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My Current supplements: 15th Jan 2018

Methylation supplements:Methyl B12, Dibencozide B12, B-complex Plus, TMG, Cod Liver Oil, Potassium, acetyl L-Carnitine,

Blood sugar: Niacinamide, Chromium,

Thiols: Molybdenum,

Others: Magnesium, Vit E oil, Digestive enzymes, Calcium

My Current supplements: 28th August 2014

Milk Thistle, ProBiotic (Bio Cult), Calcium, Floradix (Floravital)

B12, B complex, Vit C, magnesium: all from ‘Epigenetics’

Bach flower remedies: Olive.

My current supplements: November 2013

1 x Vitamin D: 2,000 iu

Thats it!!!!

I must be feeling fine!

My current supplements: August 2013

Milk Thistle (for liver) 325mg
Hawthorn berry (for heart) 450mg
Mukta vati (for blood pressure) 1 pill

Magnesium 100mg
Chromium 200ug
Vit C – 2g a day
Selenium 100ug
Vit D3 (Just 2 caps a week)
Pro-biotic (4 caps a day) 8 billion

(The pro-biotic is just temporary as i had a stomach upset a couple of weeks ago.)


7 thoughts on “Current Supplements

  1. Hi Danny, I hesitate to say anything, you being an author and all and since you have more chelation experience than I do… however, this is a pretty low risk format since we are mostly anonymous. So, I’ll take a chance.

    I also run a company and everything I do has to more or less allow me to continue working so I can empathize with you a lot. I’m fortunate to work from home though so I can pretend to be well easier than you.

    Looking at your supplement list, I’m guessing you are very sensitive because the amounts you are using and the number of supplements are very low compared with Cutler’s list.

    What strikes me most are two things: first is the lack of B vitamins and low magnesium in connection with your heart issues. Second is the low selenium considering your thyroid issue.

    If you search for mentions of “heart” you’ll see there’s a seemingly strong connection between b12 and heart health. I’m guessing you already know this and may have already tried the Bs… I’m working through a startup reaction myself and do find it difficult to work whenever I increase the amounts. That is – difficult for about two or three weeks each time!

    Concerning the thyroid, I’m also trying to boost mine but don’t want to use a hormone supplement if I can avoid it. Have been trying iodine and it seems to be working as my temperatures are going up steadily now as you’ll see on this chart: (I also have used isocort for many years).

    Re selenium, if you search the comments on you’ll find some very interesting links. My wife and I are currently taking 400 mcg and I think she is still not getting enough although I’m not sure how to experiment safely with higher doses…

    Anyway, just some observations I hope will be helpful in some way!

  2. Hi there, author or no author we still gotta get through this mess! I am just the same as you, just I’ve been dealing with it for a little longer, that’s all. Thanks for the tips and pointers. Much appreciated.

    Yes, pretending to be healthy is a drag. I’m pretty good at it now adays.
    I cannot take Multi B’s. Odd eh! They make everything worse. It’s something to do with adrenals and thyroids, but how and why I cannot take them is bewildering to me. That’s all B vits and B12.

    Selenium does nothing for me whatsoever. I can eat all the brazil nuts in the world and it does nothing. Selenium supplements do nothing and I am actually tapering them off. Whatever the problem, its not selenium or lack of.

    Magnesium: heart issue is on the back burner, not really an issue anymore, so I medium dose magnesium. I did high dose for a while, but my problems are not influenced by my magnesium intake.

    I keep coming back to adrenals and my inability to treat them. Hopefully the next round of tests will draw something out.

    Awesome Excel formatting on your temp graph! Mine is all hand written and messy. And an impressive temp graph too…nicely rising temps. Congratulations.

    I’m 44 years old too. Great age! Interesting Hair test you have. Learned a lot I see.
    Can i get your blog entries on email? Is there an option for that?

    Take care and thanks for the reply

  3. “I cannot take Multi B’s. Odd eh! They make everything worse.”

    That’s really suspicious Danny… are you familiar with Freddd’s contention that B12 and folate reactions are part of “start up”? If not, try reading and the preceding couple of questions too.

    I also have unpleasant reactions to methylation startup but have noticed that it subsides after a couple weeks allowing me to increase my doses and start the cycle over again. You could say I’m buying into the theory that we react badly to some of the things we need the most. Just today I decided to follow Andy’s B6 recommendations even though B6 makes me foggy.

    Of course, you have the Catch-22 thing also – with more chelation maybe methylation comes back on its own, so if we just wait it out and keep chelating, we might not need to suffer through startup reactions. Hard to say what the best path is.

    Personally, my best path would be to take a year of vacation to work through all this at the beach. But that’s not in the cards!

    I know how hard the adrenal thing is having struggled for a decade with it… Sorry there’s no email option for my blog but thanks for reading. Not even my parents read it, so I’m honored:)


    • Yeah the B thing is highly suspicious. Not sure what it means yet.

      I have started yet another trial of some different adrenal support. This is my 5th in 2 years, my 3rd try this year…I know its adrenals thats holding me back!!! I am switching brands and upping the dose. Moved to Nutri-meds ‘Nutri-adrenal’. That’s 100mg per dose, instead of 25mg. Today is day 4 of this and I will know tomorrow if we have success or failure. It has always been on day 5 that things suddenly turned worse and all hell broke lose….so we will see.

      I must say I have high hopes because I am certainly feeling better and I defo have more energy, happier….but I must reign in my excitement…it could go all pear-shaped on day 5 like it has on all the other occasions I have tried adrenal support. We will see.

      I have been reading your link. You know load about methylation. Wow. Cool. In your opinion, do you think my odd reactions to Multi B’s and B12 could indicate a methylation problem in me?

      Yes, taking a year off would be a dream come true, but it’s not the solution. I will still have to sort out my health, with or without the job. Healing myself is unavoidable…and I am lucky enough to be able to do it, and continue working. I have managed so far…lets see how long I can continue!!!!!

      Take care

  4. Glad your latest trial is showing promise!

    “In your opinion, do you think my odd reactions to Multi B’s and B12 could indicate a methylation problem in me?”

    My personal opinion – I think the chances are about 100%. I’d probably start with tiny crumbs of adb12 under your upper lip and see if you can’t gradually increase them every couple days.

    • Thanks E

      Where do i find out more about methylation? A book is preferable to webpages.

      Feels like another quagmire i am about to get into!

      I spoke too soon on the adrenal support. I has a miserable day:-( Gutted.


  5. Sorry to hear about your fatigue! I don’t know of any books on methylation, but I do know that you can get genetic testing for $99 and a methylation panel for around $450 that would show you your genetic disposition and current status of methylation cycle. Presumably those tests would come with reasonable analysis that would make you feel more comfortable about pursuing further…

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