2nd Master Cleanse – Days 18 & 21

End-of-Term-Feast_PS_1This was always about the detox, not the weight loss.

This is my 2nd Master Cleanse experience. Eighteen days fasting so far and all going pretty much as expected. I have good days and less good days, but overall it is a similar experience to my first MC: pretty easy with the usual mild detox reactions happening. Hunger is not a problem, although I have definitely felt mildly more hungry than last time. Days eight through to twelve were a little trickier: I was a bit hungry and irritable. Day eleven was a bit funky. I mean wildly angry, ears burning, face red with swear words flying left, right and centre! The anger just rose up out of nowhere. Got into a right little strop I did. Had to leave the house and go for a long calming walk in the freezing cold January drizzle. That calmed me down. Unpleasant really, but all the time I knew it was some horrid toxin leaving me. Better out than in!

I had a great plan to minimise my weight loss during the fast. Adding more maple syrup to the MC drink. Losing weight is the opposite of what I need. It is actually one of the main factors in determining when I stop the fast. I don’t want to lose any weight at all. But this was never about weight loss; this was always about the detox. I start the fast at 66kg. Today I am down at 61.5kg. A drop of 4.5 kg in eighteen days: I am not very happy about that. That plan failed! I am very skinny. But, fuck it, as I just said: this is about the detox and this MC works wonders for me overall. I will regain most or all of the weight after the fast in any case, so I am not worried about that it in the long term. I must say I do not like being so skinny. Reminds me of when I was turbo-sick and my whole world fell apart.

How long do I plan to fast? I will listen to my body. When it tells me enough is enough: then I will stop. Right now I am in the groove, its easy as pie, toxins are coming out like an avalanche, a very dirty avalanche, with no signs of stopping yet. Last time I did 25 days and I stopped when I got mega-hungry, I guess 30 days would be cool this time. But really, it will listen to my body. I know it will tell me when its time. Tongue remains furry most of the time. Mornings there is a thick white coating. I am brushing my teeth three times a day the fluff is so nasty.

Yoga? Amazing! I am rocking on the yoga front. Out of 18 days I have worked out 9 times. Nice! Three of those sessions were two hours of ‘primary series’ Ashtanga loveliness. Saturday and Sunday I did 2 hours each day, full flow, including all the vinyasa’s. (They are the connecting moves between each posture. They are tough and strengthening). I am so stunned that I have the energy to practice so much yoga, and during the week when I am working. A truly remarkable experience when I am not eating any solids.

My practices are deep and I am going far beyond what is my normal. My body seems to be opening up and unfurling like a rose. I am getting deeper, my body relaxing and stretching further. I notice more too and I’m even more body aware. Now that I am fasting, I can see clearly some mistakes in my practice. Noticing these things enables me to correct them, and to get even deeper.

On Sunday I had a lovely two hour practice. Really flowed well, got everything in. At the end I had enough time for real long lie down. It’s called Savasana. You just lay down and let everything relax. After a long hard work out it’s beautiful to have no time constraints and just melt into the floor. All day afterwards I felt blissful. Absolutely calm, beautiful and in a state of tranquillity. I tried to think what it felt like, to put a name to it, and thing first thing that sprang to my mind was like I’d smoked a great big spliff! Not so much that my head went into that expansion mode thang. No this was like I’d smoked the perfect joint, at the perfect strength, and everything was just serene and floaty. After that thought I cursed myself. I should not be relating my blissful state to that of smoking reefers, but that’s how it felt. It was pretty wonderful. And, and this is a big AND, and this is why I love my yoga. Because through my yoga I can easily get to these awesome states. Yoga makes me feel splendid, inside and out. It is a very spiritual experience to feel so blissed out. One that I strive for, yurn for and am eager to repeat. It is the reason I love my yoga so much! Thank you Master Cleanse for bringing it back to me.

I have been a frequent visitor to the little boys room. I guess I’m going minimum 5 times a day, and sometimes as much as 10 times sitting on the bog. Frequently for 15-20 minutes at a time. iPhone is taking a pounding and I am getting very good at Suduko! But overall you get in to the groove and I think nothing of 5-10 dumps a day now. It’s the norm. Although I must admit, after 18 days of liquid, I do look forward to a solid when this is all over!

I have been passing all manner of weird $hit. Lots of sludge. Lots of algae. Lots of parasites. Lots of floaters. Lots of aliens. Lots of things that should not be there! Everything smells nasty too. A real putrid, stagnant stink of death. Thank goodness it’s out of me.

Today I even passed a leviathan too. A real beast. Also something big and long that looked like it had coated the inside of my guts. Whatever it was, I felt great afterwards. Gave me a real happy glow inside to know that it was out and could no longer hurt me. Day eighteen and still there is a constant flow of toxin-exits for my body. Amazing there is so much crap to come outta me!

24th January 2014 – Day 21

Three weeks MOFO!

Boom! Three weeks! Nice! That’s how I roll! Long! Ha, happy with three weeks fasting. The days pass easy. Some days are better than others, but it’s really no big deal. Three yoga practices this week. One morning I had a break because I’d done 4 practices in a row. Another night I slept real bad, so I had a lie-in and skipped the practice. That’s cool. That’s normal. All part of the process. On my first MC I also had a couple of dodgy nights too: no biggie.

My sinuses are clear as a bell. Air goes straight through what seem like huge nostril holes and cools my brain. It’s lovely to be able to breathe so freely.  Sense of smell is acute. All those lovely foodie smells taunt and entice me as I get some fresh air during my ‘lunch’ break. I am gagging for a curry! Ummmmmm! I am also distinctly aware of all the stinky smells too: drains, hangover smells from people on the train, garlic sweating out of peoples skin, rancid breath, peoples fug, and the toilets in the office are turbo-gross.

Salt water flushes (SWF) are going fine. On the weekend I SWF in the mornings. During the week, when I practice yoga, its not really compatible, so weekday mornings I just have more lax tea. That seems to work fine. Lax tea: I remain a two-minute-teabag-man. Anymore than two minutes and the stomach cramps are uncomfortable, and in my opinion unnecessary. So I stick to two minutes steeping. That suits me and I continue to have frequent BM’s. The first SWF I did, did not work. No flush happened. That was a weekend morning, so three hours after that I did another one and that worked just fine. All others since then have worked a treat.

If I feel a little rough in the afternoons/evenings, then I will take a SWF in the evening, straight when I get back from work. That seems to be within the rules, and it works fine. Any uncomfortableness recedes after the flush.

Metabolism: When you fast, ones metabolism steps down a gear and that’s certainly happened with me. It is odd however. It’s not like I have adrenal fatigue or thyroid problems. I am just a little chilly. Full on yoga workouts are fine. Working a full day in the office are fine. Going about my normal daily business is fine. But I am a little on the cold side and I assume this is because ‘my-metabolism-is-down-because-I-am-fasting’. Whoooo! Scary! Seems drastic but its totally manageable and no big deal. I just keep warm. Fasting should actually be done when the weathers warm for just this reason. Spring, summer or autumn. Winter would be last choice. But, it is convenient for me to fast in January and so now it is.

How do I look? Sometimes when I fast and lose weight I look a bit thin and gaunt. Well, I am certainly thin, but not gaunt. I don’t look sick or ill. I think I actually look healthy and normal, although for sure slender. I have no comments from the lads in the office, and believe me, any opportunity to take the piss: they will take. No concentration camp comments yet! Bonus!

My weight has gone up a tad! Party on! We are rockin’. Happy with that. I was down to 61.5kg, but this morning I was up @ 62kg. That’s 136.6 pounds to my American readers. Hi Folks! Only lost 4kg in three weeks of no food; 9 pounds. Amazing really. Not sure how long this weight will stay with me, but it’s good that the weight is not galloping off, just eking away gently. My weight seems to have stabilised around here, so the fast will continue and there is no end in sight. I wonder how long I will go this time?

That’s all folks!

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