date picture of where we are today in terms of the 50 percent mercury content of amalgam fillings. An astonishing number of people still receive amalgams even today in 2016. Many dentists, scientists, courts and official spokes-people are interviewed and give their views. It quickly becomes clear there is a mountain of evidence that supports what every normal, rational, unbiased person can understand: putting mercury in your mouth, close to your brain, is an incredibly dangerous thing to do, and yet somehow dentists across the world still continue to use amalgams to fill teeth.

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Evidence of Harm


Ohhh, exciting news. We have a new mercury film about to hit the airwaves. “Evidence of Harm”. About time too!

Not sure if you remember but there was a Kickstarter fund raising campaign back in 2012, raising money for a film to be called “You Put What In My Mouth?”. Well, they have finished it and changed the name to “Evidence of Harm”. It’s being released this month – October 2015. For any of you generous enough to fund the film with the Kickstarter thing, you name is in lights on their website:

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Book review: ‘Evidence of Harm’ by David Kirby

9780312326456This is an autism book. All about mercury in vaccinations that’s been screwing up our kids big stylee these last 20-30 years. Written in 2004, so it is a little dated now. This was one of the first books to get everything down in writing and explain to the common parent why their kid regressed into the pit of autism. It also tells them that there is a cure, and that some kids do get better with some treatments. There is hope! Which is awesome to strive after, awesome to spread the word.

It’s a big, long, complicated, small-writing type book. Takes dedication to read. It’s a great book, but not for the faint-hearted! More a marathon than a sprint. But that’s ok, the more I learn about mercury the better. And yes, Autism seems to be caused by mercury in vaccinations. The author goes into some serious detail in trying to balance both sides of the argument, but fails most of the time and comes down on the side of: “Its mercury you dump-arse! You cannot expect to inject small babies with known mega-toxins and not have bad things happen!”

I really enjoyed the book. Made me appreciate I am not alone in my battle and struggle to have the ‘western allopathic world’ understand me and my mercury poisoning. If you are feeling down, feeling low, feeling unloved, feeling like the whole world is against you, if you need some company, then read this book and see the appalling treatment these parents received when they tried to uncover the truth and protect future kids from being poisoned.

It is wildly and blatantly obvious the FDA and all the authorities could not afford to have mercury as having damaged so many kids, for so long. They are the authority and questioning authority is just not acceptable when they are in control!

Reading books like this make me understand why we, as amalgam poisoned people, get even less sympathy from the people that are supposed to protect us. If the authorities are content to poison new born babies with thimerosal, and then ignore and blind-side everyone and everything that points at the problem…if they can do that to little babies … then we as adults are buggered. Best just get on with healing in every-which-way that we can.

For those of you not up on your autism, looks like mercury is the culprit. Why else would autistic kids that chelate mercury out suddenly get better??

Complicated subject, but a cool book. I have read two big long books on autism and consider myself educated now. Next I will read some fiction. These health books are heavy duty!

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