TB, Humaworm, Candida, Castor oil packs…but still no chelation.

Ok. Transformational Breathing (TB). What’s been happening? I had been doing the ten minutes practice each day before my morning meditation, but I got bored with it. So I moved on, and moved up;-) I skipped the meditation and just did 45 minutes TB. Ha! Now that’s more like it! Loads of funky vibrations when I do it for 45 minutes. That’s way more fun! Really oxygenates my body, and yeah, my body really likes that.

Last Friday I had a one-2-one session with The Transformational Breather Dude. What a nice man he is. Alan Dolan. Full of energy he is. And I mean energy, as in tingly, buzzy, spiritual and exciting energy. One of them people you instantly warm too. So relaxed. Calm.

I wonder what he sees when he sees me? Some stressed-out, middle-aged city chap no doubt. And that’s what I am. Stressed with my ill-health. It has been a major drag this year. I’m on the mend, but it takes time. Each set of herbs hurts. Each set of herbs takes its allotted time. Each set of herbs cannot be rushed. Bowel, parasite, candida, liver, kidney, lung. I have no doubt that if I could fast forward 6-8 months from now that I’d find myself looking back smugly and basking in my good health. I hope so anyway. Bowels done. Parasites done. Candida done and doing again. Diet doing. Liver and gallbladder and kidneys to do. And they are gonna hurt.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked, the TBreathing. 730pm Friday night after work. No time to go home beforehand, so I have dinner at my local Italian, Fabrizzio’s. And as usual I cut it too fine, get stuck in traffic and arrived 10 minutes late. Typical me.

We meet at a new yoga place I’ve never heard of called Indaba, just behind Marylebone Station off Euston road. Lovely place. Posh. Brand new. And all warm and homely. Smelled nice. Smelled of happy people. Wish I had a place like this close to my house or office. Wish I was well enough to yoga.

Alan lies me down and explains I will just be breathing the special breath. Innnnnnn-breath and a quick dropped out-breath. No pauses. Each in and out-breath connected. Repeat. Repeat for about one hour. Simple. He will guide me, direct me to breathe correctly and use the breath to free up and open the parts of my body that are stuck. That’s the plan anyway.

I’m used to the breathing technique so I slip into the rhythm within seconds. Alan prods me with his thumbs all around my body. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I shout out in surprise, sometimes it tickles and makes me laugh out loud. It is quite intense and occasionally my breath kicks in to overdrive and Alan has to remind me to calm the breath down. Less is more. Not good to hyperventilate. Throughout the hour Alan moves me about. Sometimes I’m sitting up, sometimes on my front with him prodding all over my back.

The intensity grows throughout the session and in the last five minutes the energy powers into overdrive in my hands. I love it when that happens. To feel the energy flowing like a wild-thing is wonderful, just a wonderful experience. My hands felt so heavy and full with power and buzzing with energy. I put them over my gallbladder to give them some healing energy.

Pity it only kicked in right at the end and I only had five minutes like that. Alan called me up and gave me a review: I’m good at breathing, good at getting the flow going, but I get over-keen, over-excited and breathe too quick. I need to hold the breath in check.

He said I need to calm down.


Find time to be on my own, to be myself.

And these were not breathing techniques…these were life lessons.


That’s why I meditate daily. It is a calm start to my perpetually busy days in the office.

Excuses, excuses…but the herbs must take their own good time. It’s not a question of ‘chilling out’. It’s a question of doing the herbs to detox my whole body. But I must finish these candida herbs first. Today is day 16. I have not got over half dosage yet.

Overall TB was another cool ‘n’ funky experience. A little expensive. 100 quid. Not cheap. Felt rough the next morning too as had some detoxing going on. Lots of water helped. But overall a fun incident along my journey. Something different. Nice to change things around a bit. Breaks the morning meditation routine up nicely. Would I do it again? Another 100 quid? Ummm…probably yes, but not next week. It is an interesting thing to do. Some people have gotten super better from doing it. I read the book by the discoverer. “The joys of Transformational Breathing” By Judith Kravitz. I always research everything I do. Interesting stuff. I find it amazing that such a simple change in focus in breathing can bring on such strong reactions.

I admit I am stressed at the moment. My health stresses me. It’s been an annus horribilis. And I’m in the middle of the Humaworm Candida herbs and they make life difficult. I only turned the corner in August. So that’s August, September, October, 13th November. Three and a half months since the BIG turnaround. And after the two steps forward, I have had a one step back. Ho hum.

Overall I am moving in the right direction, it is a little frustrating that each set of herbs takes so long. I am impatient to start the liver herbs now. The muscle tester Dude said my gallbladder is my biggest problem at the moment. So for that I need liver herbs, but I must first finish these candida herbs.

Because of my impatience I am doing castor oil packs over my gallbladder. Three days in a row, about an hour each, then after the third on the third day, I drink a good lug of olive oil and go to bed. It’s worked in the past. Very effective at cleaning the liver and gallbladder. A very civilised way to detox. Tonight is the third night.

Oh yeah, I have been doing these special diets for 6 weeks. No sugar and no carbs except brown rice. I have not really noticed anything too different, except I have lost 3kg’s, down to 69kg and that’s enough. I don’t like losing too much weight. I will gradually reintroduce some foods now. Lentils, potatoes and maybe some fruit to see what happens. I think I will keep wheat off my menu for a while longer.

That’s all folks!