Mercury Attack Checklist

If I have a problem during chelation and things get gritty and tough, I get out my checklist and it reminds me what to expect and what to do to minimise the hassle.

1.            Chill out and remain calm. Relax.

2.            Be on my own. Avoid everyone.

3.            Be ready for two days of troubles.

4.            Digestive problems always happen. Drink plenty of apple cider vinegar even    before the heartburn comes, because you know it will come!

5.            Detox bath – any type but make it hot hot hot and follow with a one-minute freezing cold shower. Should clear a lot of hanging around mercury.

6.            Bowel cleanse of some type – mercury dumps into the bowels and having a clearout is a great idea. Psyllium or P&B shakes, anything easy and simple.

7.            Make sure all supplements are taken.

8.            Increase dose of vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Divided doses, four times a day at mealtimes and before bed. *This is very important and will help big-time-Charlie, so do it ASAP.

9.            Dry skin brushing. It will tell your body you love it and you will help get that mercury out as quickly as possible. Before a detox bath is great too: wakes up the skin. Help your body help itself.

10           Oil massage after the dry skin brushing.

11           Oil pulling. Lots of it. I did 3 x 20 minutes back-to-back once and it helped a lot.

12           Meridian Massage. Always seems to make me feel better and only takes seven minutes.

13.          Self Reiki. Set aside an hour or two , and make 100 percent sure of no interruptions.

14.          Don’t Worry. This is only short-term hassle. It will pass. It always passes. In a couple of days you will feel good again and you will have learnt a bit more about yourself from whatever experiment just backfired.

1 thought on “Mercury Attack Checklist

  1. I noted on your ‘Mercury attack list’ that you take psyllium.

    I believe that I need to supplement psyllium; however, I am high-thiol sensitive and unsure as to how I can acquire it – i.e. in the form of food or a supplement – without triggering a reaction.

    Any information will be greatly be appreciated.

    Nani Makai – member of FDC

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