2nd Master Cleanse – Day 28

28-DAYS-LATEROk, Day 28 of the MC today. The actual fasting remains as is. I drink the MC drink and everything is cool. I’m not hungry, detox reactions are mild and life continues on as per normal: office and home life are both fine and dandy. But I have to admit: I am missing the social side of eating. I don’t miss the food itself, but I miss the process of getting out the office, finding somewhere to get lunch, sitting down and enjoying the food, and importantly enjoying the company too. There is always something to talk about when eating, be it a colleague or family…and I miss it. It’s kinda boring not mingling with people at meal times. And sitting with people while they eat is not much fun at all. It’s do-able, but I’d rather not.

My tongue remains thickly coated with furry gunk every morning without fail. This is a signal that I need to continue fasting because I still have toxins in me.

My weight loss is a bloody disaster. I am down to 60kg, from a starting level of 66kg. I’ve lost 6kg, that’s one whole big fat stone(14 pounds). I am skinny as fuck. I am 6foot 1, and weight loss is not what I want. It does get to me being all skin and bones. The bones in my hand are almost visible through my translucent skin for goodness sake! It reminds me of when I was super-sized-sick back in 2007. I don’t like being reminded of those dark, terrible days. In my mind, I know the weight will all come back when I restart eating, but socially I am a skinny runt. I make sure I shave every day and look smart and well groomed at all times. The lads in the office ask every day how long its been and how much weight I have lost. I am actually bull$hitting them saying I only lost 3kg and that my weight has stabilised!

I am amazed at the constant flow of toxins exiting my body. I am still having minimum 5 bowel movements a day, and often 10 times. This week has been an abundance weird algae coming out. Where does it come from? What part of my body did this crap live in? 28 days and there has been a perpetual out-flow of dead stuff. Twenty eight days of it!!! Wild eh? When will it stop?

And that brings me nicely to when I am gonna end this mental fast?  My body needs to continue this for a long time. Until the tongue clears, until the mega-flow of weird $hit stops. I know that. I do understand that. I need to continue fasting probably up to the 40 days limit. I know. Yes. But. Yeah, but life is catching up with me. Business life demands are calling. I need to have lunch with the boss, lunch with one half of the lads on my desk, lunch with the other half, lunch with three clients minimum, I need to travel to Geneva on a bizo trip and I have a board meeting next Thursday. Dinner with my wife would be nice too!

So I guess I will be stopping soon-ish. Not because my body is totally clean, it’s obviously not, but because life is making it difficult to continue. And I have to say that pisses me off. I need to continue this for as long as possible. It gets me down that outside and peer pressures force me to stop. Fasting is difficult to fit into my business life; I can’t fast very often, so when I do do it, I need to do it properly.

But that’s life and I just gotta get on with it. I will continue for as long as is practical. Even if I stop today, 28 days is pretty bloody immense!

That’s all folks!

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