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p014zwk0It’s the 9th November 2013. I’m in Scotland for the weekend with my family seeing our good friends Margaret, Trevor and Maya. It’s time for an update on the current status of my health. I am Good, Bad or Ugly?

It’s important to set down markers, to see where I’m at, to see where I’ve been. My writing is full of problems and the solutions I try to remedy those troubles. Is it worth all the effort and energy? Because yes, I do make a lot of effort to be healthy. Do my efforts work? Am I getting healthier? Am I making progress? Or just treading water?

I am still in the same zone as I have been for the last seven years. I am still always doing something to help myself. Always. Right now I am focusing on my liver. I have just started another set of liver herbs and I am liver flushing every 3-4 weeks too. Always something – is it worth my time and energy?

That’s easy: yes of course it’s worth it. 100pct. I will never give up. Never let my guard down. I do stupid things occasionally, but don’t we all from time to time. Ce la vie! But I will battle my health forever because I know it is recoverable, every effort makes a difference. There are so many different ways to get better. Some of them, one of them, all of them make a real difference. So many people don’t even know they can get better from their ill-health.

I am NOT one of those people.
I know I can get better.
I was turbo-sick and I turned it all around.

But I’ve had other problems since my health crashed and burnt in February 2007. The heart problem in 2011 really hurt, really set me back, really caused a boat-load of troubles. The chronic fatigue was awful. Nothing I tried helped. All those different sets of herbs didn’t seem to hit the right spot. After two years of herbal efforts I started focusing on new ideas to try to get rid of the constant fatigue. I researched and read loads of new ideas. Tried a few. Messed around with my supplements but it seemed like I’d ‘tried everything’ and ‘nothing worked’ and ‘I’d better just get used to the pain’ and ‘just live with it’. But I just kept on and on and on … and eventually something hit the nail on the head, and Bobs-your-uncle, voila, good health smacked me in the face.

It’s lovely to be back!

All the effort was worth it. Even when I was hitting my head against a brick wall, even when it hurt and I didn’t know what I was gonna try next…I always knew deep-down that I’d hit pay-dirt sooner or later. That’s what happens if you never give up, if you always keep pushing, trying, and investigating. It is time consuming and difficult, but the rewards are awesome when they come through. And yes, they will come good eventually. Eventually if you keep trying you will stumble across the correct path. I have done so loads of times. And as you can tell, I’m in that zone at the moment. Success. Glorious success. Almost three years of struggles and I am healthy again.

Happy dayz!

That Master Cleanse hit the nail on the head. That 25 days fast. That 25 days of zero food. All that effort. That totally hit the nail on the head BIG-TIME. The chronic fatigue is gone and I am significantly better than I was. SIGNIFICANTLY in capital letters better.

I have enough energy to lead a normal life again.
Each day is not full of pain and hassle.
I have enough energy to work-out.

I have restarted my daily yoga practice after almost three years off-games. I am now in the rebuilding stage. Rebuilding my strength through the yoga. It is slow and I am far from Mr. Bendy, but after so long treading water, it feels awesome to have turned the corner and be well on the up. I’ve been back practicing for two months, five to six times a week.

I am just in the process to booking up a yoga course. Hopefully a retreat somewhere. I practice daily at home on my own and I need to make sure I’m doing things right. So I need a bit of tuition. I regard it was a reward. A reward for all my hard work in getting better again.

So to answer my own question: Yes, I am much better thanks. I’m good. Very good. I’d give myself an 85pct healthy badge. I am getting stronger and more healthy now that I can workout again. Everything is on the up.

Liver is still a problem. I still have a little nausea in the mornings. My last liver flush I got out 250-300 gallstones, so there must still be more in there that need removal. My shoulders hurt from time to time – but otherwise things are pretty bloody good.

I have reduced my supplements to almost nothing. Only thing I am taking is one cap of Vitamin D. Lab tests are all great, but I work in an office with no natural sunlight, so I take a bit of Vit D. That’s it! Don’t feel the need for anything else at the moment.

Happy Dayz!

Check this out, this is super-cool: My thyroid and adrenal status is perfect. Temps are correct and perfectly stable. I know everything is working correctly because I am no longer perma-cold. For the past three years I almost always wore a jumper (sweater for my American readers). Now, when I warm up, I actually have to take my jumper off!! Before I was just happy to be warm. Now I have to take my jumper off otherwise I am too hot……that’s like a normal person!

I am a normal person!
Funny old world eh!
It’s the stupid little things like that make us laugh.

Current plan remains unchanged: More liver work. Today is Day 10 of my third liver set of herbs for 2013. I have done two Liver flushes in the last seven weeks. I will do another flush after these herbs are done. Next I will have two weeks off and then I will do some Kidney herbs. Andreas Moritz says to clean the kidneys every third liver flush. That will take me to Christmas. Then in the New Year I will be embarking on another Master Cleanse. Such awesome results mean I am actually gagging to get started, but life and work are busy at the moment. Fasting and working are not ideal, but January I can avoid most business lunches and dinners and fast again.

Chelation? No. I am rebuilding at the moment. When I chelate yoga practice takes a back seat. I get inured really easily when I chelate. At the moment the focus is on regaining strength through daily yoga practice. So no chelation for the time being. I will reassess the situation after the Master Cleanse in February.

Otherwise that’s about all for now. I feel like a normal person again. I’m still a health-freak, so maybe better to say I’m a normal health-freak person, again.

That’s all folks!

8 thoughts on “Current Health Status

  1. Chelation has caused me to progress in health, but also to relapse into bad health. Doc said my adrenals are at 10%. My biggest scare at the moment is my memory. Did your memory go bad when you started chelation and your adrenals crashed. I have made progress, I’m not as bad as I once was, but I wonder if I should lay of chelation and work on adrenal health.

  2. Hi there.

    From what I read here it seems it really takes years before you are totally free from mercury even after it’s removed and you’ve done all the detox you can. Is that true or are you just doing maintenance?

  3. Great website. I did AC chelation with my son and also for myself. My son had ASD symptoms. Researched lots along the way. Some of the new things that have really helped; 1) coffee enemas have replaced liver flushes. Liver flushes were great but these have felt better. Much easier to do and you feel great right after, really cleanses the liver and flushes the liver and gall bladder and you can do them daily. Originally from the Gerson Cancer Protocol. With mercury issues, one likely has a Phase II detox pathway weakness (aka the liver) I felt the liver flush flushes out too much, you loose your ‘Chi’ energy force too much. Its a great compliment to the liver flush, its like a simple mini liver flush. 2) GcMAF, helps wake up the immune system and lower viral load 3) Chlorine Dioxide, this is a game changer, really helps with Lyme/Chronic Fatigue. Also mildly chelates metals, breaks the bond of the metals so it can pass out of the system like any other debris. Gets rid of the biofilm where the lyme/chronic fatigue hides. It also helps with smaller parasite (parasites are attracted by mercury and perpetuate the cycle, if you have had chronic mercury/chronic fatigue/lyme you likely have a weak immune which allows these guys in. The CD protocol from the book ‘Healing the symptoms Known as Autism’ – this protocol has helped many with Lyme, Thyroid, CFS, Heavy Metals

  4. Still in the middle of reading your book and loving it! Had been poisoned since birth (thanks mum) and more afterwards. Only in my early twenties figured out what was wrong with me. Did quite a few rounds of Cutler in my mid-twenties. I am now 34 and still having some health issues but overall nowhere near where I was although I always wondered if the Cutler-ing was making the difference or rather dietary changes. Lately I tried chelating again (buzz in the brain). Just wanted to thank you for your amazing book and congrats for having gotten so much better! How are you these days? Another health update coming soon? I hope you are well xx

    • Yo! Hi Caroline. Happy to hear you r enjoying my book;-) It was/is quite a journey!

      I’m good here, three months into a methylation project, just done three liver flushes too, and i’m on my 87th chelation round as we speak. Hopefully the methylation will help me with increasing my dose. I am getting back on my chelation horse. Chelation is the only way the mercury comes out.

      Take care, good luck and thanks for popping in to say hello:-)

  5. I welcome Danny on my show discussing his journey back to health from severe mercury poisoning via mercury fillings! The show broadcasts LIVE on 5th October, 2017 at 7-9 pm UK time, 2-4 pm EST & 11 am-1 pm PST & world wide and it is called, Cafe Esoterica Radio on Blog Talk Radio. Please call in to speak to Danny on the 2nd hour at (001) (516) 387-1809. Chat in the chat room at the bottom of the page and listen to wonderment with your Hostess with the Mostess, Shawn M. Cohen. It is my pleasure to welcome Daniel Forsyth and his incredible book, which helped me so much too, “The Mercury Diaries” to Cafe Esoterica Radio! Please join us or if you miss the live broadcast listen in the archives here:

  6. Excellent to hear your healthy status Danny, and the comments. So glad that we’ve found each other to compare notes. I too am liver flushing and kidney cleansing and coffee enema-ing and getting results after years of not. Thanks to everyone who knows they can feel better, and spreads the love and hope!


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