Round 73

Ahhh! Not good news. All those tightly bunched together rounds in April, May and June seem to have fried my adrenals and thyroids. I am perpetually drained of energy. Oh no! I have just had a three month chelation break because of it. I have tried lots of herbs: Liver, kidney, bowel and they have done nothing to help with this fatigue. Gutted!

I wonder why this is happening now? My actual chelation rounds seem fine. No big issues happened, except a bit tired afterwards. But that’s normal. I always feel tired after a round.

At the moment the finger of blame points to my adrenals and thyroids. Adrenals seem ok now as they are supported with Adrenal Cortex. But I am struggling with the thyroids. I’m on 3 grains Armour and … nothing. Temps remain low. I remain tired. Bugger. That will teach me to get all excited and cocky and think I’m better. Bloody mercury!

Maybe this is just chelation hiccups? Maybe I just need to chelate my way through it? Not sure what else to do, so I will do a couple of rounds see what happens.

This round was easy and I have nothing of any significance to report. Colours sparkled as usual. I finished with a detox bath as usual. I remain fatigued.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

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