Round 69

Oh no! Got off to the worst start imaginable. Missed the first 3am dose. After just three doses into the round. No idea why. Both main and backup alarms were set. I stopped the round immediately. I had a detox bath that very morning to try to stop the $hit from hitting the fan. I had a horrible sinking feeling. Messing up the round usually ends painfully.

First day and a half was OK and I started to think I’d avoided anything bad, but then the fog set in hard: doom, gloom, anger, aggression and zombie state. Major brain fog crushed me. I just wanted to be on my own. Kept my mouth firmly and forcibly shut. I did not want to utter any words for fear of unleashing the dogs of war on some poor unsuspecting soul.

Oh no. Poor me. Poor me. I wanted some sympathy but at the same time I need to be left well alone. It’s not safe to talk to people in this state. I seriously and urgently needed to swear furiously. I bit back the pain. Lucky it was the weekend. I retreated to my room, closed the door and cranked the music up loud. That took me away. Distracted me some.

Next I had flu. Sore throat came on strong. Oh woe is me. Sunday evening I was boiling hot and slept the worst in the world. Really felt like a sack-o-cacko. I could not have got up if there was a 50 fifty pound note sitting on my front drive. Monday evening finally felt normal-ish. Tuesday I went back to work. What a nightmare. How long do I have to put up with this? How long will my recovery take? Why did this happen? Well obviously I messed up the round by missing the dose, but still, seems overly harsh.

I must be truthful with myself. I now chelate and do the herbs at the same time. This time I combined chelation with some liver herbs. Again. I doubled my herbs dose on the day I started the chelation round. Doh! I was just building the dose up to my target level. Silly me. Pushing it again.

Well, why not push it? In-between rounds I feel totally normal. NORMAL. Completely normal. Feels easy when I start these things. But I must realise, I must remember: the mercury is still lurking inside me. When I pull it out, it greatly affects me.

And why did I miss the chelation dose? No idea, but increasing the herbs will not have helped. Silly.

So yeah, herbs and the missed dose take the blame this time. But more seriously only one person takes the blame: Me.

Three days of pain from a couple of silly mistakes.

A butterfly flaps its wings…




Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

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