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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Danny and my nickname is Sunshine. Most people on-line from the mercury forums know me as Sunshine, but I answer to either. I am the author of The Mercury Diaries. I wrote the book after I recovered my health from mercury poisoning. It details my horrendous health crash and my slow rise back up to the land of the living again. In it I discuss all the different things I did to recover my health. I did a lot off different things too!

My recovery is not complete, I still have mercury stuck inside my body and I am still chelating it out. It is a slow old process. In this blog I continue the story of my battle against the mercury. I talk about my chelation rounds, my herbal cleanses and anything else I get involved in to support my body. I am very much involved in my own health. I rarely see doctors any more. Instead I rely on myself and my own capability to learn and understand each health problem I encounter. Holistic healthcare is my specialist subject and I do a lot of herbs!

To remove the mercury from my body I chelate using the Cutler protocol. I use small controlled dosages of chelators (things that pick up and remove mercury) to pick up the mercury and escort it out of my body. I usually do 3 days on round taking the chelator every two and a half hours, even waking at night to take the capsules. I chelate using ALA only. I am a low doser and I only tolerate very low dosages of ALA. Anything higher than my tolerance level – blows my brain to kingdom come!

Sometimes when I chelate the mercury out I feel great and I’m full of life and energy. Sometimes it’s not so much fun and I feel lousy and I must take extra care of myself. I am very colour blind and sometime during or after a round these lost colours return and I can see them. It’s a pretty cool experience when they return and sparkle at me. Makes chelation bearable.

I work in London and have done my whole life. I am a broker in the city. Everything I do has to fit in with my business life style. I commute in from Hertfordshire, which is 22 miles outside central London. I live in a little town in the countryside just inside the M25 Motorway. I am happily married and have two wonderful kids.


(A.K.A. Sunshine)


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  1. I just found you through Andrew Cutler’s protocol daily e-mails. Thanks so much for doing what you’ve done. I’ve tried to do a diary and can’t. I’m a retired registered nurse, don’t know if it’s because I’m ‘tired of writing’ or if it’s my illness. I’ve been chelating orally since Feb. ’12, had my fillings removed and redone in June 7 July and in August started seeing a D.O. who chelates here in SE TX. Like you, I found out years ago that it is up to me to clean up this body. I’ve got a doc now (female M.D. throu myu health provider insurance) who seems willing to be there to write RX’s for me, however she wouldn’t do the DMPS/DMSA so I’m using the D.O. who chelates via IV’s. On # 11 of 30 and feeling a little better. Have mercury, lead and cadmium so have a long way to go. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Patty, thanks for your kind words and thanks for popping by to say hello.
    Take one day a time, its a battle and no mistake about it.

    I also could not write when i first started out, but when i got better the words seemed to magic out of me in nice neat lines;-)

    I would strongly recommend reading Andy Cutlers book on his chelation protocol. “Amalgam Illness”. Its pretty easy, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, costs less than seeing doctors, there is loads of support on the Yahoo frequent dose chelation group forum, and importantly loads of people got better using it!!
    I would also would say be super careful with those IV chelations. I researched it loads when i was researching which protocol to use, but never had the balls to try it. I saw too many people having a bad time with it. I think i was lucky to avoid it. I am a low doser and those high doses would have hurt me badly.

    Take care

    • Hi again, I am using Cutler’s protocol, started that last Feb. and my new D.O. who orders the IV chelation tells me to stay on all of those herbs, etc. He also has me on Catalyn GF, by Standard Process, 4 tablets twice a day. I discovered about the time I first wrote to you that my ‘sinus’ issues were an infected molar, # 3, just below my sinus I’ve had chronic problems there for years, even had a ‘good’ tooth extracted in the late 1970’s and have a 1 tooth bridge attached to my now infected tooth. An endotontics cleaned it out and packed in antibiotics on Nov 27. I’m not convinced it’s doing what it should be at this point. For the past 3 weeks I’ve had UVB treatment as well as my IV chelation and feel a bit better each week.
      My experience when I tried ALA, I took too high a dose and ….whoa…I felt somewhat like I think a cat chasing its tail might feel like. Couldn’t do a thing until that wore off. Where can I find 25-50 mg. capsules of ALA? My supplier starts at 200 mg, way too much for me.
      So….we keep on keepig on and trying to win this battle our bodies wage against us, don’t we? With God’s help and Christian docs, I’m gaining and hope 2013 is better for all of us. Blessings and Merry Christmas to ‘ya all’. Patty

      • Hiya Patty
        If you ask on Yahoo frequent dose chelation group they will know where to get ALA in smaller size. Or just do a google search, I’m sure you can find if you search. Seek and you will find!
        You can get chelators from here too: http://www.livingnetwork.co.za/products/
        Delivery is pretty quick, 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops.

        Merry Christmas and have a very happy 2013

  3. Read your book over 3 nights and learned heaps. I’ve been ill for 30 years now with a label of CFS/FM etc. just umbrella terms and labels for ‘we don’t know why you’re so sick’! I’m investigating Cutler protocol but after so many years of illness, have really run out of money for hair testing etc so will just move straight onto ALA. Just wanted to say how disappointed I am that I cannot purchase Humaworm herbs in Australia because they contain cloves and apparently we have a ban on them. Those food and supplement police out in force these days.
    Anyway, I study the Enneagram – 9 personality types – and I’m sure you’re an 8 as I am. We’re the leaders, the challengers and we are persistent and determined people. Congratulations on using those traits – they’ve seen me through 30 years of chronic illness – bedridden at times – to find different protocols that have really helped me e.g. marshallprotocol.com and cpnhelp.org. I agree there are so many kind, compassionate and helpful people in the world willing to lend a hand. Your book is now recommended on my facebook page ‘demented fermenters’
    Cheers I’ve really looking forward to following your story

  4. Hi Jude, thanks for dropping by to say hello. You cannot get Humaworm in Australia, but if you search on-line, you will find other parasite cleanses available to you. I have other Ozzy mates and they do parasite cleanses they buy locally without cloves. Seek and you shall find. Just make sure it’s all herb, with no man made gunk in there and you will be fine. The more ingredients, the more wide spectrum, and the more different types of parasites it will kill.
    I have not read the Enneagram stuff, but i have read something very similar. I certainly could not have got better without the ‘drive’ to keep going when everything was going crazy.
    Good luck with the Cutler protocol, hope you find the success you crave.
    I couldn;t find you on facebook, but you can add me if you can find me.
    Take care:-)

  5. Well I’ve ‘liked’ your Facebook Page – it’s a bit empty!! Here’s some other thoughts on chelation I thought you might enjoy if you haven’t already seen them.

    Chris Shade Natural Heavy Metal Detox vs DMPS

    Open the Doors for Chelation

    Glutathione: a Master Detoxifier

    Cheers from pouring down rain and flooding Queensland in Australia!!

  6. Hey Jude.

    Yeah, my Facebook page is dull as dishwater! Thank you for pointing that out. I will add some pic’s from my life. About time i did that, long over due!

    Thanks for the links too.


  7. I’m also color blind. I’m starting to wonder if there is a connection between mercury toxicity and being color blind. I’ve just started chelation AC, I’ve been amazed at the colors that have been popping at me they are almost electric.I feel small burst of energy, then I feel slow. I can’t wait till this is over, and I’m hoping my short term memory gets better.

    • Hi Mike,
      My memory has really improved since I started a combo of Nordic Naturals Omega Ultra and 5 mg lithium orotate a night with 2-300 mg phosphatidylserine. The lithium is the only cheap one, but that combo – they just don’t work well without each other – has given me more memory back than I even knew I had. They have nice effects on their own, however. Also, for everyone, I recommend fresh green juices.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it whilst searching for the master cleanse. I’m impressed with your dedication. I have found inspiration from your experience. My son and I are suffering with mercury poisoning. I’ve been researching gentle protocols that are safe and effective. Many thanks. I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Holly. Thx for popping by to say hello. Glad u found inspiration from my words. Good luck with your chelation. Plenty of mum’s have to chelate their kids and themselves. It seems daunting at first but i know plenty of cool mum’s that fought and battled and now have happy healthy kids. Make sure you read Andrew Hall Cutler’s book ‘Amalgam illness’. 100pct essential reading for the mercury toxic. Money well spent on that book.

      Take care

  9. WOW Danny! Awesome to find YOU! I’ve battled this for years! Then ADD MOLD to further FUCK my world up!!! ALSO wat spinach…etc…Having inflammation PAIN & CUDNT WALK…STARTED juicing & Only steaming VEGGIES…PLUS Bone BROTH… my body is telling me to do the master cleanse… Number one it’s much easier than juicing and having to clean a juicer and a lot cheaper…FASTING HEALS! Every time I’ve had a bout of something that knocks me down Beach mold or Mercury acting up or food sensitivities fasting always fixes the problem. I’m having burning on my left fingers & arthritic like pains in my right hip right (very painful) each day getting better..

  10. Danny Sunshine…
    I just had a thought that really sincerely help me being that I battle the Mercury amalgam filling poisoning in my body and have only had a chance to get out half! So I’m constantly being poisoned Plus getting well I feel like a ping-pong salmon swimming Upstream
    I love fasting juice fasting I’m going to try the master cleanse and then water fasting plus a few coffee enemas and some psyllium husk have noticed really brings out the Yankees and you know what I mean! I have recently got autoimmune symptoms such as arthritis very badly where I couldn’t walk. Researching as much as I could finding hydrochloric acid and the reason we get leaky gut and hence react to different healthy foods Even!! I ran to the store and got some and started on some Minerals Magnesium & potassium and sea salt minerals. I feel different already just a thought…You may have already done this. But low hydrochloric acid seems to be the core to most autoimmune diseases so it may help us 🙂
    Keep up the good work.
    Take CARE Liann

    • I already take potassium and magnesium as supplements. They suit me well. If you thinking about the Master Cleanse(MC)…keep thinking about it hard. It’s a serious, hardcore, epic, exciting, voyage-of-discovery that will have a large and drastic impact on your health. It is not a small thing to do, but a LARGE, wonderful clean up, clean out kinda thang.
      I loved my MC’s. Very exciting, empowering beasts. Large gains in my health. They didn’t solve everything, but niggly odd symptoms are gone forever. I felt significantly better after my MC’s.
      I say go for it!
      Good luck, Danny

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