Life returns to an even keel.

life-balance-e1276962324836It’s been 38 days since I finished the Master Cleanse fast. Looking back, it seems impossible that I didn’t eat any food for 25 days. Twenty five days? It seems distant and far off. How could I possibly have not eaten anything for so long? And, whilst I was working in a busy office? How could I have managed it?
But, I did. That’s why I kept a journal, to remind myself.
And the results remain too.
I am significantly better than before.
Happy dayz!

I am currently 35,000 feet in the air, flying in a 747 back from a weeks business trip in India and Singapore. This was booked at the last-minute. I needed to go. I was feeling fine. So I went. I have been avoiding all business trips this year due to my ill-health. But I’m feeling good enough to travel now. I actually have a hangover as well! My first in at least six months, maybe all year, I can’t remember. I am tired and have heartburn. Have the $hits too from the Indian leg of the trip. I ate curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days on the trot. Not ideal. Bound to mess up the works that is.

But otherwise I’m feelin’ pretty good. The fatigue has stayed away. I have a normal amount of energy. I remain pumped about this. Really feels like a new lease of life. Libido has returned somewhat too. Definitely – I have returned to an even keel.

My workouts continue. The yoga practice continues six days a week. I rise at 5am daily to practice. When I first re-started my practice I could reach down to touch my knees. Nothing lower. After three weeks of almost daily practice I am one hand lengths further downwards. Happy with that. There is no rush to reach my toes, but it is nice to see the progress I am making. I can now do five sun salutations A, followed by four sun salutations B. When I started I could only manage three feeble attempts of A before I ran out of puff.

And that’s another thing. Why do I have to practice the hardest and toughest form of yoga? Why couldn’t I have fallen in love with one of the gentler forms? A nice gently humming session seated cross-legged blissfully overlooking the ocean? I tried hatha yoga. I know the moves. It’s all the same stuff. When I re-started my practice I did the gentle stuff: hatha. But I quickly shifted back to my Ashtanga yoga practice. It’s kinda hardcore. Why? Why? Why? It’s kinda almost annoying. I have had horrible health troubles all these years and I choose the most challenging and tricky form of yoga to practice: What a dick!

But, and I have to say it’s a BIG but, I love my Ashtanga yoga practice. I have a natural instinctive love and desire to practice in this way. There is something about this form that just rings my bell. Almost like an inner calling. If I believed in previous lives, I for sure would have practiced this form of yoga before. There is something in me that just loves the physicality of it. Loves the sweat it brings on. Loves the flow and rhythm. You have a set series of asana’s (poses) all linked together with special linking moves, all in time, all with a special breathing technique.

Inhale up, exhale down.
Inhale up, exhale down.
Inhale up, exhale down.

Anyways, I’m rambling again. Otherwise I’m still fine. The results for them master cleanse have remained with me. The two-week Humaworm liver herbs I have just completed passed without incident. I had ultra-mild non-consequential side-effects. These herbs are two weeks on, two weeks, off, so I will restart the next batch a week on Monday. I might slip in another liver flush this coming weekend. Undecided as yet, not sure what’s in the diary as this past week has been hectic flying all over the world. Singapore is an awesome city. Like something out of the future. Once you get used to the extremes in poverty, Mumbai is an amazing place to visit. A totally different world out there. Makes you appreciate what you have when you see slum, after slum, after slum. Funny old world we live in.

Chelation: not on the cards yet. I want to get strong first. I want to enjoy my better health first. Chelation caused some problems in the past, not all the problems, but chelation made other problems a lot worse. I have had a tough couple of years and I am going to enjoy my yoga while I can. I cannot chelate and practice yoga at the same time. They are mutually exclusive: I get injured too often so my rule is no yoga when I chelate.

The plan remains to repeat the Master Cleanse sometime soon, probably the new year. Liver is still clogged. Still have stuff to sort out. But I am much much better now and life has returned to normality.

Happy dayz!

That’s all folks!

PS. Super-massive-respect to Steven for his turbo-powerful Master Cleanse action. Steven has had a rough old-time of it these last five years, so he decided to follow my lead and give the MC a bash. He did 10 days!!! He is thinking clearer! Rock n roll dude! Keep up the good work. Told you it was not as difficult as it seemed!

PS. The above was written a week ago on the plane back but I didn’t get time to publish. I liver flushed last night. Got 250-300 gallstones out. Nice! And importantly I am managing the flushes fine. I am strong enough now. I don’t recommend them if you are proper sick.

13 thoughts on “Life returns to an even keel.

  1. Read half your book so far. I have a similar story as you. but I have been sick for 20 years before I figured out the mercury. I have had so much amalgam, taken out, new amalgam in and so forth. Crazy! But what I was wondering about is the mucoid plaque. I was brought up on lots of white flour, sugar etc. People on the internet including curezone are all torn if its fake or real. People say its the bentonite clay making the plaque. did you use bentonite clay and pysillium? Or just herbs? Do you believe you had a build up of plaque. And if so what is the best way to get it out?

    • Hey Jules

      Mucoid plaque:
      1) Its real. It came out me. 100pct no doubt about that at all. AND…when it came out I got a lot better very quickly. So I know its true.

      2) If you, or anyone, takes psyllium, it goes into the stomach and it sits in there for some time. The water makes it expand and it goes sticky and gels together. That’s its job.Thats how it works. I collects gunk and waste in the gooiness. takes the shape of your gut. Just like a jelly in jelly mould when the jelly sets. And sometimes it comes out all in one piece and it looks exactly like mucoid plaque.

      3) So technically I would say mucoid plaque is sometimes true…and sometimes false.

      4) Google search muquoid plaque and click ‘images’ – just look at how many millions of pictures there are there……bloody loads….are they all fakes? Impossible.

      5) Try and get it out yourself. What you got to lose? What you got to gain? It’s a total no-brainer.

      I have used clay and herbs. Both work. But it takes time. A month or two. But its not tricky. Just take the herbs or the clay every day as instructed….it will work eventually. I did a six month bowel cleanse last year…it just involved me taking capsules each day and drinking plenty of water. Not difficult. (although it is much easier for me now because I have done SO much cleansing.)

      I prefer herbs over clay. Herbs suit me better, but that’s just because its easier to just take capsules, rather than doing the P&B shakes. Try both.

      Colonics are very good, but they only clean the bowels and they are expansive. But they are very effective and fast way to get things moving.

      Fasting is powerfully good at cleaning the bowels. I just did the Master Cleanse and it was awesome. Totally awesome. Really helped me. Back to my good old self now!!!


      • Thank you Danny, for all your advice. I have been a raw foodest now for almost a year and do a lot of juicing. I am taking herbs and just started the master cleanse today because I read about your success on your blog yesterday. so I went out today and got all the ingredients. I will probably start with a ten day fast the first time. I am on a mission! happy healing to you too!

        • Hi Jules. Ah ha, good to see you are on top of your situation and are fully motivated. Good stuff. I wholeheartedly approved.

          Starting the MC today!!!! Whooa! Nice one! Thats so cool! So so cool. I wish you well, very well indeed. Hope you have as much success as me:-)

          I just took one day at a time and the days on the MC just flew by. Compared to some of the stuff i have had to put up with over the years, the Master Cleanse was easy peasy. There are the usual detox reactions and whatnot to contend with, but overall easy compared to how difficult it seems from the outside.

          Good luck in your mission, take care, and let me know how it goes. 100pct let me know how it goes.


          • I will keep you posted occasionally, nice to know someone is else is interested, most around here are not 🙂 I watched David Wolfe on youtube, he updated the master cleanse, he uses raw honey instead, I will use raw honey because it seems to have had an antibacterial effect for me in the past. He also adds msm, noni powder and then does chorella or juices greens before bed to help pull out the mercury and keep him alkaline. May try some of those, after I see how this goes. One thing at a time. 🙂 He seems very knowledgeable on superfoods. Day one (and a half) success! Thanks for your kinds words and I will update you soon. I love the cayenne pepper, warms the chest area. Oh ya, I also chew real licorice root from the heath food store for my adrenals. But makes me sleepy if I eat too many.
            Jules 🙂

          • oh and one more thing, you might want to research earthing or grounding. There is a barefoot movement going on, all though I would be careful of that, due to not knowing what is on the ground. But I wired a copper grounding rod from outside my bedroom window to my bed. Sleep way calmer, takes the emf charges out of your body. Lots of info on youtube. Worked for me!

          • Yeah, do let me know how it goes. I get all excited about this kinda thing! Don;t get to chat to many people about this stuff in my world.

            I didn’t modify my MC. I like to keep things simple at first so i just followed the instructions from the book. I must say it worked pretty damn good in its original form. But yeah, that book was written a LONG time ago.

            Yeah, I like that wolfe chap. I have one of his raw chocolate books:-)

            I avoid the chorella like the plague. Stuff that messes with the mercury is totally off my limits. Not worth the risk IMHO. I heard too many horror stories it.

            After the MC i have a much higher tolerance to spicy foods. I really like chilles now. Eat them whole! Never did that before:-)))

            Re Grounding: oh yeah, i’m grounded baby!! I have one those grounding sheets so i sleep grounded most nights.It worked noticeably at first, but i must admit i notice no difference nowadays.

            Anyways….GOOD LUCK with your Master Cleanse. Good good luck dude!


    • Good man!!!

      Glad you are enjoying the book and its making u laugh:-) God knows we need to smile after all the crap we have to put up with.

      Take care, thanks for dropping by to say hello, and happy healing!!!

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