Round 70

Missed a weekend of chelation because of the Mercury Attack on the last round. Wanted to have a relaxed and calm break after the last troublesome round.  Always best to recover properly before starting another round.

On round something strange happened when I ate carbohydrates, specifically when I ate my bread. I had a mega racing heartbeat. It happened twice, right after eating my homemade, hand-milled bread. Scary racy. Not fun. Really fast. Pounding away.

I sat down to rest to see if it dissipated, but it didn’t. Then I thought to focus on my breath, to slow and control my breathing. That seemed to work and after a couple of minute’s slow breathing, the racing heart relaxed and calmed.

Muscle testing confirmed I was not handling the bread at all. I don’t understand it. Why would bread (carb’s) give me a racing heart? Maybe it’s chelation doing something weird to me? I have done a LOT of chelation recently. Something else to think about. Bread is now off my menu.

Second day of the round was a full-on do-lots-of-things day. Cool! Loads of garden jobs done. And – yoga restarted! Rock n roll! Super happy about that. My yoga practice comes and goes depending how I feel. When I feel great, yoga is possible.

My dodgy right wrist with the repetitive strain injury (RSI) is better after switching mouse hands. I got used to left-handed mouse use after 5 days in the office, although it was very odd at first.

Also I can smell loads of things. My sense of smell has come back big-time Charlie. I get no more light tan bowel movements. Nice! I guess that’s the liver herbs doing their magic. Thank you herbs.

Colours seem brighter only occasionally.


I think I will do 2-3 more rounds then retry 6.25mg ALA again. I am back on the adrenal support, so I should handle it better, maybe. We will see.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

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