Master Cleanse # 4 – Tinnitus

TinnitusMaster cleanse number 4 starts here.

I finished my 80th chelation round a couple of week ago. That’s five rounds since the long-chelation-break. Everything is cool and normal with the chelation. Recovery during the redistribution days takes four annoying days where I feel a little frazzled and jittery. But this is normal, it’s not too rough and life is manageable.

I have reduced my dose from 5mgs to 4mgs ALA. I could not chelate at higher doses. I know others put up with some heavy side-effects thinking it normal, but I believe big side-effects mean the dose is too high; hence why I chelate at tolerable levels – for me. Chelation is a long term thing and no point frying yourself with too high chelator doses. Working five days week combined with chelation also dictate that I make my rounds as comfortable as possible.

Since I have re-started chelation I got an ear infection. The ear infection has turned into tinnitus. I have a permanent buzzing noise in my right ear. It’s quite loud too.  Always something wrong! Never a dull day over here! So I have decided to do another Master Cleanse. I have tried other things for the tinnitus already: Reiki, acupuncture, muscle tester lady, four hour meditation course, daily meditation, ear spliffs, juicing, herbal antibiotics, castor oil in ear, olive oil & tea tree oil in ear, but nothing makes a difference. It is affecting life too. My hearing is down about 25pct and the buzz is constant – and its bloody annoying too.

This will be my fourth Master Cleanse. In the last twelve months I have done a 25 day-er, a 40 day-er, and 12 day-er,  giving me a grand total of 77 days Master Cleansing in the past year. Rock ‘n’ roll eh! Life has returned to a pretty healthy and high level now. Highest for a LONG time. I am no longer underweight! Amazing. I weighed in at 11.5 stone at the start of this fast. My heaviest for a good ten to twelve years. My ideal weight. So now i am fasting. Dick!

This is just a mini fast, only ten days is all I have time for at the moment. I will do another longer fast in January. Ten days plus three days easing back into solids makes this a two week experience. Two weeks getting the big guns out for the Tinnitus. Fingers crossed!

Is Master Cleanse fasting the cure for Tinnitus? I have no idea. It claims to ‘cure everything’ – so we will see. My other MCs have cured plenty of other things, so I am hopeful. I do know that to traditional western medicine tinnitus is incurable. Let’s see what happens.

For the record I decide to start this Sunday morning and I started the next day. I was considering what I could do next for this tinnitus problem, checked me diary, saw I had no client meetings for two weeks and thought; sod it, let’s do it! Go! Winning!

Day 1: I am very used to Master Cleaning so it’s a synch and I fall straight back in the groove. No hunger pangs, just a normal day, until the evening when I itch like a bitch with fleas! But been here, done that. No big deal. I was a bit chilly today too. Broken heating system at home didn’t help.

Day2: Because I was chilly yesterday; it is cold, wet and rainy over here in London town, I am making my MC drinks with warm water. Usually I just add room temp water. And, yes, that worked. Not cold at all today. Think I will stick with that program. Otherwise zero exciting to report. Two days in and my colleagues in the office have not noticed yet. They will all in good time. Then I’ll get all the banter and questions. I bet you £10 quid that one of the lads does a fast in January. One chap has been asking when I am next doing one. I think he will get involved. If he does, I will laugh my balls off: Muggles!

Day 3: Not sure if you chuckled when read my words above; “This is just a mini fast, only ten days”. The reason I used the word ‘only’ is because this fast is so damn easy. I am actually embarrassed it is so easy. Embarrassed for other people that are sick and can’t get better, when a quick fast could sort heaps of stuff out. Serious, it’s as easy as falling off a log. Today was a dream: Felt great, lively, fully of life, fully of energy, happy. Even went for dinner with the lads for a couple of hours work. They ate Vietnamese. Smelt amazing. Prawn and beef hot pot with steamed rice. Chicken & black bean sauce with lashings of extra chilli sauce and egg fried rice. Veggie spring rolls on the side and a couple of beers. Ummmm! Oh yes! And NO problem for me. I didn’t hunger or lust after anything. Sure it would have been nice to eat some, but I was no problem not to. Drank some water, had a glass of the MC drink and all was calm in the deep dark wood. Day 3 over. Next! Oh yeah, Tinnitus is unchanged.

Day 4: Ah ha! That’ll teach me for being all cocky! Rough day today. There are usually some bumps along the road and today was the dodgy day. Three hours over lunch I felt rotten. Like I’d been run over by a car. Not a big one, not an SUV or anything like that. No,no, just a little car: a Ford KA, or maybe a Smart car. Nothing too big, but enough to hurt, especially as the driver reversed over me again and again. I drank plenty of extra water, kept topping up with MC drink. It passed in the afternoon, as these things ALWAYS do, but a crappy day. Not so easy after all!

I am Salt-Water-Flushing each morning. That’s ok. I just about have enough time to glug down two pints of salted water, before all hell breaks loose an hour later, then it’s off to work on the train. We have new operators on the trains these past few months. They are refurbing them, or something. The toilets doors are all locked. I kinda get off on the danger run into the office. No accidents yet!

Day 5: I wonder when the office lads will notice I’m not eating? Maybe today, we will see. I kinda feel invisible when they miss something so big. But then again, doing these fasts is mostly invisible to the common Muggle in the street. Fifth day and I am now in the DETOX-ZONE. First three days the body acclimatises to no solid nourishments, then day four onwards its all about the detox. The body can divert energy to healing. And I must say, I’m feeling pretty fine today.

My daring wife has been taunting me this week. Big-time. I am the action man in the house ok. Always doing funky $hit. Always been the one to exercise (when I can). My wife never really got into working out like I do/did/can-when-I-can. This week the cheeky girl has done two hot yoga classes and played tennis for an hour and a half! AND she’s been gushingly enthusiastic! God damn! That’s my role! I have been off games for  months, and I have very little free time as I have to get up at 455am for work. Yes, 455am, mental eh! So, Saturday morning I’m gonna make an effort to get some yoga in. Hot yoga. Saturday morning, hot yoga, whilst fasting. Nice! I must be mad.

I rang the tinnitus helpline and the phone just kept ringing and ringing.

That’s all folks
Danny (AKA Sunshine)

3 thoughts on “Master Cleanse # 4 – Tinnitus

  1. A couple of things you could try. The first two are from Stephen Buhner, our favorite herbalist:

    (1) celery seed tincture 10-30 drops 3x daily, pasque flower tincture 10 drops 3-6x daily, Sida acuta tincture 30 drops 3x daily for 30 days, all by mouth

    (2) Stephania tincture, 1 dropperful 3x daily by mouth, could be added to the above.

    Then there are some other ideas at that look like they could be helpful.

    Hope this clears up for you, and soon!

  2. Excellent stuff Tim. Thanks very much. Just broke the MC fast this morning, now i’m on OJ for 3 days. Very early days, but today tinnitus is reduced. Lets not get excited, but fingers crossed eh!! Take care.

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