Kidney Cleanse: Day 22 and all is calm

IMG_0367Today is day 22 of the kidney herbs. Thankfully the wildness has subsided and calmness has returned to my body. Oedema lasted about 10 days, but now my swollen ankles and legs have returned to their normal size. During the Oedema I actually put on 4.5kg in weight in just 5 days. Wild eh! But all back to normal now.

The wild back and chest pain has gone too, phew! And I no longer need to sleep sitting up in an armchair. The armchair sleeping lasted eight annoying days. Honestly it was not much fun. Mega chesty pains and oedema was unpleasant, and especially so because I had to do a load of travelling last week: Dubai and Barcelona. But I survived, survived just fine actually. I have an amazing ability to battle on. I surprise myself. How is it possible to have so many things wrong with me, and yet still work like mad and travel like madman? I don’t know how I do it sometimes.

I continue to have uncomfortably hot feet. This is obviously a kidney signal. The crystals that settle in the feet are the same that settle in the kidneys. So when you clean the kidneys, you clean the feet too. That’s why hot feet is a kidney signal.

I was up to ½ dose on the kidney herbs. That’s one and a half tablespoons of herbs a day. The herbs are soaked overnight in water, then boiled in the morning and resulting tea is sipped throughout the day. I have just raised the dose to two spoons of herbs and I have awoken to a little lower back pain and a very mild headache. Mild stuff, just 2 on the Richter scale of hassle, but it shows me the herbs are working and that I have serious kidney issues. I will do another 8 days of the herbs to make it 30 days in total, gradually working myself up to the full herbal dose. Then I will break for two weeks, then do a two week herbal liver cleanse, then another two week break, then  restart the kidney herbs for another 30 days. That’s the plan anyway.

In other matters my temperatures remain low which indicates thyroid problems. I remain tired. I cannot exercise. I talked to Dr Peatfield the other day on the phone. He is the guru of adrenal and thyroid problems here in the UK. He is a good man and really knows his stuff Big-Time-Charlie. He has helped me greatly in the past.

He has asked me to take some thyroid glandular, ‘Nutrithyroid’, in very small and controlled doses to see what happens. To monitor my situation very closely with daily temp readings, along with blood pressure and pulse readings two or three times a day too. With all the monitoring I will be able to stop taking it of anything untoward happens. In the past this has made my blood pressure go banana’s, and I will be very careful and tread very carefully indeed. It is scary as $hit when the blood pressure goes crazy.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I will try the thyroid support experiment after the kidney herbs and before the liver herbs. Need to have a level playing field when trying these experiments.

The pic above is my garden just coming to life:-)

That’s all folks, take care


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